An index had been constructed to give viewers a chance to discover if their ancestors, or places they are interested in, are mentioned in any of these books on the Middle Ages.

Each early book is listed alphabetically with index of places and people following in alphabetical order and is found here.

It should be noted that the spelling chosen for people or places is personal and especially for Medieval times was often written phonetically. Therefore if the person you are interested in was called Botteller or Le Butler or le Botiller or Botyler you will universally find him in my works as Butler. All Medieval spellings have, as far as is possible, been converted to modern form. It is especially important for beginners to realise that in genealogy Remfry is the same as Remfrey or Remphrey. It is only in modern times that spellings have largely solidified.

Please note that all occurrences of de, like de Mortimer or de Lacy, have been removed to leave simply Mortimer or Lacy. 'De' means 'of' and the name merely recognized the origins of a family at some point in history. There are many Mortimers around today who have nothing to do with the town of Mortemer-en-Bray which their forefathers lost in 1054. De has therefore been removed from all spellings as irrelevant to modern translations. All cases of the nickname Maud have also been converted to the full name of Matilda.

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