Chauvigny, Harcourt Castle

Harcourt castle was built by the Harcourt family within the bishop of Poitier's city of Chauvigny, although the first mention of a Harcourt, John III (d.1329), holding the castle was in 1323.  On 28 April 1377 an agreement was made between Bishop Bertrand Maumont of Poitiers and Viscount Louis Harcourt of Châtellerault, about their respective rights at Chauvigny, part of which was that the back door of Harcourt castle, which had recently been made, would be walled up and the bridge and the gate in front of it be demolished.  A hundred years later the castle was handed by Viscount Charles Anjou of Chatellerault () to the bishop on 21 May 1447.

The first castle was a simple rectangle built against the city wall about 100' north of the Baronnial castle.  It is thought to date from the twelfth century and has circular solid turrets.  A later L-shaped tower with rounded turrets penetrates the city wall to the east.

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