The 'Quick' Death of Prince Llywelyn of Wales, 10 December 1282
Wikipedia versus the Sources 

This booklet has been produced to simply expound the fate of Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd of Wales.  Unfortunately it does not contain any translations of original documents, but it does sum up in the Conclusion chapter what happened that winter night so many years ago - or at least what we really know of it now.

    'The Quick Death' is intended to be didactic, just as were the medieval chronicles which recorded ‘history' and from which we draw upon for evidence of so much of our ‘known' past.  It's function is intended to be the introduction of the reader to real historical research and our British history, rather than perpetuating what are some pretty illogical myths and storytelling.  On another level it also introduces the main and highly detailed book on this affair.  The full book does contain a multitude of original translations of many previously translated and untranslated documents.  These help build up to the conclusion as printed in this booklet. 

    It is hoped that the information contained in both book and booklet will be the foyer of the reader's deeper introduction to sourced history.  This, or real history as it might be known, consists of original documentation and it's placing in a valid chronology. 
By comparison, fantasy ‘history'  consists of unsubstantiated and usually erroneous Wikipedia style soundbytes and endless, but truly meaningless discussions over the hyperbole of modern commentators.  I know which version I far prefer, the original sources against the uncertain substance of demonstrably illogical myth, which may be entertaining, but is neither true, nor honest.

    The basis of what follows in this booklet is taken directly from the main book, The Killing of Prince Llywelyn of Wales, 10 December 1282 [Ceidio, 2014].

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