Caynham Church

Caynham was another church held by the Mortimers of Wigmore from 1075 and granted by Hugh Mortimer (d.1181) to Wigmore abbey about 1172.  

The church has been much rebuilt in 1885, but shows that it was originally a chancel, nave and west tower, all probably built before the church was granted to Wigmore.  

One contemporary small, deeply splayed, round topped window survives to the south and more beyond the arcade in the north aisle.

The 'fourteenth' century porch covers a lovely 'twelfth' century doorway into the nave.  

Internally there is a fine round columned arcade dividing the nave from the aisle, which ends at the unique chancel arch, where there is one central, larger arch, flanked by two minor arches.  This has been heavily restored, but may well be original.

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