Dolwyddelan I Castle

Lying virtually in the shadow of the current Dolwyddelan castle lies a motte and bailey sturcture, long thought to have been the predecssor of the tower and bailey castle on the rocky crag - described here as Dolwyddelan II.  Dolwyddelan I must predate its successor and therefore is probably a castle of Robert Rhuddlan which was destroyed in 1094 when all the 'Norman' castles of North Wales were overwhelmed.

The heart of the fortress is a rocky crag on the summit of which are traces of a rectangular or square tower.  There seems to have been a baily along the ridge leading towards the later castle, although there are few recognisable defensible features other thant he landscape.  The dimensions of the keep would make it somewhat similar to those found at Goodrich, White Castle, Dinas Emrys and Dolwyddelan II.


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