Would you like to help my investigations? Castle research is not an easy project. It requires much time, patience and energy. Castles and historic sites have to be visited, planned and photographed. Documentary evidence has to be found, sifted, translated and understood. All of these things are time-consuming and expensive. Currently I undertake all of these activities without grant aid. Would you be willing to offer time to help? Volunteers cannot be paid as yet - in fact a small subscription would be necessary to cover administrative costs. However what you would get is your name in print as acknowledgement for your help where appropriate. What I have in mind is a diverse group of researchers who could help with the following activities:

Photographing sites, castles, churches, military effigies and landscapes throughout Europe.

Transcribing documents from university libraries world-wide or record offices and sending them to me for translation.

Researching family names in various English reference books held in university libraries world-wide or in local record offices.

Meeting up on sites to discuss the development and style of various historic sites and monuments.

Hopefully this idea will be implemented during 2010.  Until then if interested please contact me initially through the Comments Form.

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