Published Books on Hertfordshire Castles

Berkhamsted Castle and the families of the Counts of Mortain, the Earls of Cornwall and the Crown (ISBN 1-899376-48-9) [2009] deals with this beautifully moated fortress set in the Home County of Hertfordshire. The castle history from its foundation, possibly by Robert of Mortain, the Conqueror's brother, to its resumption as a royal residence and home of the Queens of England is examined. This is followed by the detailed description of the castle remains with references to the site clearances and excavations which took place earlier this century.

This booklet has now been rewritten as a full book of 360 A4 pages and takes a much deeper look at the fortress remains and the earlier excavations.  It also includes a detailed comparison with various features still to be seen at other probably twelfth century masonry castles.

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