Over the past fifteen years Paul Martin Remfry has led a number of castle tours in different parts of the country. He has taken professional, semi-professional and amateur bodies as well as small and large groups of interested people around many castle sites. Paul's tours can be as long or as short as needed.

Half a day is usually sufficient to cover any castle site in great detail and if there is one thing Paul likes it is detail. You will learn how the men, women and children actually lived in the squalid splendour of their great castles, the cheapness of life and the great desire of the individuals to hold onto their own! See the great towering walls where headstrong lords once made desperate stands against impossible odds and lesser men made their terms with the enemy. Stand where kings, princes and lords have surveyed their estates and marvel at the great constructions they envisaged to guard what they thought theirs.

Paul also does tours of battlefields and does customised tours to follow your line of medieval interest.

Some reviews of trips can be found here.

Tours can also be arranged for interested individuals or groups. Simply contact Paul at email:castles99uk@yahoo.co.uk and state which castle you would like to visit, on what date and how many are in your group.   I will then get back to you with a price and any suggestions to make your trip more enjoyable.
For individuals wishing to visit a site, a list will be drawn up showing the interest generated in particular sites. When sufficient numbers can be gathered together a tour will be arranged.

Not only does Paul take groups around castles he has also appeared as Historian on various Television programmes telling the stories of such castles as Conway, Chepstow, Grosmont, Rhuddlan and Wilton.

Great Castle Tours

It is now possible to join Paul on week long tours looking at the Great Castles of Britain, the Great Castles of Ireland, the Great Castles of Scotland and the Lost Castles of Wales.

New tours are also planned for the Castles at the Crossroads, Sicily and the French Cathar Castles in the Clouds of the Languedoc, and the Genesis of the Castle in Normandy and the Loire.

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