This booklet examines the extinction of Welsh kingship in Glamorgan and the penetration of Deheubarth by the Normans until the death of Prince Llywelyn in 1282.
The history of Ogmore covers the early Norman penetration of South Wales and the  final campaigns of the Welsh kings of the district and the battles on the rivers Rhymni and Camddwr in the 1070s.  Ogmore castle was founded probably soon after the royal expedition to St Davids in 1081, though militarily it was always to remain something of a backwater.  The castle finally saw action during Owain Glyndwr's rebellion and was partially rebuilt as a result of destruction caused then.
The London lords are examined at length for their building works at both Ogmore at Ewenny priory.  The main branch of the family ended in the much married heiress Hawise London who took the castle to her three husbands from the families of Braose, Turbeville and Chaworth.
The fortress at Ogmore probably slightly pre-dates its brother castle at Oystermouth, though it is now much more ruined. Ogmore castle with its early twelfth century great keep and expanded ringwork masonry defences is studied in detail and a possible site reversal and late additions explored.

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