Aberystwyth Castle

There are two castles at Aberystwyth.  The first lies on top of a rise two miles to the south of the present castle and was built by the Clares before 1116 when it was unsuccessfully attacked by the Welsh under Prince Gruffydd ap Rhys.
The main castle lies close to the shore and was built between 1276 and 1289 by Prince Edmund, the brother of King Edward I, using royal forces and masons.  The initial design was not a great success and part of the outer castle rapidly fell into the sea.  The castle was sacked in 1282 and Master James St George was brought in to bring the castle up to scratch.  He changed the design, making the castle the concentric fortress we see today.  In all the fortification of Aberystwyth cost over £4,300, less than half that expended on Harlech castle.


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