Mamble Church

Mamble is a fascinating church on several levels.  It was a possession of the Mortimers of Wigmore from 1075 until 1425 and therefore must have been constructed mostly under their patronage. 

The bulk of the chuch would appear to date from around 1200, although alterations were carried out in the early 1300s and the sixteenth century. The nave may be slightly younger than the south aisle which would suggest that the original church was expanded northwards in the thirteenth century. This expansion was obviously insufficient as the south aisle was widened in the fourteenth century.  The church is also unusual in having a surviving tower framework within the structure which is tentatively dated to around 1200.  This bears comparison to the bell tower at Pembridge.

There is a fine stone effigy of a knight which may represent Geoffrey Mortimer, a son of Roger Mortimer (d.1282).  The east window contains some fine early fourteenth century glasswork of the crucifixion.

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