St Victors Castle

In 1054 Roger Mortimer, the son of Bishop Hugh of Coutances, fought and won the battle of Mortemer for Duke William of Normandy (d.1087). However in the aftermath of the fight he entertained his father-in-law, Count Ralph IV Montdidier of Amiens (d.1074), in his castle and then released him. His overlord Duke William was astounded at what he saw as this act of treachery and seized Roger's estates. Later he restored all of Mortimer's lands except for Mortemer itself. At this point St Victors with its priory became the caput of the Mortimer famly.

Virtually nothing remains of the castle except for its much denuded motte the wooded slopes of which can be seen beside the church. Possibly this was founded in or soon after 1054 to replace the lost castle of Mortemer.

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