Mirepoix is not the place first mentioned in the tenth century and taken by the Crusaders in 1210.  That place was retaken by Count Raymond-Roger of Foix, who before his death on 27 March 1223 within Mirepoix castle, granted it to his son, Loup Foix (d.1259+) and Raymond-Sanche Rabat.  That town was utterly destroyed by a flood in 1289 and the new bastide town built on a new site on the other side of the river by Jean Levisin from 1290 onwards.  The new town was set up in rectangles within a rectangular site.  In 1362 the town was wrecked by Routiers.  Now merely a section of wall and one of the original 4 gates remains, together with 9 of the original 28 rectangular plots.  The site of old defences were decayed and largely destroyed by 1680 when the ditch was filled in.  Within the area of the old defences are the covered shop arcades known as Les Courverts.  These are thought to be the finest in France and remain a massive draw for tourists to this day.  The church of 1298 has the second largest Gothic chancel arch in France.

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