San Mauro Castelverde

The foundation date of the castle is unknown, but when the diocese of Troina was founded in 1082 it included San Mauro castle.  In 1271 the exiled Simon Montfort Junior was made lord of the castle by his cousin, King Charles of Sicily (d.1284).  The grant proved abortive as Simon died near Siena before the year was out.  The next year it was ordered that the royal castle of St Mauro should be garrisoned by a squire and 4 sergeants.  During the lawless fourteenth century the castle passed to Fernando Lopez Luna (d.1411), who in 1394 sold it back to the Crown.  It was still regarded as a fortification in 1558.

San Mauro castle occupied yet another crag overlooking the town of the same name, this one some 3,450' high.  The plan of the castle could now only be recovered by excavation, but the jumbled fragments on the hill top suggest another crag who's natural defences were strengthened by a curtain wall and other structures.

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