Castel di Lucio

The castle is first mentioned in the period 1308-10 when it was Castellutium.  However the current remains suggest that it is much older than that.  Much earlier in 836, the Arabs captured and lost a site called Qastaliasali, which just might be Castel di Lucio or Castelluccio at Gela in the south.  By 1322 the fortress was within the lands of Count Francesco Ventimiglia of Geraci (d.1338).  It remained under their county and took part in the rebellion against King Peter in 1336.  The castle appeared still operational in 1408.

The castle overlooks the village of the same name, occupying the summit of a 1,150' high hill.  The roughly 100' square site is protected by cliffs to north and west.  At the southwest and southeast angles are the remains of large round towers, which had a rectangular building between them.  The structure may have made a castle similar to those of Milazzio, as well as Nunney in Somerset, England, and Carlow and Ferns in Ireland, if there were 4 round angle towers in all.  A survey of 1981 however, decided that a rectangular building lay to the northeast. 

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