Abbey Cwmhir

Away from castles for a change, Abbey Cwmhir deals with the politics of the Welsh princes of the Middle Marches from the foundation of the abbey by the brother princes Cadwallon ap Madog and Einion Clud in August 1176, until the fall of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd in December 1282. 
The objective of the book is to chronicle the foundation of Abbey Cwmhir by the Welsh princes Cadwallon and Einion and follow the political fortunes and land grants to the abbey between that date and the arrival of the decapitated body of Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd for burial at the abbey in 1282.  Into the local battlefield of the princes of Rhwng Gwy a Hafren and the Mortimers of Wigmore the more prominent figures of King John, Henry III and both Prince Llywelyn's often made their mark.  After the history of the men who founded and nurtured the abbey, the various grants to the monastery and its extensive land-holdings are explored with the  help of maps of the surrounding district. This work is crucial to understanding the politics of late twelfth and thirteenth century central Wales.
Such famous, but now largely forgotten princes as Maelgwn ap Cadwallon, Einion o'r Porth, Gwallter and Iorwerth Clud and the unfortunate Madog ap Maelgwn all make their appearances, often in battle against the forces  of Mortimer, Say and Braose.
Depicted in the book are the arcade and doorway to Llanidloes church (right) which appears to have taken from the abbey at the dissolution.

The Political History of Abbey Cwmhir, 1176 to 1282 and the Families of Elystan Godrydd, Mortimer and the Princes of Gwynedd is now available as an A4 sized book which includes new photographs and an index.  It can be bought for £14.95 through the PayPal basket below. 

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