Cascob Church

Cascob was another Richards Castle barony vill and therefore the church belonged to the Mortimers of Richards Castle from 1211 to 1304. In the third quarter of the twelfth century Prince Cadwallon ap Madog (d.1179) of Maelienydd fought and won a battle here.

The early church consisted of a nave flanked by a tower to the west and a chancel to the east. Originally these would have had small narrow windows like that which survives to the north. At some date the tower collapsed and was probably replaced in the sixteenth century by the small wooden belfrey that exists today. The collapse of the tower has left a small mound which is still brimming with fallen masonry similar to the one found at Bleddfa church prior to its excavation.

The original church appears to have been similar to that found at Milson.

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