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A Brief Report on Pen y Bryn and Aber, Gwynedd (ISBN 1-899376-87-9)

A Political Chronology of Wales 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-75-5)

Aberconwy Register and Aberconwy Abbey, The (ISBN 1-899376-90-9)

Annales Cambriae.  A Translation of Harleian 3859; PRO E.164/1; Cottonian Domitian, A 1; Exeter Cathedral Library MS. 3514 and MS Exchequer DB Neath, PRO E.164/1 (ISBN 1-899376-81-X)

Berkhamsted Castle and the families of the Counts of Mortain, the Earls of Cornwall and the Crown (ISBN 1-899376-48-9)

Brampton Bryan Castle, 1066 to 1309, and the Civil War, 1642 to 1646 (ISBN 1-899376-33-X)

Buckenham Castles, 1066 to 1649 (ISBN 1-899376-28-3)

Castell Bwlch y Dinas and the families of Fitz Osbern, Neufmarché, Gloucester, Hereford, Braose and Fitz Herbert (ISBN 1-899376-79-8)

Castell Carreg Cennen and the familes of Deheubarth, Giffard, Talbot and Lancaster (ISBN 1-899376-80-0)

Castell Dinas Emrys, Gwynedd (ISBN 1-899376-08-9)

Clifford Castle, 1066 to 1299 (ISBN 1-899376-04-6)

Clun Castle, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-00-3)

Four Castles of the Middle Reaches of the River Wye, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-13-5)

From Banff to Plymouth: The Memorabilia of a Nineteenth Century Sailor (ISBN 1-899376-31-3)

Goodrich Castle and the families of Godric Mapson, Monmouth, Clare, Marshall, Montchesney, Valence, Despenser and Talbot (ISBN 1-899376-82-8)

Grosmont Castle and the familes of Fitz Osbertn, Ballon, Fitz Count, Burgh, Braose and Plantagenet of Grosmont (ISBN 1-899376-56-9)

Harlech Castle and its True Origins (ISBN 1-899376-88-7)

Hay on Wye Castle, 1066 to 1298 (ISBN 1-899376-07-0)

Hopton Castle, 1066 to 1305 (ISBN 1-899376-01-1)

Kington and Huntington Castles, 1066 to 1298 (ISBN 1-899376-30-5)

Longtown Castle, 1048 to 1241 (ISBN 1-899376-29-1)

Medieval Battles 1055 to 1295: Volume 1 (ISBN 1-899376-85-2)

Medieval Battles: Wales: Volume 2, part i: 1055 to 1216 (ISBN 9781-899376-93-3)

Montgomery Castle a Royal Fortress of King Henry III (ISBN 1-899376-49-6)

Monumental Brasses in Shropshire (ISBN 9781899376834)

Moreton Corbet Castle and the families of Verley, Toret and Corbet (ISBN 1-899376-61-5)

Nine Castles of Burford Barony, 1048 to 1308 (ISBN 1-899376-39-9)

Ogmore Castle, 1066 to 1283 (ISBN 1-899376-17-8)

Oystermouth Castle, 1066 to 1326 (ISBN 1-899376-16-X)

Painscastle, 1066 to 1405 (ISBN 1-899376-38-0)

Radnor Castle, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-03-8)

Richard's Castle, 1048 to 1216 (ISBN 1-899376-34-8)

Saint Briavels Castle, 1066 to 1331 (ISBN 1-899376-05-4)

Skenfrith Castle, 1066 to 1449 and the families of Fitz Osbern, Ballon, Fitz Count, Burgh, Braose and Plantagenet of Grosmont (ISBN 1-899376-70-4)

Ten Castles of Radnor Lordship, 1066 to 1304 (ISBN 1-899376-06-2)

The Castles and History of Radnorshire (ISBN 1-899376-82-8)

The Castles of Ewias Lacy, 1048 to 1403 (ISBN 1-899376-37-2)

The Killing of Prince Llywelyn of Wales, 10 December 1282 (ISBN 1-899376 )

The 'Quick' Death of Prince Llywelyn of Wales, 10 December 1282: Wikipedia versus the Sources (ISBN 1-899376 )

The Herefordshire Beacon and the families of King Harold II and the Earls of Hereford and Worcester (ISBN 1-899376-73-9)

The Mortimers of Wigmore, 1066 to 1181. Part 1: Wigmore Castle (ISBN 1-899376-14-3)

The Native Welsh Dynasites of Rhwng Gwy a Hafren, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1899376844)

The Political History of Abbey Cwmhir and its early Patrons, 1177 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-47-X)

The Wigmore Chronicle, 1066 to 1377: A Translation of John Rylands Manuscript 215, ff.1-8 and Trinity College, Dublin, MS.488, ff.295-9 (ISBN 1-899376-89-5)

White Castle and the families of Fitz Osbern, Ballon, Fitz Count, Burgh, Braose and Plantagenet of Grosmont (ISBN 1-899376-75-5)

Whittington Castle and the families of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, Peverel, Maminot, Powys and Fitz Warin (ISBN 1-899376-80-1)

Wigmore Castle Tourist Guide (ISBN 1-899376-76-3)

Wilton Castle, 1066 to 1644 (ISBN 1-899376-35-6)

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