Thornton Curtis Church

Thornton Curtis was another vill held by the Mortimers of Wigmore probably from 1075 that passed through Ralph Mortimer's daughter to the Vescy family in the twelfth century.

The current church may date to around 1200 when the chancel was built although the corbel table may suggest that this was remodelled rather than built at this time. A nave, west tower and arcades were added in the thirteenth century and the aisles renewed in the fourteenth. In short all the remaining church post-dates Mortimer ownership, but not their overlordship of the parish. The south door is made of oak and has ornate wrought iron hinges that may date back to the twelfth century. The fine early font is made of Tournai marble and has a square top with opposed pairs of animals on the sides. It stands on a cylindrical column with shafts to each corner of a square base. There is also a grave slab of about 1300.