This was thought to be a fourteenth century fort built to help guard against Turkish raids on Augusta.  However its origin appears to be in 1467 when Giovanni Cabastida of Barcelona, the governor of the commercial port had an artillery fort constructed here.  Under Charles V (d.1558) the castle was brought up to date to help deal with the alliance between the king of Rance and the Muslim pirate Ariadeno Barbarossa, which was formed in order to raid the Spanish controlled coasts.

The castle consists of a central block surrounded by a rectangular ward with round towers at the corners, making it somewhat similar to the destroyed castle at Augusta as well as Ursino and Maniace, all of which would appear to be older.  One corner tower has a projecting roll moulded string course above a plinth that is similar to the Swabian ones at Milazzo.  The battlements were lost in the nineteenth century.

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