Hook Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands on the headland near where Raymond le Gros (d.1185/93) landed in 1169 beginning the conquest of Ireland.  The site was later held by the Clare earls of Pembroke and Chepstow and then their heirs, the Marshalls.  It is at this time that the first historical references to the tower begin showing that monks had been installed as custodians of 30 acres of land known as ‘the tower lands'.  Whether the tower began as a lighthouse or a castle, in 1657 it was whitewashed as a landmark.  That it was still battlemented then would suggest that it had a military origin.

The tower is massively built of 3 storeys.  Within are pointed Angevin arches over the doorways and windows, while internally the upper levels are reached via a curving mural stair.  Tower keeps similar to this are discussed under Pembroke castle.


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