Misilcassim, otherwise known as Poggio di Diana, lies near Calamonica.

The fortress commands a loop of the River Verdura.  The entrance was to the west and was protected by 2 turrets which may have been reconstructed in the sixteenth century.  The main gate is further protected by a square tower, which later was used as a dovecot.  Within the enceinte was a rectangular courtyard with a 23' diameter round tower to the southeast set on a rocky outcrop.  This had a fine machicolationed summit some 40' above ground level and walls 6' thick.  It stands 2 storeys high and has a cistern in the basement.  The main floor was reached via an external stair turret which is now destroyed.  Within there is an umbrella vault covering an octagonal chamber.  The whole appears sixteenth century.

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