Published Booklets on Powys Castles

Bloody Montgomery, 1224 to 1295 (ISBN 1-899376-36-4) [1998] deals with the desperate struggles and battles that occurred around the royal foundation of New Montgomery [1223] conceived by Hubert Burgh on the sixteenth birthday of King Henry III. Chronicled in detail are the successive wars which disfigured the district for most of the thirteenth century. The booklet includes extracts from and a discussion of all the available sources for the last battle of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and the delightfully complete muster lists of Edward I's campaigns based on this castle, especially that leading to the decisive battle of Maes Madog in 1295. The documentation for this castle is extensive.

Now out of print and replaced by:

Montgomery Castle, a royal castle of King Henry III (ISBN 1-899376-49-6).  This updates the history given in Bloody Montgomery and also gives an in depth tour of the castle and town remains with 175 A4 pages and over 100 photographs.  Available now at £34.95 via PayPal.

New Series!

Whittington Castle (ISBN 1-899376-80-1) tells the story of Whittington castle and its owning families.  This involves much information on the early history of the principality of Powys and the various families who fought for control of it.  The fortress was begun by the Peverels of Dover in 1114, before falling into the hands of the king of Powys in 1146.  The fortress then remained as a Welsh stronghold until 1160 when it was occupied by royal forces.  In 1165 King Henry II gave the castle to his subject, Roger Powys and the castle remained in that family's hands until 1203 when his grandson was forced to hand the fortress and barony over to Fulk Fitz Warin.  Prince Llywelyn ab Iorwerth attacked the district in 1211 and finally destroyed the first Whittington castle in 1215.  In 1220 Fulk Fitz Warin began rebuilding Whittington with the sanction of King Henry III and Prince Llywelyn.  However he chose to make great additions to the castle which led Prince Llywelyn to sack the fortress once more in March 1223.  Once more Fulk regained his castle and by 1230 had built the castle which confronts the visitor today.  Whittington castle was last seized by hostile forces in 1422.  The possibility is also examined that the fortress was built upon the dark age site of King Cynddylan.

New Series!

Whittington Castle and the families of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, Peverel, Maminot, Powys and Fitz Warin (ISBN 1-899376-80-1) can be bought direct via PayPal for £39.95.  This new book of 341 A4 pages includes the full history of the medieval castle, with a detailed description of the remains, new photographs of the fortress after the recent renovations, plans, maps and an index.

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