The Wigmore Chronicle, 1066 to 1377

This book is the first translation of the Wigmore chronicle into English.  It also contains transcriptions of the original Latin of the annals from John Rylands MS 215 and Trinity College, Dublin, MS 488.

The Wigmore Chronicle, 1066 to 1377, sponsored by the Mortimer History Society, contains the first ever translation of the Wigmore chronicle, together with the original Latin, buttressed with a voluminous Introduction and Appendices.  Research into the chronicle, as well as other similar chronicles, has shown that there was probably one set of annals originally kept at Wigmore abbey that ran from 1066 to after 1377.  Unfortunately this work has not survived.  Instead, two independent copies of parts of this manuscript have so far been found.  The first, now kept in the John Rylands Library, Manchester, runs from 1095 to 1306 and was written in May 1382.  The second part of the chronicle that has survived, now kept in Trinity College, Dublin, was probably copied in the early fifteenth century and covers various years between 1349 and 1377.  It is concluded that the lost original chronicle was compiled and then written up in late 1295 and then continued possibly intermittently until at least December 1377.  The text contains several stories showing the interests and amusements of the medieval religious mind as well as intimate details of the lives and deaths of some of the Mortimers of Wigmore and their relatives.

Contents of the Wigmore Chronicle

    The Various Mortimer Chronicles   
    Part I: John Rylands Latin, MS. 215   
    Part II, MS. Trinity College, Dublin, MS. 488   
    The Constituent Annals of Part I, John Rylands Library, Latin MS. 215   
    The Annal Sources of the Wigmore Chronicle   
    The Main Sources of the First Part of the Wigmore Chronicle to 1306   
    Description of the first part of the Wigmore Chronicle   
    The Constituent Annals of Part II, MS Trinity College, Dublin, MS. 488   

The Surviving Text of the Wigmore Chronicle, 1095 to 1377   
    Part I, 1066 to 1306   
    Part II, 1349 to 1378   

Florence Worcester and his Continuators, 0AD to 1301   
Robert Torigni, 94AD to 1186   
Waverley Annals, 0AD to 1291   
Margam Annals, 1066 to 1232   
Roger Wendover, 0AD to 1235   
Matthew Paris, Chronica Majora, 0AD to 1259   
Matthew Paris, Historia Anglorum, 1067 to 1253   
Tewkesbury Annals, 1066 to 1263   
Flores Historiarum, 0AD to 1327   
Flores Historiarum Manuscripts   
The Contents of Flores Historiarum   
Worcester Annals, 0AD to 1308   
Ranulf Higden's Polychronicon, to 1360   
The Bruts   
Eulogium Historiarum   
Capgrave's Chronicle of England   


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