Crickadarn No.1, Castle Field (SO.088.421) is unmentioned in early history, unless this was the Clettwr mentioned in 1252. The castle site would appear to be within the Medieval land unit, Cantref Selyf.  Castle Field consisted of a large ridge, set in a somewhat marshy hollow, the top of which had been scarped and ditched to form an irregular enclosure (R) comparable in surface area to that at Twyn y Garth. The ditch is roughly fifteen feet deep around the site and has an additional counterscarp on all sides bar the north which has a steeper scarpe. The counterscarp was also greater to the east where entrance was obviously gained. Here much rubble lines the ditches and breaks through the ramparts, though no real trace of masonry was apparent. At the NW apex of the site was a rubble mass which could be tentatively interpreted as a circular tower some 25' in external diameter (T). To the east was a causeway (C) that ran directly towards the ancient church around which the original settlement may have clustered. This feature ended abruptly with two old oaks and much river washed rubble, guarding the passageway.

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