Would you like to take out a site subscription for just 15 a year - that is about 50 pence per week. For this you would receive regular updates of how research is progressing. You would not get any glossy magazines or goodly prose. What you would get would be interesting translations from the original Latin of documents from the period 1050 to 1300. Notices of discoveries at castle sites that would otherwise go unrecorded. Historical titbits that catch the imagination. Interesting genealogical data on barons, knights or princes and the occasional photograph of interesting or odd sites. Newsletters would be sent out at the beginning of each month.

As a regular subscriber you would also be entitled to share in and a share of the research as detailed on the Research Page. You too can be a player in the intriguing world of history.

The subscription is not yet ready, but please email me from the Order and Comments Form if you would like to be kept informed of progress with a view to taking out a subscription.

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