Milson Church

In 1086 Milson was an outlier of Neen Solers and therefore a part of Richards Castle, later known as Burford barony. By the thirteenth century the vill with church was held by the Milson family. Presumably it was the Milsons rather than the ancestors of the Richards Castle Mortimers who build the church in the early Norman period.

Milson is a gorgeous example of an early church. Presmuably the nave is the oldest part of the structure, which soon had a chancel added to its east end and a tower to the west. The doorway into the nave is a lovely plain example. The church walls are pierced to east and west by deeply splayed early windows which gives the interior a most pleasing aspect. The roof is also a gem and it is to be wondered if the north and south walls would not fall over outwards if it were not for the roof beams holding them together!

Modifications of the thirteenth century Mortimer period, include the insertion of a window and a shoulder headed doorway to the north. Interestingly, one of the early rectangular windows in the nave has recently been converted from a rectangular form to a round-topped one.

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