Ludlow Church

Ludlow came within the orbit of the Mortimers of Wigmore in 1301 with the betrothal of Roger Mortimer (d.1330) to Johann Geneville at Pembridge church

Ludlow has the largest parish church in Shropshire, being 203 feet long and having a tower 135 feet high. However, the bulk of the structure was probably built after the Mortimers of Wigmore had died out in 1425 as the interior woodwork is dated to circa 1447. It would seem likely that this was only fashioned after the new church was completed. This fifteenth century ediface contains fragments of probably thirteenth and fourteenth century date, mainly the thirteenth century south doorway. However the hexagonal south porch, the north aisle and both transepts probably date to Mortimer times in the fourteenth century.

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