The castle was built on an island where the Loja flowed into the Garona and was held by the Muret family, a Geoffrey Muret being mentioned in the twelfth century.  The battle of Muret was fought here on 12 September 1213.  It began as a  siege of the castle and bourg and ended as an open battle - one of the very few of the Cathar Crusades.  The castle was besieged by the forces of King Peter II of Aragon, who had come to the aid of the Occitan forces of his vassal Count Raymond VI of Toulouse (d.1223). The besieging force was in turn attacked by the disciplined Crusader army of Simon Montfort (d.1218) who won a surprise victory and killed his overlord for Carcassonne, King Peter.  Unfortunately the battlefield, like the castle, has been largely built over by the sprawling suburbs of Muret.

The castle site has been totally built over, leaving a sad remnant of a once proud castle that controlled the access to Toulouse from the west.

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