Bredwardine Church

Bredwardine is a curious church with the nave and chancel on different allignments. Originally the chancel was apsoidal shaped, but this was destroyed at some time probably after the church was gifted to the monks of Wigmore abbey by Ralph Baskerville between 1172 and 1189.  In its place the elongated chancel was built which can be seen to the right in the photograph below. The tower was only added in 1790.

The nave has two fine early doorways to north and south, the blocked northern one having two grotesque monsters carved on its lintel.  There is also herringbone masonry in the lower courses of the north wall, which is often taken to be Saxon work.  This is overlain by two early windows.  

To the west is a further door which has been blocked.  Two fifteenth century knights, probably depicting members of the Baskerville family, lie in the chancel.

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