Chelmarsh Church

Chelmarsh was a Doomsday vill of the Mortimers of Wigmore and was often used as an appendage by cadet branches of the main family.  In 1172 Hugh Mortimer of Wigmore (d.1181) granted it to Wigmore abbey.

The church has been much rebuilt, with a north aisle being added to the nave probably in the fourteenth century.  This still contains two fine contemporary windows and a much older doorway which has been reset with fragments of older masonry reused above.

In 1906 a plan was drawn of the church in which it was suggested that the north, aisle wall was original and nave and arcade dated from the work carried out at the church by Hugh Mortimer of Chelmarsh in 1345 when a chapel to St James was added to the structure.  This seems far from proved as the nave would thus have been a most odd shape as is shown below.

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