Tiffauges castle was founded in the eleventh century by the lords of Thouars.

It became a principal residence of Gilles Retz, known as Bluebeard.  After an auspicious start to his career as a highly regarded soldier and fighting companion of Joan of Arc, Bluebeard later turned to extravagant and financially ruinous displays within the castle.  He also allegedly abandoned his religion and turned to magic, sorcery, alchemy and child murder, before being executed at the age of 36.  Much of this alleged skulldugery went on at Champtoce castle.
 Tiffauges was dismantled in the seventeenth century.

The fortress started as a hall block standing towards the southern entrance to the castle.  This was later raised into a keep 60' square, dominating the adjacent gatetower.  Similar hall to keep transformations happened at Loches, Montrichard, Beaugency, Montbazon and Chauvigny

The enceinte consisted of a massive enclosure with a variety of at least 14 differently shaped and sized towers and turrets.  In the twelfth century a chapel with an apse was added east of the keep as well as a barbican. 

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