Deerhurst Anglo-Saxon priory is a much published extensive site that still has many surprises to be uncovered.  More information on the church can be found on the main page on Deerhurst.  Here it is only necessary to comment on the occasional rows of herringbone masonry that appear in the structure.  The bulk of the multi-phase Deerhurst priory is made up of poorly laid rubble, but here and there single courses of herringbone masonry appear randomly.  The site also contains many types of Romanesque arches, an apse end (demolished to the excavated foundations), triangular topped doorways and flat topped lintelled doorways.  The herringbone work seems a standard form throughout the current church.  However, it should be noted that this is not strictly herringbone work as no 2 courses seem to lie one on the other, all examples having one or more courses of normal rubble between them.


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