Castles Mentioned in Domesday Book

Arundel, Berkeley, Bramber, Burton, Cambridge, Canterbury, Carisbrooke, Caerleon, Chepstow, Clifford, Clitheroe? [Bereng Tosny tenuit sz mo e in castellatu Rog Pictauensis]Dudley, Eardisley, Ewias Harold, Eye, Gloucester, Hastings, Huntingdon, Launceston, Castelli de Cornualia, LewesLincoln, Monmouth
, Montacute, Montgomery [Hen Domen], Norwich, Okehampton, Oswestry [castellum Lvvre in Meresberie], Peak [Pechesers], Penwortham [Peneverdant, between Ribble and Mersey], Pevensey [by implication], Pontefract [Castelli Ilberti], Portchester, Rayleigh, Rhuddlan [Roelent], Richards Castle [Avretone], Richmond, Rochester, Rockingham, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Stamford, Stanton Helgot [in Stantvne, ibi ht Helgot castellum], Torre [of Wm Moion in Somerset], Trematon, Tutbury, Wallingford, Wareham, Warwick, Watelege [held by Gilbert Fitz Turold which had been Harold's], Wigmore, Windsor, York [2 castles].

Castles otherwise mentioned in the reign of King William I that do not appear in Domesday Book.

Cardiff, Degannwy, Dover, Durham, Exeter, Hereford, Longtown, Newcastle on Tyne, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Salisbury, Winchester, Worcester.

Castles thought to exist in the reign of King William I

, Bamburgh, Belvoir, Berkhamsted, Bristol, Castleacre, Chester, Clare, Colchester, Goodrich, Herefordshire Beacon, Pontefract, St Davids, Tamworth, Tonbridge, Totnes, Tower of London.


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