The castle is thought to be twelfth century and is similar in many respects to White Castle in Gwent as reconstructed by Hubert Burgh in the 1230s.  Lassay was repeatedly besieged in the 100 Years' War to 1417.  Consequently it was dismantled i
n 1422 at the order of Charles VII (d.1461), but was rebuilt in 1458 by John Vendome after he received royal permission to do so in 1457.

The castle consists of six 42' high D shaped towers (2 forming a gatehouse) and 2 round ones, all set on a polygonal enclosure, all having walls some 8' thick, except for the west gatetower which has walls only 6' thick.  Both round towers have circular vices in their gorget walls as does the east gatehouse tower and the two western D shaped towers.  The entrance is protected by a rare elongated horseshoe shaped barbican similar to the unelongated ones found at Goodrich, the Tower of London, Ramboulet and Carcassonne.

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