The foundation of the castle is, like so many others, viz. Loches, Montbazon, Montrichard, Loudun, etc, attributed to Fulk Nerra (d.1040).  The castle was taken by the English in 1370, retaken by Du Guesclin in 1372 and rebuilt soon afterwards with the keep being heightened.

The centre of the castle is the keep, 39' square and 80' high, dominating the valley of the Dive.  The eleventh century work consists of 3 storeys and a basement.  This is topped by two more storeys and the remains of a fine fourteenth century macholation.  Similar pillaster buttressed keeps exist at La Roche-Posay, Le Grand-Pressigny and Loudun.

The keep lies on the north side of a ruined triangular ward, who's only flanking consists of a rectangular chapel in a rectangular tower to the west.  To the NE is a Romanesque hole in the wall gateway.

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