Nicked Buttresses

Nicked or grooved buttresses are not a common feature in castles and in Europe appear constrained to England and France.  They consist of a buttress or turret corner having a small nick taken out them and appear to serve no purpose other than decoration.  It is also noticeable that these features are mainly found on keeps.  
The few noticed examples are listed below, but please email me if you know of any more.

Castle Masonry type Structure
Aldingbourne ashlar on rubble keep
Benington ashlar keep
Carlisle ashlar inner gatehouse
Corfe ashlar keep
Guildford ashlar keep
Helmsley ashlar on rubble keep
Knepp ashlar on rubble keep
Moreton Corbet ashlar keep
Norwich ashlar keep
Portchester ashlar tower, gatehouse
Rochester rubble keep
Scarborough ashlar keep (a pillar like Peak)
Tamworth ashlar keep
Tower of London ashlar on rubble keep, double nick
Wattlesborough ashlar keep

Castle Masonry type Structure
Beaumont-du-Lac - Poitou ashlar keep
Blandy-les-Tours - Isle de France ashlar gatehouse
Brionne, Normandy ashlar keep double nicked
Chateau-sur-Epte - Normandy ashlar gatehouse
Civaux, Cognons - Poitou-Ch ashlar keep
Falaise - Normandy ashlar keep
Huriel - Auvergne ashlar keep
Le Grand Pressigny - Loire ashlar keep double nicked
Loudun - Loire rubble keep double nicked
Moncontour - Loire rubble keep double nicked
Montignac - Poitou ashlar keep
Montoire sur le Loir - Loire ashlar keep
Rilhac-Lastours - Poitou ashlar keep
Talmont St Hilaire - Loire ashlar keep
Vire - Normandy ashlar keep

If you know any churches or castles to add to this list please email Paul.


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