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Hay on Wye Castle, 1066 to 1298 (ISBN 1-899376-07-0) [1995] opens up new possibilities for the early foundation of this castle and the Fitz Osbern penetration of South-East Wales in the summer of 1070 when he defeated three Welsh kings. The history is then continued through the lordship of the Neufmarché, which was confirmed at the battle of Brecon, and also the Gloucester family until 1165 when the district passed into the hands of the Braoses. The very early origins of the castle are examined and compared with that of the little known motte by the church, which has always wrongly been ascribed as the first castle of Hay on Wye. In 1230 the castle passed to the Bohuns and the local history, including the battle near Hay in 1231, is continued through the Mortimer wars of the 1260's and the battle at Brecon down to the death of Earl Humphrey Bohun in 1298.

The powerful castle remains are examined in full and the construction dates of the various parts of the castle are deduced. Available for £9.95.   For more details on the castle and history as well as ordering the booklet follow this link.

Four Castles of the Middle Reaches of the River Wye, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-13-5) [1995] examines the castle sites along the River Wye from just west of Hay on Wye northwards to Builth Wells. The sparse and sketchy history of the land is first explored, before the four castle sites of Crickadarn, Waun Gunllwch, Llyswen and Twyn y Garth, are examined in detail. Finally a conclusion is reached which suggests that two of these castles may date from the time of the Braose war of 1208-10 and the battles at Aberduhonw and Builth Wells.

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Castle Bwlch y DinasCastell Bwlch y Dinas and the families of Neufmarché, Hereford, Braose, Fitz Herbert Mortimer and Talbot  (ISBN 1-899376-79-8) [2007] 

New Series!

This book, with index, examines the setting, site and history of the castle and hill fort set high in a key pass through the Black Mountains.   The book begins with a survey of the history of the lordship of Brycheiniog from the days of Brychan in the fifth century up to the Norman Invasion of England in 1066.  The history of the lordship over the next hundred years suggests that the castle was built before 1093, and probably in the early days of the Norman conquest around 1070.  The castle was probably first mentioned in 1217, although its existence is implied from an early date.  Much fighting took place around the castle in the thirteenth century and the fortress was sacked on at least one occasion.  In the fourteenth century the castle became increasingly a backwater until destroyed by Owain Glyndwr in the early fifteenth century.  The current remains are examined in detail with the aid of a fourteenth century description of the castle.

Further details of the site and how to purchase the book for £29.95 are to be found by clicking this link

The Castles of Breconshire (Logaston Press, ISBN 1-873827-80-6) [1998] . This book follows the same format as its predecessor for Radnorshire. The many smaller baronial families who made up the aristocracy of the county are explored in some depth from their arrival in the eleventh century to their extinction many generations later. Much of the history dwells on the policies and campaigns of the two Llywelyns of Gwynedd in the thirteenth century. Once more all the castle sites have been visited by the author and once more they are described in detail. Includes Brecon Castle, Aberyscir Castle, Alexanderstone Castle, Castle Madog, Cilwhybert Castle, Clawdd British, Cwm Camlais Castle, Llanddew Castle, Llandefaelog-Fach Castle, Llanigon Castle, Llanthomas Castle, Pencelli Castle, Pont Estyll Castle, Sennybridge Castle, Trecastle, Ty'n-y-Caeau Castle, Vaynor Castle, Ystradfellte Castle, Castell Coch, Bronllys Castle, Aberllynfi Castle, Blaenllyfni Castle, Crickhowell Castle, Garn y Castell, Hen Castell, Maescelyn Castle, Scethrog Tower, Talgarth Tower, Tredustan Castle, Trefecca Castle, Tretower Castle, Twmpan Castle, Builth Wells Castle, Caer Beris Castle, Caerau Castle, Treflis Castle, Llanafan-fawr Castle, Llysdinam Castle, Forest Twdin, Castell Dinas, Crickardarn Castle, Waun Gunllwch and Llyswen.

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