Published Booklets on Norfolk Castles

Buckenham Castles, 1066 to 1649 (ISBN 1-899376-28-3) [1997] deals with the Albini family from their arrival in England with William the Conqueror to the extinction of their earldom in 1242. The decisive battle of Fornham where some 3,000 Flemings were slaughtered in 1173 is also examined. The history then continues with the Tattershall family who inherited Buckenham with Robert Tattershall's marriage to an Albini heiress. New Buckenham Castle is examined in detail and the great round tower fully explored as well as the castle's increased earthwork defences of 1216. The construction and destruction of the first Buckenham castle is also covered with reference to surrounding sites and a copy is reproduced of the unique woodcutting of the castle in the thirteenth century Tattershall built New Buckenham church.

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