Places and Names found within current Booklets

Please note that several of these Booklets
have been replaced by updated Books
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The list below is intended to give researchers a chance to discover if their ancestors, or places they are interested in, are mentioned in any of my booklets on the Middle Ages.

The index is constructed in the following manner. The subject appears at the beginning of the line, ie 'Abbot of Hilton'. This is followed in bold by the name of the booklet in which the person or place occurs, ie. Hopton. The abbreviations and full titles of booklets are listed at the bottom of this page.

It should be noted that the spelling chosen for people or places is personal and especially for Medieval times was often written phonetically. Therefore if the person you are interested in was called Botteller or Le Butler or le Botiller or Botyler you will universally find him in my works as Butler. All Medieval spellings have, as far as is possible, been converted to modern form. It is especially important for beginners to realise that in genealogy Remfry is the same as Remfrey or Remphrey. It is only in modern times that spellings have largely solidified.

Please note that all occurrences of de, like de Mortimer or de Lacy, have been removed to leave simply Mortimer or Lacy. 'De' means 'of' and the name merely recognized the origins of a family at some point in history. There are many Mortimers around today who have nothing to do with the town of Mortemer-en-Bray which their forefathers lost in 1054. De has therefore been removed from all spellings as irrelevant to modern translations. All cases of the nickname Maud have also been converted to the full name of Matilda.

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To search for names on the database it is recommended that you initially check all surnames and then home in on the first names you require. The best method of achieving this is using the find routine available by pressing Ctrl and f simultaneously and then type the name in the search box that appears.  Please remember to click 'next' as there is likely to be more than one entry.

Good hunting, Paul Remfry. 

Abbot of Hilton Hopton

'Aduob' ap Morgan ap Goronwy Abbey Cwmhir

'Ampney' Painscastle

A. Brinton Wigmore Castle

Aanora St Valery Hay on Wye

Abberley Painscastle

Abbess Eadgiva of Leominster Hereford Beacon

abbey of St Trinity Wigmore Castle

Abbey Cwmhir Brampton

Abbey Cwmhir Chronology

Abbey Cwmhir Clifford

Abbey Cwmhir Hay on Wye

Abbey Cwmhir Painscastle

Abbey Cwmhir Ten Castle

Abbey Cwmhir Wigmore Tourist

Abbey Dore Grosmont

Abbey Dore Clifford

Abbey Dore Middle Wye

Abbey Dore Richards Castle

Abbey Dore White

Abbey Dore Wilton

Abbot A. of Dore Hay on Wye

Abbot Aegelwy of Evesham Hereford Beacon

Abbot Edward of Reading Buckenham

Abbot Ethelburg of Evesham Longtown

Abbot Gilbert Foliot of Gloucester Painscastle

Abbot Gilbert Foliot of Gloucester Ogmore

Abbot Hugh of Reading Kington

Abbot Ranulf of Lonlay Radnor

Abbot Robert of Mont-Saint Michael Buckenham

Abcott Clun

Aber Dinas Emrys

Aber-rheidol Chronology

Aberafan Chronology

Aberconwy Chronology

Aberduhonw Middle Wye

Aberedw Painscastle

Aberedw Montgomery

Abereinion Chronology

Abergavenny Burford

Abergavenny Chronology

Abergavenny Clifford

Abergavenny Brampton

Abergavenny Clun

Abergavenny Ewias Lacy

Abergavenny Grosmont

Abergavenny Hay on Wye

Abergavenny Hereford Beacon

Abergavenny Kington

Abergavenny Longtown

Abergavenny Montgomery

Abergavenny Oystermouth

Abergavenny Painscastle

Abergavenny Radnor

Abergavenny Richards Castle

Abergavenny Skenfrith

Abergavenny Ten Castle

Abergavenny White

Abergavenny Wigmore Tourist

Abergavenny Wilton

Aberllech Oystermouth

Aberllech Ogmore

Aberlleiniog Chronology

Aberlleiniog Dinas Emrys

Aberllwchwr Chronology

Aberllynfi Skenfrith

Aberllynfi Hay on Wye

Aberllynfi Clifford

Aberllynfi Chronology

Aberllynfi White

Abermule Painscastle

Abermule Montgomery

Abermule Clun

Abermule Chronology

Aberyddon Montgomery

Aberyscir Brampton

Aberystwyth Wigmore Tourist

Aberystwyth Chronology

Aberystwyth Painscastle

Aberystwyth Wigmore Castle

Abingdon Richards Castle

Abinger Richards Castle

Achilles Beche Richards Castle

Ack Wood Ten Castle

Ackhill Richards Castle

Ackley Montgomery

Aconbury Longtown

Aconbury Grosmont

Aconbury priory Ewias Lacy

Acre Painscastle

Acton Clun

Acton Bank Ten Castle

Acton Burnell Ewias Lacy

Acton Reynald Moreton Corbet

Adam Acton Hopton

Adam Acton Clun

Adam Almaisnil Wigmore Castle

Adam ap Seisyll White

Adam Brerlawe Moreton Corbet

Adam Brimpton Moreton Corbet

Adam Carneille Ten Castle

Adam Carneille Radnor

Adam Elmbridge Burford

Adam Fitz Adam Dehewend Montgomery

Adam Fitz Hugh Montgomery

Adam Fitz Philip Montgomery

Adam Fraxino Ewias Lacy

Adam Gest Moreton Corbet

Adam Gurdun Burford

Adam Hager Montgomery

Adam Kinsham Burford

Adam la Hull Burford

Adam le Savage Brampton

Adam le Savage Abbey Cwmhir

Adam le Savage Richards Castle

Adam le Savage Wigmore Castle

Adam Lye Ten Castle

Adam Montgomery Clun

Adam Montgomery Hopton

Adam Montgomery Brampton

Adam Montgomery Ewias Lacy

Adam Montgomery Chronology

Adam Montgomery Wigmore Tourist

Adam Montgomery Montgomery

Adam Newton Montgomery

Adam of Castle Frome Burford

Adam Osgodby Burford

Adam Paynel Wilton

Adam Pedwardine Burford

Adam Port Chronology

Adam Port Brampton

Adam Port Wilton

Adam Port Radnor

Adam Port Richards Castle

Adam Port Kington

Adam Port Wigmore Castle

Adam Port Burford

Adam St Laurence Wigmore Castle

Adam the butler Kington

Adcote Moreton Corbet

Addiscott Painscastle

Ade de la Mora Hopton

Adelardo Fleming Buckenham

Adeliz Belmeis Wigmore Castle

Adeliza of Louvain Buckenham

Adforton Brampton

Adforton Wigmore Castle

Adley Wigmore Castle

Adley Clun

Adley Brampton

Admaston Moreton Corbet

Advisa Mowbray Oystermouth

Aeron Montgomery

Agatha Ferrers Burford

Agincourt Wilton

Agnes Cundy Clifford

Agnes Lacy Longtown

Agnes Sanneth Brampton

Ailwin Merc Wilton

Aissa Ogmore

Alan Balistarius Clifford

Alan Basset Longtown

Alan Carpenter Burford

Alan Corbet Moreton Corbet

Alan Dunstanville Moreton Corbet

Alan Fitz Brian Moreton Corbet

Alan Fitz Count Kington

Alan Fitz Flaad Hopton

Alan Fitz Mayen Kington

Alan Fitz Walter Beauchamp Hay on Wye

Alan Fraxino Burford

Alan Galseley Moreton Corbet

Alan la Zouche Painscastle

Alan la Zouche Wigmore Castle

Alan la Zouche Chronology

Alan la Zouche Burford

Alan la Zouche Wilton

Alan Martell Longtown

Alan Neville Moreton Corbet

Alan Percy White

Alan Plogenet Ewias Lacy

Alan Plogenet Chronology

Alan the sergeant of Wychbold Burford

Alarius Ponte Aldemeri Radnor

Alberbury Montgomery

Alberbury Chronology

Alberbury Moreton Corbet

Albreda Waleran Clun

Aldemulneurste Moreton Corbet

Aldermaston Wigmore Tourist

Alderton Brampton

Alderton Wigmore Castle

Alderton Clifford

Aldintone Clifford

Aldredesheye Montgomery

Alexander Bohun Hereford Beacon

Alexander Chedney Clifford

Alexander Pudleston Richards Castle

Alexander Remeisun Richards Castle

Alfred Fraxino Longtown

Alfred Marlborough Pembridge

Alfred Marlborough Painscastle

Alfred Marlborough Skenfrith

Alfred Marlborough Hay on Wye

Alfred Marlborough Wilton

Alfred Marlborough White

Alfred Marlborough Longtown

Alfred Marlborough Grosmont

Alfward Wigmore Tourist

Alice Haget Moreton Corbet

Alice Maubanc Pembridge

Alice Stuteville Burford

Alice the daughter of Lucy Grosmont

Alintone Clifford

Alltmawr Clifford

Alltmawr Middle Wye

Almeley Ewias Lacy

Almeley Longtown

Almondsbury Buckenham

Alnwick Kington

Alrdus Fraxino Kington

Alretone Richards Castle

Alton Longtown

Alton Ewias Lacy

Alton Painscastle

Alton Court Ewias Lacy

Alvington Skenfrith

Alvington White

Alvington Grosmont

Amaury Montfort Painscastle

Amaury St Amand Grosmont

Amaury St Amand Longtown

Amaury St Amand Skenfrith

Amaury St Amand Burford

Amaury St Amand Wilton

Amaury St Amand White

Amberden Richards Castle

Amberden Burford

Amberly Radnor

Amgoed Chronology

Amicia Clifford Richards Castle

Amiens Wilton

Amiens Clun

Amiens Wigmore Tourist

Amiens Wigmore Castle

Amport Wigmore Castle

Anarawd ab Einion Abbey Cwmhir

Anarawd ab Einion Painscastle

Andrew Astley Montgomery

Andrew Baskerville Ewias Lacy

Andrew Corbet Moreton Corbet

Andrew Goyz Montgomery

Andrew Ogard Buckenham

Andrew Seculer Wilton

Andrew Staunton Kington

Andrew Staunton Brampton

Andrew Staunton Hopton

Andrew Staunton Wigmore Castle

Andwell Kington

Angers Richards Castle

Anglesey Montgomery

Anglesey Chronology

Anglesey Wigmore Castle

Anglesey Grosmont

Angouleme Grosmont

Anhuniog Ogmore

Anhuniog Hopton

Anjou White

Anketil Scotney Ewias Lacy

Anketil Scotney Longtown

Anne Boleyn Berkhamsted

Anne St John Moreton Corbet

Antelmum Avrenesnil Wigmore Castle

Anthony Bek Montgomery

Anthony Hungerford Moreton Corbet

Antrim Longtown

Appleby Kington

Aquitaine Wilton

Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury Kington

Archbishop Baldwin of Canterbury Radnor

Archbishop Baldwin of Canterbury Hay on Wye

Archbishop Baldwin of Canterbury Skenfrith

Archbishop Henry of Dublin Buckenham

Archbishop Hubert of Canterbury Wilton

Archbishop Hubert Walter of Canterbury Painscastle

Archbishop Hugh of Rouen Wigmore Castle

Archbishop John Pecham Montgomery

Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury Clifford

Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury Hereford Beacon

Archbishop Roger of York Buckenham

Archbishop Rotrou of Rouen Wigmore Castle

Archbishop Theobald of Canterbury Buckenham

Archbishop Walter Coutances of Rouen Wilton

Archdeacon Elyas of Brecon Hay on Wye

Archdeacon Jordan of Brecon Hay on Wye

Archdeacon William of Carmarthen Hay on Wye

Archenfield Painscastle

Archenfield Hereford Beacon

Archenfield Grosmont

Archenfield Clifford

Archenfield Wilton

Archenfield Longtown

Archenfield Chronology

Archenfield White

Ardudwy Chronology

Arenes Wigmore Castle

Arfon Chronology

Argentan Radnor

Argentan Clun

Ariconium Hereford Beacon

Arkstone Longtown

Arkstone Wilton

Arlingham Buckenham

Arllechwedd Chronology

Arllechwedd Wigmore Tourist

Armston Wilton

Arques Wigmore Castle

Arsuf Painscastle

Arthur Grey Wilton

Arundel Hereford Beacon

Arundel Clun

Arundel Buckenham

Arundel Radnor

Arwallt Grosmont

Arwallt White

Arwystli Chronology

Arwystli Montgomery

Arwystli Hopton

Arwystli Moreton Corbet

Arwystli Hereford Beacon

Arwystli Longtown

Arwystli Clun

Ascelina Watervil Wilton

Ashby Parva Ewias Lacy

Ashe Ingen Wilton

Ashford Hereford Beacon

Ashford Bowdler Richards Castle

Ashford Bowdler Burford

Ashford Carbonel Richards Castle

Ashford Carbonel Burford

Ashington Radnor

Ashow Ewias Lacy

Ashperton Brampton

Ashperton Painscastle

Ashperton Clifford

Astfeld Painscastle

Astley Clifford

Astley Painscastle

Aston Wilton

Aston Painscastle

Aston Wigmore Castle

Aston Brampton

Aston Montgomery

Aston Ten Castle

Aston Botterell Brampton

Astwood Burford

Astwood Richards Castle

Atchill Burford

Athlone Longtown

Athlone Richards Castle

Attleborough Buckenham

Attleborough Richards Castle

Attleborough Burford

Aubrey Vere Wigmore Castle

Audley Moreton Corbet

Aufin Longtown

Aufrid Richards Castle

Auker Fressenville Brampton

Aumale Wigmore Castle

Aumale Wigmore Tourist

Aumale Painscastle

Aumberden Burford

Aure Montgomery

Aust White

Aust Skenfrith

Aust Grosmont

Aveline Clare Longtown

Avenbury Kington

Avenederset Ewias Lacy

Avis Fonte Grosmont

Avranches Painscastle

Awelton Clifford

Awre Hereford Beacon

Awre Skenfrith

Aylesford Montgomery

Ayleston Montgomery

Aylestone Brampton

Aylestone Pembridge

Aylton Hereford Beacon

Aylworth Wilton

Aymestrey Wigmore Castle

Aytrop de la Were Ewias Lacy

Aytrop de la Were Wigmore Tourist

Aytrop de la Were Brampton

Azor Moreton Corbet

Bablingley Buckenham

Bach Howey Painscastle

Bachaethlon Chronology

Bachaethlon Abbey Cwmhir

Bache Hay on Wye

Bache Clifford

Bacheldre Montgomery

Bachington Ewias Lacy

Bachington Painscastle

Back Brook Kington

Bacton Longtown

Bacton Ewias Lacy

Baderon Fitz William Monmouth Chronology

Baderon Fitz William Monmouth Longtown

Baderon Monmouth Wilton

Baderon Monmouth Radnor

Badger Richards Castle

Badger Burford

Badland Ten Castle

Badland Wood Ten Castle

Bagburrow Wood Hereford Beacon

Baggebyre Montgomery

Baghewenith Montgomery

Bala Chronology

Balderdeleye Ewias Lacy

Balderton Moreton Corbet

Baldwin Blome Skenfrith

Baldwin Boulers Montgomery

Baldwin Boulers Wigmore Tourist

Baldwin Boulers Richards Castle

Baldwin Boulers Ewias Lacy

Baldwin Boulers Brampton

Baldwin Fitz Gilbert Hay on Wye

Baldwin Guines Grosmont

Baldwin Guines Clifford

Baldwin Guines Montgomery

Baldwin Guines White

Baldwin Guines Skenfrith

Baldwin Hodnet Clun

Baldwin Hodnet Moreton Corbet

Baldwin Hodnet Longtown

Baldwin le Frison of Flanders Hereford Beacon

Baldwin Montgomery Montgomery

Baldwin Romsley Burford

Baldwin Vere Montgomery

Baldwin Vere Skenfrith

Baldwin Vere Grosmont

Baldwin Vere Clun

Baldwin Vere Painscastle

Baldwin Vere White

Baldwin Vischart Hopton

Banarau White

Banarau Grosmont

Bangor Grosmont

Bangor Chronology

Bangor Dinas Emrys

Bangor White

Bangor Skenfrith

Bangor Montgomery

Barfleur Painscastle

Barford Burford

Barford Richards Castle

Barking Richards Castle

Barkwith Ewias Lacy

Barland Hay on Wye

Barland St Briavels

Barland Clun

Barland Ten Castle

Barlow Clun

Barnard Castle Buckenham

Barnstaple Radnor

Bartholomew Burghersh Longtown

Bartholomew Burghersh Ewias Lacy

Bartholomew de la Hose Kington

Bartholomew Mortimer Richards Castle

Bartholomew Peche Painscastle

Bartholomew Suthley Hopton

Bartholomew Toret Clun

Bartholomew Toret Hopton

Bartholomew Toret Chronology

Bartholomew Toret Longtown

Bartholomew Toret Moreton Corbet

Barton Kington

Barton Ten Castle

Barton Wilton

Barton Stacey Wigmore Castle

Baschurch Hopton

Basile Verdun Ewias Lacy

Basingstoke Burford

Basingwerk Painscastle

Basingwerk Chronology

Basingwick Radnor

Bastwood Painscastle

Batchcott/Ratchcot Burford

Bath Hereford Beacon

Bath Longtown

Bath Wigmore Castle

Batlloyd Abbey Cwmhir

Bausley Montgomery

Bausley Moreton Corbet

Bausley Chronology

Baveney Wigmore Castle

Bayeux Painscastle

Bayeux Kington

Baylamard Abbey Cwmhir

Bayonne White

Bayonne Grosmont

Bayonne Skenfrith

Bayton Painscastle

Bearstone Moreton Corbet

Beatrix the widow of Roger de la Folie Kington

Beauvais Wigmore Castle

Beche Painscastle

Beckjay Clun

Bedale Moreton Corbet

Beddgelert Dinas Emrys

Beddgelert Chronology

Bedelesput Ten Castle

Bedford Longtown

Bedford Hereford Beacon

Bedstone Clun

Beeding Radnor

Beeding Skenfrith

Beeding Grosmont

Beeston Chronology

Beeston Hay on Wye

Beeston Richards Castle

Begigne Abbey Cwmhir

Begwns Painscastle

Belan Bank Clifford

Belleau Stream Kington

Belleme Clun

Belloncombre Wigmore Castle

Belloncombre Wigmore Tourist

Belloncombre Painscastle

Belvoir Buckenham

Belvoir Wilton

Belvoir Painscastle

Benett Hop Richards Castle

Beningeho Painscastle

Bennenken Abbey Cwmhir

Bercolt Painscastle

Bere Regis Ewias Lacy

Bereford Ewias Lacy

Bereford Burford

Berengar Almaco Wigmore Castle

Berkeley Buckenham

Berkeley Grosmont

Berkeley Berkhamsted

Berkeley Skenfrith

Berkeley White

Berkhamsted Richards Castle

Berkhamsted Painscastle

Berkhamsted Moreton Corbet

Berkhamsted Ogmore

Berkhamsted Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted Skenfrith

Berkhamsted Hereford Beacon

Berkhamsted Wigmore Tourist

Bernard Balliol Kington

Bernard Fitz Unspac Brampton

Bernard Fitz Unspac Radnor

Bernard Fitz Unspac Wigmore Castle

Bernard le Bret Hopton

Bernard le Bret Burford

Bernard Neufmarché Clifford

Bernard Neufmarché Hay on Wye

Bernard Neufmarché Chronology

Bernard Neufmarché Wigmore Castle

Bernard Neufmarché Hereford Beacon

Bernard Neufmarché Longtown

Bernard Neufmarché Radnor

Bernard Neufmarché Painscastle

Bernard Neufmarché Skenfrith

Bernard Neufmarché Richards Castle

Bernard Sopendona Wigmore Castle

Bernard St Valery Hay on Wye

Bernard the cook Hay on Wye

Berriew Montgomery

Berrington Richards Castle

Berrington Moreton Corbet

Berrow Clifford

Bertha Hereford Hay on Wye

Bertha Hereford Radnor

Bertnard Bruys Montgomery

Bertram Haget Moreton Corbet

Bertram Kassingthorp Burford

Berwick Kington

Berwick Burford

Berwick Richards Castle

Berwyn Montgomery

Berwyn White

Berwyn Chronology

Berwyns Skenfrith

Berwyns Grosmont

Besford Moreton Corbet

Betton Moreton Corbet

Bettws Clyro Painscastle

Beverston Buckenham

Bickerton Ewias Lacy

Bicknacre Wilton

Biggegwenth Abbey Cwmhir

Bilbeton Clun

Bilbury Richards Castle

Bildeston Ewias Lacy

Billesley Burford

Billing Major Brampton

Billingsley Hereford Beacon

Binton Burford

Binton Richards Castle

Birch Wilton

Birley Longtown

Birley Brampton

Birley Hereford Beacon

Birley Wigmore Castle

Birtley Ewias Lacy

Biscot Kington

Biscot Kington

Biscot Buckenham

Bishampton Ewias Lacy

Bishampton Longtown

Bishop Aldred of Worcester Hereford Beacon

Bishop Alexander of Lincoln Richards Castle

Bishop Alexander of Lincoln Buckenham

Bishop Bartholomew of Exeter Buckenham

Bishop Bernard of St David's Richards Castle

Bishop Bernard of St David's Hay on Wye

Bishop Bernard of St David's Kington

Bishop David of St David's Richards Castle

Bishop Eustace of Ely Wilton

Bishop Geoffrey Henelawe of St David's Hay on Wye

Bishop Geoffrey of Coutances Hereford Beacon

Bishop Gilbert Foliot Hereford Beacon

Bishop Gilbert Foliot of Hereford Wigmore Castle

Bishop Gilbert Foliot of Hereford Longtown

Bishop Gilbert Foliot of London Hereford Beacon

Bishop Gilbert Foliot of London Buckenham

Bishop Gilbert of Hereford Radnor

Bishop Giles Braose Clifford

Bishop Giles Braose of Hereford Moreton Corbet

Bishop Giles Braose of Hereford Kington

Bishop Giles Braose of Hereford Radnor

Bishop Giles Braose of Hereford Brampton

Bishop Giles of Hereford Hay on Wye

Bishop Godfrey Giffard Pembridge

Bishop Henry of Llandaff Skenfrith

Bishop Henry of Winchester Wigmore Castle

Bishop Henry of Winchester Buckenham

Bishop Herguald Hay on Wye

Bishop Hilary of Chichester Buckenham

Bishop Hugh of Coutances Wigmore Castle

Bishop John of Norwich Buckenham

Bishop Matthew of Angers Hay on Wye

Bishop Peter Leia of St David's Radnor

Bishop Peter of Hereford White

Bishop Peter of Winchester Grosmont

Bishop Peter Roches of Winchester White

Bishop Peter Roches of Winchester Montgomery

Bishop Peter Roches of Winchester Grosmont

Bishop Peter Roches of Winchester Skenfrith

Bishop Ralph of Chichester Grosmont

Bishop Reinheim of Hereford Kington

Bishop Reinhelm of Hereford Longtown

Bishop Richard of Chester Moreton Corbet

Bishop Richard of London Moreton Corbet

Bishop Robert Bethune Hereford Beacon

Bishop Robert Bethune Radnor

Bishop Robert Bethune of Hereford Clun

Bishop Robert Bethune of Hereford Wigmore Castle

Bishop Robert Bethune of Hereford Kington

Bishop Robert of Hereford Richards Castle

Bishop Robert of Hereford Burford

Bishop Robert of Hereford Longtown

Bishop Robert of Hereford Painscastle

Bishop Serlo of Sees Radnor

Bishop Serlon of Gloucester Hay on Wye

Bishop Thomas Cantilupe of Hereford Brampton

Bishop Uthred of Llandaff Ogmore

Bishop Walter Cantilupe of Worcester Wilton

Bishop Walter of Coventry and Lichfield Burford

Bishop Wilfrid of St David's Wigmore Castle

Bishop William of Bath and Wells Burford

Bishop William of Winchester Kington

Bishop Wulfstan Longtown

Bishop Wulfstan of Worcester Hereford Beacon

Bishop's Castle Clun

Bishop's Castle Kington

Bishop's Castle White

Bishop's Castle Chronology

Bishop's Castle Grosmont

Bishop's Castle Montgomery

Bishop's Castle Wigmore Castle

Bishops Frome Longtown

Bishopston Oystermouth

Bitterley Longtown

Blaenbwch Middle Wye

Blaenllyfni Clun

Blaenllyfni Clifford

Blaenllyfni Hay on Wye

Blaenllyfni Burford

Blaenllyfni Brampton

Blaenllyfni Chronology

Blaenllyfni Ewias Lacy

Blaenllyfni Kington

Blaenllyfni Montgomery

Blaenllyfni Painscastle

Blaenllyfni Wilton

Blainberherburh Middle Wye

Blakedon Ewias Lacy

Blanche de la Vache Wilton

Bleddfa Chronology

Bleddfa Burford

Bleddfa Abbey Cwmhir

Bleddfa Kington

Bleddfa Radnor

Bleddfa Richards Castle

Bleddfa Ten Castle

Bleddri ap Cedifor Chronology

Bleddyn Hereford Beacon

Bleddyn Richards Castle

Bleddyn ap Cynfyn Oystermouth

Bleddyn ap Cynfyn Hereford Beacon

Bleddyn ap Cynfyn Chronology

Bleddyn ap Cynfyn Ogmore

Bletchely Wilton

Bletchley Ewias Lacy

Blorenge Brampton

Blorenge Wilton

Blorent Wilton

Bloth Wyre Abbey Cwmhir

Blovilla Wigmore Castle

Blundesdone Ogmore

Bluston Painscastle

Boddebrok Ewias Lacy

Bodenham Ewias Lacy

Bodenham Clifford

Bodenham Richards Castle

Bodenham Longtown

Bodney Painscastle

Bogo Knoville Hopton

Bogo Knoville Burford

Bogo Knoville Montgomery

Bogo Knoville Moreton Corbet

Bogo Knoville Painscastle

Bogo Knoville Chronology

Bohun Brampton

Bolewik Skenfrith

Bolewik Grosmont

Bolewik White

Bollingbroke Richards Castle

Bollingham Kington

Bolsover Wilton

Bonby Wigmore Castle

Bonby Yorborough Wigmore Castle

Bone Haved Neweth Abbey Cwmhir

Boneywell Richards Castle

Bonneville sur Touques Painscastle

Bonsmoulins Wilton

Booley Moreton Corbet

Bordeaux Grosmont

Bordeaux Skenfrith

Boroughbridge Oystermouth

Bosbury Kington

Bosbury Hereford Beacon

Boscherville Brampton

Boscherville Radnor

Boston Buckenham

Bosworth Ewias Lacy

Botley Wigmore Castle

Boughrood Clifford

Boughrood Hay on Wye

Boughrood Hopton

Boughrood Middle Wye

Boughrood Longtown

Boughrood Painscastle

Boughrood Pembridge

Boulgithblich Abbey Cwmhir

Boulogne Berkhamsted

Bourne Montgomery

Bouvines Richards Castle

Bouvines Clifford

Bouvines Wilton

Bouvines Painscastle

Bovines Longtown

Bradenham Painscastle

Bradfield Wigmore Castle

Bradford Montgomery

Bradford Peverel Kington

Bradley Richards Castle

Bradley in the Moors Ewias Lacy

Brafford Wilton

Braggington Moreton Corbet

Braio Wilton

Bramber Grosmont

Bramber Clifford

Bramber Oystermouth

Bramber Radnor

Bramber White

Bramber Pembridge

Bramber Skenfrith

Bramber Wilton

Bramber Wigmore Castle

Brampton Clun

Brampton Bryan Hopton

Brampton Bryan Wigmore Tourist

Brampton Bryan Radnor

Brampton Bryan Burford

Brampton Bryan Clifford

Brampton Bryan Wigmore Castle

Brandon Ewias Lacy

Branton Painscastle

Brantyngthorp Ewias Lacy

Breadward Kington

Breckles Painscastle

Brecon Hay on Wye

Brecon Clifford

Brecon Clun

Brecon Brampton

Brecon Burford

Brecon Grosmont

Brecon Longtown

Brecon Kington

Brecon Montgomery

Brecon Wigmore Tourist

Brecon Painscastle

Brecon Oystermouth

Brecon Pembridge

Brecon Ogmore

Brecon Radnor

Brecon Skenfrith

Brecon Richards Castle

Brecon White

Brecon Ten Castle

Brecon Wilton

Brecon Gaer Middle Wye

Bredenbury Longtown

Bredwardine Buckenham

Bredwardine Chronology

Bredwardine Ewias Lacy

Bredwardine Longtown

Breifne Longtown

Breighton Wigmore Castle

Brémule Wigmore Castle

Bretchel Moreton Corbet

Breteuil Longtown

Breteuil Painscastle

Breteuil Burford

Breteuil Clifford

Bretford Ewias Lacy

Brian Brampton Wigmore Tourist

Brian Brampton Wigmore Castle

Brian Brampton Burford

Brian Brampton Brampton

Brian Brampton Chronology

Brian Brampton Longtown

Brian Brampton Clun

Brian Brampton Hopton

Brian Brampton Ewias Lacy

Brian Fitz Count White

Brian Fitz Count Longtown

Brian Fitz Count Skenfrith

Brian Fitz Count Chronology

Brian Fitz Count Grosmont

Brian Fitz Count Hereford Beacon

Brian Fitz Count Buckenham

Brian Fitz Count Wigmore Castle

Brian Insula Buckenham

Brian Insula Clun

Brian Insula Longtown

Brian Say Wigmore Castle

Brian Say Richards Castle

Brian Unspac Brampton Brampton

Brictwold Richards Castle

Bridge Sollers Clifford

Bridgnorth Hereford Beacon

Bridgnorth Burford

Bridgnorth Clifford

Bridgnorth Brampton

Bridgnorth Chronology

Bridgnorth Ewias Lacy

Bridgnorth Clun

Bridgnorth Grosmont

Bridgnorth Longtown

Bridgnorth Montgomery

Bridgnorth Moreton Corbet

Bridgnorth Skenfrith

Bridgnorth White

Bridgnorth Richards Castle

Bridgnorth Wigmore Tourist

Bridgnorth Wigmore Castle

Brighton Radnor

Brikestok Wilton

Brilley Abbey Cwmhir

Brilley Chronology

Brilley Longtown

Brilley Hay on Wye

Brilley Kington

Brilley Painscastle

Brilley Ten Castle

Brilley Radnor

Brilley Green Kington

Brilliana Harley Brampton

Brimpsfield Clifford

Brimpton Wigmore Castle

Brinrise Abbey Cwmhir

Brinsop Hay on Wye

Brinsop Wigmore Castle

Brioc St Briavels

Brionne Radnor

Briouze Ten Castle

Briouze Radnor

Bristol Chronology

Bristol Grosmont

Bristol Buckenham

Bristol Longtown

Bristol Montgomery

Bristol Oystermouth

Bristol Ogmore

Bristol Pembridge

Bristol Richards Castle

Bristol Skenfrith

Bristol White

Bristol Wigmore Tourist

Bristol Wilton

Brittany Clifford

Brittany Painscastle

Brittany White

Brittany Buckenham

Brittany Burford

Broad Hinton Kington

Broadfield Painscastle

Broadfield Clifford

Broadfield Richards Castle

Broadmeadow Clifford

Broadstone Clun

Broadward Clun

Broadward Hopton

Brobury Ewias Lacy

Brobury Longtown

Broc Wigmore Castle

Brockmanton Richards Castle

Brockton Montgomery

Brockton Painscastle

Brockton Chronology

Brockton Richards Castle

Brogborough Wilton

Bromfield Brampton

Bromfield Longtown

Bromfield Chronology

Bromfield Hereford Beacon

Bromfield Montgomery

Brompton Clun

Brompton Montgomery

Bromsash Longtown

Bromsberrow Painscastle

Bron-yr-erw Dinas Emrys

Bronllys Burford

Bronllys Hay on Wye

Bronllys Berkhamsted

Bronllys Chronology

Bronllys Clifford

Bronllys Longtown

Bronllys Middle Wye

Bronllys Montgomery

Bronllys Kington

Bronllys Painscastle

Bronllys White

Bronllys Skenfrith

Bronllys Richards Castle

Bronne Llioyrche Abbey Cwmhir

Brono Denet Abbey Cwmhir

Bronsil Brampton

Broome Clun

Brossmeshan Montgomery

Brossmeshan Abbey Cwmhir

Browning Richards Castle

Browning Clifford

Broxwood Nunsland Ten Castle

Brum Wilton

Brunne Painscastle

Bruno Munz Buckenham

Brunslow Clun

Brycheiniog Hay on Wye

Brycheiniog Grosmont

Brycheiniog Hopton

Brycheiniog Burford

Brycheiniog Clifford

Brycheiniog Chronology

Brycheiniog Hereford Beacon

Brycheiniog Brampton

Brycheiniog Ewias Lacy

Brycheiniog Middle Wye

Brycheiniog Painscastle

Brycheiniog Oystermouth

Brycheiniog Richards Castle

Brycheiniog Radnor

Brycheiniog Wilton

Brycheiniog Wigmore Castle

Bryn Derwin Chronology

Bryn y Castell Burford

Bryn y Castell Brampton

Bryncrois Abbey Cwmhir

Bryngwyn Painscastle

Brynysceuyll Painscastle

Bubwith Wigmore Castle

Bucknell Brampton

Bucknell Ewias Lacy

Bucknell Clun

Bucknell Wigmore Castle

Buckton Wigmore Castle

Buckton Brampton

Buddugre Abbey Cwmhir

Budleigh Salterton Burford

Buellt Hay on Wye

Buellt Abbey Cwmhir

Buellt Chronology

Buellt Clifford

Buellt Grosmont

Buellt Ewias Lacy

Buellt Painscastle

Buellt Middle Wye

Buellt Oystermouth

Buellt Hopton

Buellt Radnor

Buellt White

Buellt Ten Castle

Buellt Skenfrith

Buellt Wigmore Castle

Buellt Wilton

Buellt Wigmore Tourist

Buga Abbey Cwmhir

Buildwas Brampton

Buildwas Clun

Buildwas abbey Moreton Corbet

Builth Grosmont

Builth White

Builth Skenfrith

Builth Wells Middle Wye

Builth Wells Kington

Builth Wells Moreton Corbet

Builth Wells Painscastle

Builth Wells Wigmore Tourist

Builth Wells Montgomery

Builth Wells Wilton

Bulleye Painscastle

Bullinghope Wigmore Tourist

Bullinghope Brampton

Bullinghope Ewias Lacy

Bullinghope Longtown

Bungay Buckenham

Bunshill Ten Castle

Burcstanestune Clifford

Burfa Ewias Lacy

Burfa Ten Castle

Burfield Clun

Burford Richards Castle

Burford in Oxfordshire Pembridge

Burgh Kington

Burghfield Wigmore Castle

Burghill Richards Castle

Burghill Hay on Wye

Burghope Longtown

Burghope Wilton

Burley Wigmore Castle

Burley Clifford

Burlingjobb Ten Castle

Burlingjobb Radnor

Burlton Moreton Corbet

Burrington Wigmore Castle

Burrington Brampton

Burry Holms Oystermouth

Burtha Pitchford Clun

Burton Pembridge

Burton Ewias Lacy

Burton Court Ten Castle

Burton Over Ewias Lacy

Burwardsley Montgomery

Burwarton Hopton

Burwarton Wigmore Castle

Burwell Richards Castle

Burwell Buckenham

Bury St Edmunds Buckenham

Butterley Longtown

Butterleye Ewias Lacy

Butthouse Ten Castle

Buttington Chronology

Bwlch y Dinas Chronology

Bwlch y Dinas Clifford

Bydyfon Montgomery

Bydyfon Chronology

Byford Ewias Lacy

Byford Longtown

Byshop's Hathfeld Wilton

Bytham Painscastle

Byton Burford

Byton Richards Castle

Cabalfa Hopton

Cabalfa Clifford

Cabalfa Chronology

Cabalfa Hay on Wye

Cabalfa Abbey Cwmhir

Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd Chronology

Cadwallon ap Caradog Chronology

Cadwallon ap Gruffydd Chronology

Cadwallon ap Hywel Montgomery

Cadwallon ap Ifor Chronology

Cadwallon ap Madog Montgomery

Cadwallon ap Madog Grosmont

Cadwallon ap Madog Painscastle

Cadwallon ap Madog Skenfrith

Cadwallon ap Madog Wigmore Castle

Cadwallon ap Madog Ten Castle

Cadwallon ap Madog Wigmore Tourist

Cadwallon ap Madog Middle Wye

Cadwallon ap Madog Burford

Cadwallon ap Madog Abbey Cwmhir

Cadwallon ap Madog Chronology

Cadwallon ap Maelgwn Abbey Cwmhir

Cadwallon ap Maelgwn Chronology

Cadwgan ab Elystan Oystermouth

Cadwgan ab Elystan Ogmore

Cadwgan ab Elystan Clun

Cadwgan ab Elystan Glodrydd Grosmont

Cadwgan ab Elystan Glodrydd Hay on Wye

Cadwgan ap Bleddyn Chronology

Cadwgan ap Bleddyn Dinas Emrys

Cadwgan ap Bleddyn Clun

Cadwgan ap Gruffydd Abbey Cwmhir

Cadwgan ap Madog Clun

Cadwgan ap Meurig Chronology

Cadwgan ap Meurig Grosmont

Cadwgan ap Meurig Oystermouth

Cadwgan ap Meurig Ogmore

Cadwgan ap Meurig Hay on Wye

Cadwgan ap Shayn Burford

Cadwgan ap Wyn Moreton Corbet

Cadwgan Goch Wigmore Tourist

Caebanal Ten Castle

Caeliber Isaf Abbey Cwmhir

Caen Painscastle

Caen Radnor

Caen Brampton

Caen Richards Castle

Caen Wigmore Castle

Caen Longtown

Caeo Chronology

Caer Beris Middle Wye

Caer Whitton Abbey Cwmhir

Caereinion Moreton Corbet

Caereinion Chronology

Caereinion Montgomery

Caergwrle Wigmore Tourist

Caerhun Longtown

Caerlaverock Burford

Caerlaverock Richards Castle

Caerleon Richards Castle

Caerleon Chronology

Caerleon Clifford

Caerleon White

Caerleon Grosmont

Caerleon St Briavels

Caerleon Montgomery

Caerleon Longtown

Caerleon Oystermouth

Caerleon Ten Castle

Caerphilly Chronology

Caerphilly White

Caerrichan Abbey Cwmhir

Caersws Longtown

Caerwedros Chronology

Caerwent Ogmore

Caerwent Oystermouth

Caerwent Longtown

Caerychainat Abbey Cwmhir

Cainell Buckenham

Cainhoe Buckenham

Calais Wilton

Caldecote Painscastle

Caldecote Ewias Lacy

Calder Abbey Wigmore Castle

Caldicot Grosmont

Caldicot Radnor

Caldicot Skenfrith

Caldicot White

Caleturmaur Middle Wye

Calleville les deux eglises Wigmore Castle

Calvados Kington

Calvados Longtown

Cam Buckenham

Cambridge Wilton

Cambridge Hereford Beacon

Camddwr Oystermouth

Camddwr Ogmore

Camlad Chronology

Camladd Montgomery

Campston Grosmont

Campston Skenfrith

Campston White

Canford Clifford

Canon Frome Longtown

Cans Wigmore Castle

Canterbury Clifford

Canterbury Burford

Canterbury Painscastle

Canterbury Skenfrith

Canterbury Wilton

Canterbury Grosmont

Cantref Bychan Chronology

Cantref Bychan Hay on Wye

Cantref Bychan Clifford

Cantref Bychan Wigmore Castle

Cantref Bychan Ewias Lacy

Cantref Bychan Oystermouth

Cantref Coch Hereford Beacon

Cantref Eginog Oystermouth

Cantref Mawr Oystermouth

Cantref Mawr Chronology

Cantref Selyf Chronology

Cantref Selyf Middle Wye

Cantref Selyf Painscastle

Cantref Selyf Wilton

Cantref Selyf Clifford

Cantref Selyf Richards Castle

Captain Cassie Wilton

Captain Maurice Moreton Corbet

Caradog ab Iestyn Ogmore

Caradog ap Gruffydd Skenfrith

Caradog ap Gruffydd White

Caradog ap Gruffydd Grosmont

Caradog ap Gruffydd Chronology

Caradog ap Gruffydd Hereford Beacon

Caradog ap Gruffydd Ogmore

Caradog ap Gruffydd Kington

Caradog ap Gruffydd Oystermouth

Caradog ap Rhiwallon Hereford Beacon

Caradog ap Rhiwallon Skenfrith

Caradog ap Rhiwallon White

Caradog ap Rhiwallon Grosmont

Caradog ap Rhydderch Ogmore

Caradog ap Rhydderch Oystermouth

Carbrooke Painscastle

Cardeston Moreton Corbet

Cardiff Ogmore

Cardiff Brampton

Cardiff Chronology

Cardiff Clifford

Cardiff Grosmont

Cardiff Hay on Wye

Cardiff Oystermouth

Cardiff Ten Castle

Cardiff Skenfrith

Cardiff Wilton

Cardigan Buckenham

Cardigan Hay on Wye

Cardigan Clifford

Cardigan Chronology

Cardigan Oystermouth

Cardigan Grosmont

Cardigan Kington

Cardigan Montgomery

Cardigan Painscastle

Cardigan Ogmore

Cardigan Radnor

Cardigan Skenfrith

Cardigan White

Carew Chronology

Carew Oystermouth

Carisbrooke Richards Castle

Carlinge Green Painscastle

Carlisle Kington

Carlisle Ewias Lacy

Carmarthen St Briavels

Carmarthen White

Carmarthen Clifford

Carmarthen Chronology

Carmarthen Grosmont

Carmarthen Kington

Carmarthen Oystermouth

Carmarthen Ogmore

Carmarthen Radnor

Carmarthen Skenfrith

Carmarthen Wigmore Castle

Carmarthen Wigmore Tourist

Carmarthenshire Longtown

Carn Fadryn Dinas Emrys

Carnass Hay on Wye

Carnass Painscastle

Carnass Abbey Cwmhir

Carndochan Dinas Emrys

Carneille Ten Castle

Carneton Painscastle

Carno Montgomery

Carno Moreton Corbet

Carnwyllion Chronology

Carnwyllion Oystermouth

Carnwyllion Ogmore

Carreg Cennen Oystermouth

Carreg Cennen Chronology

Carrickfergus Longtown

Carrog Heren Abbey Cwmhir

Carseller Abbey Cwmhir

Carswall Longtown

Carton Burford

Carton Richards Castle

Cascob Richards Castle

Cascob Ten Castle

Cascob Abbey Cwmhir

Cassel Clifford

Cassel Painscastle

Cassel Grosmont

Cassel Hereford Beacon

Cassel White

Cassel Wigmore Tourist

Cassudio Ogmore

Castell Arnald Grosmont

Castell Arnald White

Castell Arnald Skenfrith

Castell Bryn Amlwg Clun

Castell Collen Longtown

Castell Collen Middle Wye

Castell Crug Eryr Radnor

Castell Crug Eryr Painscastle

Castell Gwallter Chronology

Castell Gwyddgwg Chronology

Castell Maredudd in Gwent Dinas Emrys

Castell Maud Painscastle

Castell Meirch Skenfrith

Castell Nimble Ten Castle

Castell Prennoke Abbey Cwmhir

Castell Prysor Dinas Emrys

Castell y Bere Dinas Emrys

Castell y Bere Montgomery

Castellion Clifford

Castilferigate Moreton Corbet

Castle Acre Buckenham

Castle Acre Painscastle

Castle Frome Ewias Lacy

Castle Frome Longtown

Castle Holdgate Richards Castle

Castle Holdgate Montgomery

Castle Holdgate Hereford Beacon

Castle Neroche Hereford Beacon

Castle Roche Ewias Lacy

Castle Roche Longtown

Castle Toot Wigmore Castle

Castle Toot Wigmore Tourist

Castlering Ten Castle

Castleton Clifford

Castlewright Montgomery

Catheiniog Chronology

Catmore Ewias Lacy

Catsley Wigmore Castle

Cauledone Longtown

Caune Grosmont

Caune White

Caune Skenfrith

Caus Brampton

Caus Clifford

Caus Wigmore Castle

Caus Abbey Cwmhir

Caus Burford

Caus Chronology

Caus Montgomery

Caus Longtown

Caus Moreton Corbet

Caus Ten Castle

Caux Wigmore Castle

Cavreswell Ewias Lacy

Cawston Skenfrith

Cawston Grosmont

Cawston White

Caynham Brampton

Cayrwetun Abbey Cwmhir

Cecilia Devereux Ewias Lacy

Cecilia Wolveflawe Clun

Cecily Fitz John Hay on Wye

Cecily Neville Painscastle

Cecily Romilly Wigmore Castle

Cedewain Painscastle

Cedewain Montgomery

Cedewain Longtown

Cedewain Hopton

Cedewain Burford

Cedewain Chronology

Cedewain Moreton Corbet

Cedewain Abbey Cwmhir

Cedewain Wigmore Tourist

Cedifor ap Gollwyn Chronology

Cedweli Ogmore

Cedweli Chronology

Cedweli Oystermouth

Cedweli Hay on Wye

Cefnhir Abbey Cwmhir

Cefnllys Dinas Emrys

Cefnllys Abbey Cwmhir

Cefnllys Brampton

Cefnllys Clifford

Cefnllys Burford

Cefnllys Chronology

Cefnllys Kington

Cefnllys Grosmont

Cefnllys Middle Wye

Cefnllys Richards Castle

Cefnllys Painscastle

Cefnllys Pembridge

Cefnllys Ten Castle

Cefnllys Radnor

Cefnllys Wigmore Tourist

Cefnllys White

Cefnpawl Abbey Cwmhir

Cefnsuran Abbey Cwmhir

Cefnyraelwyd Abbey Cwmhir

Ceimmeirch Chronology

Celli Darnauc Oystermouth

Cemais Skenfrith

Cemais Chronology

Cemais Montgomery

Cemais Oystermouth

Cemais Painscastle

Cemais Grosmont

Cemais White

Ceredigion Montgomery

Ceredigion Longtown

Ceredigion Brampton

Ceredigion Chronology

Ceredigion Hay on Wye

Ceredigion Grosmont

Ceredigion Hereford Beacon

Ceredigion White

Ceredigion Oystermouth

Ceredigion Ogmore

Ceredigion Skenfrith

Ceredigion Radnor

Ceredigion Wigmore Castle

Cerenciis Wilton

Ceri Clifford

Ceri Grosmont

Ceri Abbey Cwmhir

Ceri Brampton

Ceri Burford

Ceri Hopton

Ceri Chronology

Ceri Painscastle

Ceri Longtown

Ceri Montgomery

Ceri Moreton Corbet

Ceri Skenfrith

Ceri White

Certelea Wilton

Chachebren Wilton

Chaddesley Corbett Moreton Corbet

Chadnor Clifford

Chadnor Painscastle

Chalus-Chabrol Wilton

Chanstone Longtown

Charingworth Painscastle

Charlecote Longtown

Charles Brydges Wilton

Charlton Clifford

Chartley Richards Castle

Chartley Montgomery

Charton Clun

Chateau Gaillard Wilton

Chateau Gaillard Clun

Chateau Gaillard Burford

Chateau Gaillard Painscastle

Chateau Gaillard Richards Castle

Chateau Gaillard Wigmore Tourist

Chateau Gaillard Wigmore Castle

Chateauroux Wigmore Castle


Chelmarsh Burford

Chelmarsh Wigmore Castle

Chelmsford Burford

Cheltenham Hereford Beacon

Cheltenham Montgomery

Cheltenham Skenfrith

Cheney Longville Clun

Chepstow St Briavels

Chepstow Clifford

Chepstow Chronology

Chepstow Longtown

Chepstow Hay on Wye

Chepstow Hereford Beacon

Chepstow Grosmont

Chepstow Oystermouth

Chepstow Ten Castle

Chepstow White

Chepstow Skenfrith

Chepstow Wilton

Chesewaldesleye Ten Castle

Cheshire Chronology

Chester White

Chester Burford

Chester Clun

Chester Chronology

Chester Hay on Wye

Chester Dinas Emrys

Chester Grosmont

Chester Middle Wye

Chester Painscastle

Chester Moreton Corbet

Chester Skenfrith

Chester St Briavels

Chester Wilton

Chetton Moreton Corbet

Chetwynd Moreton Corbet

Chichester Clifford

Chichester Buckenham

Chickward Ten Castle

Chickward Kington

Chickwardine Radnor

Childrey Longtown

Chilham Painscastle

Chinbaldescote Clun

Chinon Grosmont

Chinon Painscastle

Chinon Skenfrith

Chinon White

Chinon Clifford

Chirbury Clun

Chirbury Montgomery

Chirk Chronology

Chirk Montgomery

Chirk Wigmore Tourist

Chirton Burford

Chiseldon Kington

Chivelai Kington

Chote Moreton Corbet

Choulton Clun

Christchurch Grosmont

Christchurch Wigmore Castle

Christopher Harley Brampton

Church Stoke Montgomery

Church Stretton Wigmore Castle

Church Stretton Wigmore Tourist

Church Stretton Clun

Church Stretton Chronology

Cilcewydd Montgomery

Cilgerran Ogmore

Cilgerran Chronology

Cilgwnfydd Abbey Cwmhir

Cilymaenllwyd Chronology

Cinch Abbey Cwmhir

Cinque ports Grosmont

Cirencester Longtown

Cirencester Montgomery

Cirencester abbey Wilton

City Montgomery

Clarendon Pembridge

Clatterbrune Richards Castle

Cleangre Ewias Lacy

Clee Forest Moreton Corbet

Cleeve Wilton

Clehonger Pembridge

Cleobury Clifford

Cleobury Wigmore Castle

Cleobury Mortimer Wigmore Tourist

Clettwr Middle Wye

Clettwr Clifford

Clettwr Chronology

Cleyes Clifford

Clifford Radnor

Clifford Burford

Clifford Berkhamsted

Clifford Abbey Cwmhir

Clifford Hay on Wye

Clifford Chronology

Clifford Clifford

Clifford Hereford Beacon

Clifford Grosmont

Clifford Kington

Clifford Painscastle

Clifford St Briavels

Clifford Ten Castle

Clifford Wilton

Clifton on Teme Burford

Clifton on Teme Richards Castle

Clirow Abbey Cwmhir

Clitguin Longtown

Clodock Longtown

Clodock Ewias Lacy

Clones Longtown

Clumpton Clun

Clun Hopton

Clun Brampton

Clun Burford

Clun Clifford

Clun Hay on Wye

Clun Chronology

Clun Grosmont

Clun Longtown

Clun Montgomery

Clun Kington

Clun Moreton Corbet

Clun Painscastle

Clun Richards Castle

Clun Ten Castle

Clun Radnor

Clun Wigmore Castle

Clun Wigmore Tourist

Clunbury Clun

Clungunford Clun

Clungunford Hopton

Clunton Clun

Clyro Hay on Wye

Clyro Hereford Beacon

Clyro Abbey Cwmhir

Clyro Kington

Clyro Painscastle

Clywedog Abbey Cwmhir

Cnwch Abbey Cwmhir

Cobhall Longtown

Coddington Hereford Beacon

Codnor Wilton

Coed y Mynach Abbey Cwmhir

Coedrenis Abbey Cwmhir

Coichlang Pembridge

Coity Chronology

Coity Ogmore

Coity Wilton

Cokrinton Ewias Lacy

Coldean Radnor

Coldwell Ewias Lacy

Colemere Longtown

Coleshill Longtown

Coleshill Richards Castle

Collington Longtown

Collington Richards Castle

Colliston Grosmont

Colliston White

Colliston Skenfrith

Collu' Went Abbey Cwmhir

Coln Kington

Colonel Birch Richards Castle

Colonel Birch Pembridge

Colonel Broughton Moreton Corbet

Colonel Broughton Wilton

Colonel Kyrle Pembridge

Colonel Massey Pembridge

Colonel Massey Wilton

Colonel Massey Brampton

Colonel Roger Fenwick Moreton Corbet

Colts Hill Oystermouth

Colwall Hereford Beacon

Colwinestone Ogmore

Colwyn Clifford

Colwyn Hay on Wye

Colwyn Middle Wye

Colwyn Chronology

Colwyn Kington

Colwyn Painscastle

Colwyn Radnor

Colwyn Richards Castle

Colwyn Ten Castle

Comb Ewias Lacy

Combe Burford

Combe Kington

Combe White

Combe Baskerville Painscastle

Commote Deuddwr Chronology

Commote Deuddwr Abbey Cwmhir

Compostella Wigmore Castle

Conches Painscastle

Conches Clifford

Condbedo Palla Abbey Cwmhir

Condertree Moreton Corbet

Condover Montgomery

Condover Moreton Corbet

Cone I Gwarrell Abbey Cwmhir

Conisborough Richards Castle

Connaught Longtown

Conningswick Wigmore Castle

Constance Beaumont Painscastle

Constance Tosny Painscastle

Constantine de la Mere Montgomery

Constantinople Wilton

Conway Moreton Corbet

Conway Skenfrith

Coombe Richards Castle

Coreley Wigmore Castle

Corendon Montgomery

Corfe Richards Castle

Corfe Berkhamsted

Corfe Radnor

Corfe Clifford

Corfham Montgomery

Corfham Richards Castle

Corfham Chronology

Corfham Clifford

Corfham Hopton

Cormeilles Wilton

Cornet Collins Moreton Corbet

Cornwall Hereford Beacon

Cornwood Richards Castle

Corras Grosmont

Corvedale Hopton

Corwen Chronology

Corwen Longtown

Corwen Skenfrith

Corwen White

Corwen Grosmont

Corwen Wilton

Corwen Wigmore Castle

Cosford Wigmore Castle

Costessey Richards Castle

Coston Hopton

Coston Clun

Cotentin Painscastle

Cotentin Buckenham

Cotes Ewias Lacy

Cotesbach Ewias Lacy

Cotheridge Burford

Cotheridge Richards Castle

Cotton Hopton

Count Alan of Brittany Radnor

Count Baldwin IX of Flanders Wilton

Count Baldwin of Hainault Painscastle

Count Conan of Brittany White

Count Drogo of the Vexin Hereford Beacon

Count Drogo of Vexin Richards Castle

Count Elias of Maine Radnor

Count Eudo of Champagne Wigmore Castle

Count Eustace of Boulogne Hereford Beacon

Count Fulk of Anjou Buckenham

Count Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou Painscastle

Count Henry of Anjou Wilton

Count Henry of Eu Wigmore Castle

Count John of Eu Buckenham

Count John of Mortain Grosmont

Count of Perche Buckenham

Count Ralph of Montdidier and Amiens Wigmore Castle

Count Reginald of Boulogne Buckenham

Count Richard of Poitou Wilton

Count Robert of Eu Radnor

Count Robert of Eu Wigmore Castle

Count Robert of Eu Painscastle

Count Robert of Meulan Radnor

Count Robert of Meulan Wigmore Castle

Count Robert of Mortain Painscastle

Count Robert of Mortain Berkhamsted

Count Robert of Normandy Radnor

Count Stephen of Aumale Wigmore Tourist

Count Stephen of Mortain Kington

Count Waleran Beaumont of Meulan Painscastle

Count William of Boulogne Berkhamsted

Count William of Eu Kington

Count William of Eu Kington

Count William of Evreux Painscastle

Count William of Mortain Buckenham

Count William of Mortain Painscastle

Count William Talvas of Ponthieu Painscastle

Countess Adelais of Shrewsbury Richards Castle

Countess Anne of Stafford Kington

Countess Cecily of Hereford Hereford Beacon

Countess Eleanor of Poitiers Wilton

County Down Longtown

Coupland Wigmore Castle

Courcelles Wilton

Courcelles Painscastle

Courseulles Radnor

Court Farm Ewias Lacy

Court Gwynne Evan Painscastle

Court of Hill Burford

Coutances Wigmore Castle

Covenhope Wigmore Castle

Covenhope Brampton

Coxall Brampton

Cradley Hereford Beacon

Crakemerch Ewias Lacy

Craswall Brampton

Craswall Longtown

Credenhill Hereford Beacon

Cregina Painscastle

Creuddyn Chronology

Crévecoeur-en-Auge Kington

Creygthon Ewias Lacy

Criccieth Chronology

Criccieth Montgomery

Crick Brampton

Crickadarn Middle Wye

Crickhowell Hay on Wye

Crickhowell Brampton

Crickhowell Chronology

Crickhowell Ewias Lacy

Crickhowell Wilton

Crickhowell Burford

Crickhowell Montgomery

Crickhowell Pembridge

Crickhowell Oystermouth

Crickhowell Painscastle

Crickhowell Hopton

Cridia/City Montgomery

Croft Ambrey Hereford Beacon

Crofton Wilton

Crowland Wilton

Crowle Longtown

Crowle Burford

Crowle Richards Castle

Crudas Abbey Cwmhir

Crudynton Burford

Crug Abbey Cwmhir

Crug Eryr Ten Castle

Crug Eryr Chronology

Crug Eryr Hay on Wye

Crug Mawr Painscastle

Cruhas Abbey Cwmhir

Crunkemere Ten Castle

Crustin Abbey Cwmhir

Culmington Richards Castle

Cumykynned Abbey Cwmhir

Cupid's Hill Grosmont

Cuple Longtown

Curdeslege Ten Castle

Curridge Wigmore Castle

Cusop Hay on Wye

Cusop Longtown

Cusop Ewias Lacy

Cusop Hereford Beacon

Cutsthorn Longtown

Cwm Nant-du Abbey Cwmhir

Cwmhir Montgomery

Cwmma Kington

Cwmwd Deuddwr Abbey Cwmhir

Cwmyoy Longtown

Cwrt Llechrhyd Abbey Cwmhir

Cyfeiliog Chronology

Cyfeiliog Montgomery

Cymaron Clifford

Cymaron Chronology

Cymaron Painscastle

Cymaron Abbey Cwmhir

Cymaron Radnor

Cymaron Wigmore Tourist

Cymaron Wigmore Castle

Cymaron Brampton

Cymer Dinas Emrys

Cymydmaen Chronology

Cynan ap Hywel Chronology

Cynan ap Maredudd Chronology

Cynan ap Maredudd Ogmore

Cynfael Chronology

Cynfraeth Skenfrith

Cynllaith Chronology

Cynllibiwg Grosmont

Cynllibiwg Hay on Wye

Cynllibiwg Skenfrith

Cynllibiwg White

Cynllibiwg Chronology

Cynllibiwg Longtown

Cynllibiwg Middle Wye

Cynon Ten Castle

Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon Dinas Emrys

Cyrchynan Dinas Emrys

d'Auviler Wigmore Castle

Dafydd ab Einion Chronology

Dafydd ab Iorwerth White

Dafydd ab Owain Chronology

Dafydd ap Dafydd Montgomery

Dafydd ap Gruffydd Ogmore

Dafydd ap Gruffydd Wigmore Tourist

Dafydd ap Gruffydd Montgomery

Dafydd ap Gruffydd Chronology

Dafydd ap Gruffydd St Briavels

Dafydd ap Gruffydd ab Owain Chronology

Dafydd ap Hywel Chronology

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Chronology

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Hay on Wye

Dafydd ap Llywelyn White

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Abbey Cwmhir

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Skenfrith

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Wigmore Tourist

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Abbey Cwmhir

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Radnor

Dafydd ap Llywelyn Grosmont

Dalwood Kington

Damietta Buckenham

Dandelani ap Luharch Moreton Corbet

Darrow Wood Buckenham

Dartmoor Painscastle

Dartmouth Wilton

Daugleddau Chronology

Dauphin Louis of France Grosmont

Dauphin Louis of France Richards Castle

Dauphin Louis of France Skenfrith

Daventry Burford

David ab Iorwerth Grosmont

David ab Iorwerth Skenfrith

David Burghill Longtown

David Shelve Montgomery

Degannwy Hay on Wye

Degannwy Ewias Lacy

Degannwy Dinas Emrys

Degannwy Clun

Degannwy Middle Wye

Degannwy Montgomery

Degannwy Kington

Degannwy White

Degannwy Ten Castle

Degannwy Skenfrith

Degannwy Wilton

Degannwy Wigmore Tourist

Degannwy Grosmont

Degannwy Chronology

Deheubarth White

Deheubarth Abbey Cwmhir

Deheubarth Middle Wye

Deheubarth Skenfrith

Deheubarth Grosmont

Deheubarth Hereford Beacon

Deheubarth Longtown

Deheubarth Pembridge

Deheubarth Oystermouth

Deheubarth Hay on Wye

Deheubarth Ogmore

Deheubarth Radnor

Deheubarth Chronology

Deheubarth Painscastle

Deheubarth Wilton

Deheubarth Brampton

Delyneyn Abbey Cwmhir

Denbigh Chronology

Denford Kington

Denstone Ewias Lacy

Denton Buckenham

Déol Wigmore Castle

Derby White

Dersyngton Ewias Lacy

Detton Clun

Deuddwr Chronology

Deudraeth Dinas Emrys

Deudraeth Chronology

Devizes Skenfrith

Devizes Grosmont

Devizes White

Devizes Clun

Dewdy WeddoweAbbey Cwmhir

Dewsall Painscastle

Dewsall Clifford

Didcot Buckenham

Dilwyn Burford

Dilwyn Hereford Beacon

Dilwyn Ewias Lacy

Dilwyn Kington

Dilwyn Chronology

Dilwyn Richards Castle

Dinas Bran Chronology

Dinas Bran Pembridge

Dinas Emrys Hereford Beacon

Dinas Powys St Briavels

Dinas Powys Ten Castle

Dinas Powys Ogmore

Dinedor Painscastle

Dinedor Clifford

Dinefwr Chronology

Dinefwr Brampton

Dinefwr Buckenham

Dinefwr Oystermouth

Dinefwr Burford

Dinefwr Longtown

Dinefwr Ogmore

Dineirth Chronology

Dingestow Wilton

Dingestow Skenfrith

Dingestow Chronology

Dingestow Kington

Dingestow Radnor

Dingestow Grosmont

Dingestow White

Dinieithon Wigmore Castle

Dinieithon Chronology

Dinweilir White

Discoed Burford

Discoed Richards Castle

Disserth Painscastle

Ditch[mill] Ten Castle

Dodderhall Clifford

Dodderhill Burford

Dol Heluein Abbey Cwmhir

Dol-y-graven Abbey Cwmhir

Dolbenmaen Chronology

Dole Bychian Abbey Cwmhir

Dolelnem Abbey Cwmhir

Dolforgan Abbey Cwmhir

Dolforwyn Montgomery

Dolforwyn Wigmore Tourist

Dolforwyn Chronology

Dolsherden Abbey Cwmhir

Dolvolblich Abbey Cwmhir

Dolyaneru Abbey Cwmhir

Dolyfelin Abbey Cwmhir

Dolygarn Abbey Cwmhir

Dolyshygen Abbey Cwmhir

Domfront Radnor

Domfront Ogmore

Domfront Oystermouth

Dore Longtown

Dorking Longtown

Dorking Richards Castle

Dorking Wilton

Dorset Grosmont

Dorset Ogmore

Dorstone Clifford

Dorstone Painscastle

Dover Ewias Lacy

Dover Richards Castle

Dover Buckenham

Dover Brampton

Dover Hereford Beacon

Dover Grosmont

Dover Clifford

Dover Skenfrith

Dover White

Dover Wilton

Dover Wigmore Tourist

Down Clun

Downton Wigmore Castle

Downton Ten Castle

Downton on the Rock Brampton

Dr Barclett Pembridge

Draycote Ewias Lacy

Drayton Burford

Drayton Moreton Corbet

Drayton Montgomery

Drayton Richards Castle

Drogheda Longtown

Drogo Clifford

Drogo Ballon White

Drogo Ballon Grosmont

Drogo Coimis Clun

Drogo Fitz Pons Burford

Drogo Fitz Pons Painscastle

Drogo Fitz Pons Richards Castle

Drogo Moci Kington

Droitwich Wilton

Droitwich Hereford Beacon

Droitwich Longtown

Droitwich Painscastle

Droitwich Clifford

Droitwich Richards Castle

Dru Barentyn Montgomery

Dryslwyn White

Dryslwyn Chronology

Dryslwyn Skenfrith

Dryslwyn Grosmont

Dryslwyn Brampton

Dubeleys Middle Wye

Dublin Ewias Lacy

Dublin Longtown

Dublin Wilton

Duchess Cecily of York Berkhamsted

Dudinton Montgomery

Dudley Hereford Beacon

Dudley Longtown

Duke Alan Fergant of Brittany Grosmont

Duke Edward of Buckingham Hay on Wye

Duke Henry of Anjou Wilton

Duke Henry of Anjou Buckenham

Duke Henry of Normandy Painscastle

Duke John Holland of Exeter Pembridge

Duke Richard of York Wigmore Castle

Duke Richard of York Wigmore Tourist

Duke Richard the Good Clifford

Duke Robert Curthose Buckenham

Duke Robert of Normandy Wigmore Castle

Duke Robert of Normandy Wigmore Tourist

Duke Robert of Normandy Longtown

Duke Robert of Normandy Painscastle

Duke Robert of Normandy Hereford Beacon

Duke William Painscastle

Duke William of Normandy Wigmore Castle

Dulas Ewias Lacy

Dulas Longtown

Dulas Abbey Cwmhir

Dulas Grosmont

Dumbleton Burford

Dumbleton Richards Castle

Dunamase Ewias Lacy

Dunchurch Richards Castle

Dunchurch Burford

Dunham Painscastle

Dunstable Berkhamsted

Dunster Grosmont

Dunster Skenfrith

Duntisbourne Hotat Longtown

Dunvilla Buckenham

Durham Montgomery

Durrow Longtown

Duthlas Abbey Cwmhir

Dutlas Burford

Dvanner Abbey Cwmhir

Dyfed Ogmore

Dyfed Chronology

Dyfed Hereford Beacon

Dyfed Hay on Wye

Dyfed Montgomery

Dyfed Oystermouth

Dyfed Grosmont

Dyfed Painscastle

Dyfed White

Dyfed Skenfrith

Dyfed Radnor

Dyfed Wigmore Castle

Dyffryn Clwyd Chronology

Dyffryn Clwyd Wilton

Dyffryn Tefeidiad Chronology

Dyffryn Tefeidiad Clun

Dymock Skenfrith

Dymock Clifford

Dymock Hereford Beacon

Dymock Radnor

Dymock Montgomery

Dymtie Abbey Cwmhir

Dyothugin Montgomery

Dyserth Chronology

Dyserth Grosmont

Dyserth Ewias Lacy

Dyserth Clun

Dyserth Kington

Dyserth Middle Wye

Dyserth Montgomery

Dyserth White

Dyserth Skenfrith

Dyserth Wilton

Dyserth Wigmore Castle

Eadgar the Etheling Berkhamsted

Eardisland Radnor

Eardisland Ten Castle

Eardisland Wilton

Eardisland Hay on Wye

Eardisley Wigmore Tourist

Eardisley Berkhamsted

Eardisley Burford

Eardisley Ewias Lacy

Eardisley Longtown

Eardisley Montgomery

Eardisley Kington

Eardisley Painscastle

Eardisley Radnor

Eardisley Clun

Eardisley Woods Eaves Ten Castle

Earl Algar of Mercia Hereford Beacon

Earl Arnulf Painscastle

Earl Arnulf Wigmore Castle

Earl Baldwin Redvers Wigmore Castle

Earl Edmund of Stafford Kington

Earl Edwin Berkhamsted

Earl Geoffrey Fitz Peter of Essex Wilton

Earl Gilbert Clare Kington

Earl Gilbert Clare Moreton Corbet

Earl Gilbert Clare Hereford Beacon

Earl Gilbert Clare Wigmore Tourist

Earl Gilbert Clare Wilton

Earl Gilbert Marshall Kington

Earl Gilbert Marshall of Pembroke Radnor

Earl Gilbert Marshall of Pembroke Wilton

Earl Gilbert of Gloucester Ogmore

Earl Godwine Richards Castle

Earl Godwine of Kent Hereford Beacon

Earl Guy Beauchamp of Warwick Burford

Earl Harold Longtown

Earl Harold Godwine Radnor

Earl Harold of Hereford Wilton

Earl Henry Beaumont of Warwick Ogmore

Earl Henry Beaumont of Warwick Oystermouth

Earl Henry Lacy of Lincoln Montgomery

Earl Henry Lacy of Lincoln Clifford

Earl Henry of Cornwall Buckenham

Earl Henry of Lincoln Pembridge

Earl Hrani of Hereford Hereford Beacon

Earl Hubert Burgh Kington

Earl Hubert Burgh of Kent Montgomery

Earl Hubert Burgh of Kent Buckenham

Earl Hugh Bigod Ewias Lacy

Earl Hugh Bigod of Norfolk Grosmont

Earl Hugh Bigod of Norfolk Longtown

Earl Hugh of Chester Radnor

Earl Hugh of Chester Grosmont

Earl Hugh of Chester Dinas Emrys

Earl Hugh of Chester Wilton

Earl Hugh of Shrewsbury Longtown

Earl Hugh of Shrewsbury Wigmore Castle

Earl Hugh of Warwick Clifford

Earl Humphrey Bohun Montgomery

Earl Humphrey Bohun Grosmont

Earl Humphrey Bohun Kington

Earl Humphrey Bohun Ewias Lacy

Earl Humphrey Bohun Painscastle

Earl Humphrey Bohun Skenfrith

Earl John of Athole Burford

Earl John Plessis of Warwick Wilton

Earl John Warenne Brampton

Earl Marshall Clifford

Earl Miles Wilton

Earl Miles of Hereford White

Earl Miles of Hereford Oystermouth

Earl Miles of Hereford Ogmore

Earl Miles of Hereford Longtown

Earl Miles of Hereford Grosmont

Earl Miles of Hereford Kington

Earl Morcar Berkhamsted

Earl Odo of Kent Berkhamsted

Earl Ralph Longtown

Earl Ralph Gael Hereford Beacon

Earl Ralph of Chester Buckenham

Earl Ralph of Hereford Richards Castle

Earl Ralph of Mantes Grosmont

Earl Ralph of Mantes Hereford Beacon

Earl Ralph the Timid of Mantes Kington

Earl Ranulf aux Gernons Wigmore Castle

Earl Ranulf of Chester Kington

Earl Ranulf of Chester Painscastle

Earl Ranulf of Chester Moreton Corbet

Earl Ranulf of Chester Clun

Earl Ranulf of Chester Montgomery

Earl Ranulf of Chester Buckenham

Earl Ranulf of Chester Chronology

Earl Ranulf of Chester Longtown

Earl Ranulf of Chester Wigmore Castle

Earl Ranulf of Chester Burford

Earl Reginald Dunstanville of Cornwall Berkhamsted

Earl Reginald of Cornwall Hay on Wye

Earl Reginald of Cornwall Wilton

Earl Richard Clare Longtown

Earl Richard Clare Ewias Lacy

Earl Richard Clare Wilton

Earl Richard Clare of Gloucester Montgomery

Earl Richard Fitz Alan of Arundel Montgomery

Earl Richard Fitz Alan Moreton Corbet

Earl Richard Marshall Grosmont

Earl Richard Marshall Longtown

Earl Richard Marshall Skenfrith

Earl Richard of Chester Painscastle

Earl Richard of Chester Berkhamsted

Earl Richard of Chester Wigmore Castle

Earl Richard of Cornwall Clun

Earl Richard of Cornwall Kington

Earl Richard of Cornwall Ewias Lacy

Earl Richard of Cornwall Montgomery

Earl Richard of Cornwall Painscastle

Earl Richard of Cornwall Longtown

Earl Richard of Cornwall Radnor

Earl Richard of Cornwall Berkhamsted

Earl Richard of Gloucester Ewias Lacy

Earl Robert Beaumont Richards Castle

Earl Robert Belleme Moreton Corbet

Earl Robert Ferrers Wigmore Castle

Earl Robert Ferrers Hay on Wye

Earl Robert of Belleme of Shrewsbury Berkhamsted

Earl Robert of Belleme Painscastle

Earl Robert of Gloucester Kington

Earl Robert of Gloucester Buckenham

Earl Robert of Gloucester Grosmont

Earl Robert of Gloucester Longtown

Earl Robert of Gloucester White

Earl Robert of Gloucester Ogmore

Earl Robert of Gloucester Oystermouth

Earl Robert of Gloucester Skenfrith

Earl Robert of Gloucester Wigmore Castle

Earl Robert of Leicester Hereford Beacon

Earl Robert of Leicester Painscastle

Earl Robert of Leicester Wigmore Castle

Earl Robert of Leicester Richards Castle

Earl Robert of Leicester Radnor

Earl Robert of Shrewsbury Oystermouth

Earl Robert of Shrewsbury Wigmore Castle

Earl Roger Breteuil of Hereford Grosmont

Earl Roger Clare Skenfrith

Earl Roger Clare Grosmont

Earl Roger Clare Buckenham

Earl Roger Fitz William of Hereford Oystermouth

Earl Roger Fitz William of Hereford Wigmore Tourist

Earl Roger Marshall Brampton

Earl Roger Montgomery Radnor

Earl Roger of Breteuil Hereford Beacon

Earl Roger of Hereford Longtown

Earl Roger of Hereford Kington

Earl Roger of Hereford White

Earl Roger of Hereford Painscastle

Earl Roger of Hereford Oystermouth

Earl Roger of Hereford Clifford

Earl Roger of Hereford Skenfrith

Earl Roger of Hereford Radnor

Earl Roger of Hereford Hay on Wye

Earl Roger of Hereford Pembridge

Earl Roger of Hereford Clifford

Earl Roger of Hereford Ewias Lacy

Earl Roger of Hereford Hereford Beacon

Earl Roger of Hereford Clun

Earl Roger of Hereford Middle Wye

Earl Roger of Hereford Grosmont

Earl Roger of Hereford Wigmore Castle

Earl Roger of Hereford Richards Castle

Earl Roger of Hereford Wilton

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Clun

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Hay on Wye

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Richards Castle

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Moreton Corbet

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Moreton Corbet

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Longtown

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Brampton

Earl Roger of Shrewsbury Wigmore Castle

Earl Roger of Warwick Buckenham

Earl Roger of Warwick Oystermouth

Earl Saer of Winchester Longtown

Earl Saer of Winchester Buckenham

Earl Saer Quincy of Winchester Hay on Wye

Earl Simon Montfort Moreton Corbet

Earl Simon Montfort Brampton

Earl Simon Montfort Painscastle

Earl Simon Montfort Wigmore Tourist

Earl Simon Montfort of Leicester Skenfrith

Earl Simon Montfort of Leicester Montgomery

Earl Simon Montfort of Leicester Radnor

Earl Simon Montfort of Leicester Grosmont

Earl Simon of Northampton Hereford Beacon

Earl Siward Longtown

Earl Swein Richards Castle

Earl Swein Longtown

Earl Swein Hereford Beacon

Earl Thomas Beauchamp of Warwick Painscastle

Earl Thomas Percy of Worcester Painscastle

Earl Waleran of Meulan Wigmore Castle

Earl Waleran of Meulan Buckenham

Earl Waltheof Hereford Beacon

Earl Warenne Burford

Earl William Albemarle Buckenham

Earl William Beauchamp Moreton Corbet

Earl William Beauchamp of Warwick Montgomery

Earl William Beauchamp of Warwick Burford

Earl William Beauchamp of Warwick Wilton

Earl William Bourchier of Eure Kington

Earl William Ferrers Clifford

Earl William Ferrers Clifford

Earl William Ferrers Grosmont

Earl William Ferrers Buckenham

Earl William Ferrers Skenfrith

Earl William Ferrers of Derby Longtown

Earl William Longspey Clifford

Earl William Longspey of Salisbury Richards Castle

Earl William Manderville of Essex Berkhamsted

Earl William Marshall Painscastle

Earl William Marshall Oystermouth

Earl William Marshall Grosmont

Earl William Marshall Ogmore

Earl William Marshall Kington

Earl William Marshall Moreton Corbet

Earl William Marshall Montgomery

Earl William Marshall Buckenham

Earl William Marshall Skenfrith

Earl William of Albermarle Longtown

Earl William of Aumale Wilton

Earl William of Chichester Buckenham

Earl William of Gloucester Longtown

Earl William of Gloucester Wilton

Earl William of Pembroke Buckenham

Earl William of Salisbury Buckenham

Earl William of Salisbury Grosmont

Earl William of Salisbury Kington

Earl William of Salisbury Skenfrith

Earl William of Warwick Oystermouth

Earl William Warenne Buckenham

Earl William Warenne Skenfrith

Earl William Warenne Hereford Beacon

Earl William Warenne Grosmont

Earl William Warenne Wigmore Castle

Earls Ditton Wigmore Castle

East Hemingford Wilton

East Walton Painscastle

East Winch Painscastle

Eastham Painscastle

Eastleach Painscastle

Eastleach Martin Clifford

Eastleach Turville Longtown

Eastnor Hereford Beacon

Easton Richards Castle

Easton Rey Wilton

Eastwood Richards Castle

Eaton Painscastle

Eaton Wilton

Eaton Constantine Montgomery

Eaton Hastings Clifford

Eaton Mascott Moreton Corbet

Eaton Piercey Clifford

Ebrard Downton Wigmore Castle

Eccleswall Wilton

Edburton Radnor

Edeirnion Chronology

Edelisi Radnor

Edenenton Clun

Edenhope Clun

Edgebold Wigmore Castle

Edgebolton Moreton Corbet

Edgeworth Longtown

Edgton Clun

Edlygion Chronology

Edmund Deincourt Montgomery

Edmund Fitz Alan Clun

Edmund Grey Wilton

Edmund Hodnet Moreton Corbet

Edmund Mortimer Ewias Lacy

Edmund Mortimer Montgomery

Edmund Mortimer Chronology

Edmund Mortimer Burford

Edmund Mortimer Brampton

Edmund Mortimer Hopton

Edmund Mortimer Ten Castle

Edmund Mortimer Moreton Corbet

Edmund Mortimer Radnor

Edmund Mortimer Pembridge

Edmund Mortimer Painscastle

Edmund Mortimer Wigmore Castle

Edmund Mortimer Wigmore Tourist

Edmund Newbury Moreton Corbet

Edmund Plantagenet White

Edmund Sueth Montgomery

Ednol Ten Castle

Ednol Abbey Cwmhir

Ednyfed Fychan Longtown

Ednyfed Fychan Chronology

Edric Silvaticus Wigmore Castle

Edric Silvaticus Clun

Edric Silvaticus Brampton

Edric Silvaticus Chronology

Edric Silvaticus Hereford Beacon

Edric Silvaticus Moreton Corbet

Edric Silvaticus Hopton

Edric Silvaticus Richards Castle

Edvin Loach Richards Castle

Edw Middle Wye

Edward Carey Berkhamsted

Edward Harley Brampton

Edward I Berkhamsted

Edward I Moreton Corbet

Edward I Dinas Emrys

Edward I White

Edward I Hopton

Edward I St Briavels

Edward I Montgomery

Edward I Burford

Edward I Wilton

Edward I Ewias Lacy

Edward I Hereford Beacon

Edward II Wigmore Tourist

Edward II Skenfrith

Edward II Wilton

Edward II St Briavels

Edward II White

Edward III Wigmore Tourist

Edward III White

Edward III Wilton

Edward III Berkhamsted

Edward III Wigmore Castle

Edward III Skenfrith

Edward IV Buckenham

Edward IV Berkhamsted

Edward IV Wigmore Castle

Edward IV Wilton

Edward IV Wigmore Tourist

Edward Stanley Wilton

Edward the Black Prince Berkhamsted

Edward the Confessor Longtown

Edward the Confessor Painscastle

Edward the Confessor Wigmore Castle

Edward the Confessor Richards Castle

Edward the Confessor Radnor

Edward the Confessor Hereford Beacon

Edward the Confessor Moreton Corbet

Edward the Confessor Grosmont

Edward the Confessor Burford

Edward the Confessor Wilton

Edward V Wigmore Castle

Edward VI Berkhamsted

Edward Yelverton Buckenham

Edwardestune Longtown

Edwin Loach Burford

Efelfre Chronology

Eggele Wilton

Egliskeynor Ogmore

Eifionydd Chronology

Eign Ewias Lacy

Einardi mansionali Wigmore Castle

Einion ab Einion Clud Hay on Wye

Einion ab Einion Clud Clifford

Einion ab Iorwerth Moreton Corbet

Einion ap Caradog Brampton

Einion ap Gruffydd Moreton Corbet

Einion ap Gruffydd Painscastle

Einion ap Gruffydd Chronology

Einion ap Hywel Oystermouth

Einion ap Llywelyn Painscastle

Einion ap Madog Abbey Cwmhir

Einion ap Madog Painscastle

Einion ap Madog Chronology

Einion ap Rhys Abbey Cwmhir

Einion Clud Chronology

Einion Clud Hay on Wye

Einion Clud Middle Wye

Einion Clud Kington

Einion Clud Clifford

Einion Clud Grosmont

Einion Clud Abbey Cwmhir

Einion Clud White

Einion Clud Skenfrith

Einion Clud Radnor

Einion Clud Wigmore Castle

Einion Clud Painscastle

Einion de Porta Radnor

Einion del Gret Montgomery

Einion duu ap 'Kengein' Abbey Cwmhir

Einion Mayden Montgomery

Einion o'r Porth Abbey Cwmhir

Einion o'r Porth Radnor

Einion Sacrdot Moreton Corbet

Eithon Abbey Cwmhir

El-Khuweilfe Painscastle

Eleanor Braose Hay on Wye

Eleanor Braose Kington

Eleanor Montfort Chronology

Eleanor of Castile Wigmore Tourist

Elena the daughter of Edric Grosmont

Elenydd Radnor

Elenydd Chronology

Elenydd Hay on Wye

Elenydd Wilton

Elenydd Wigmore Castle

Elevedune Richards Castle

Elfael Hay on Wye

Elfael Abbey Cwmhir

Elfael Burford

Elfael Clifford

Elfael White

Elfael Ogmore

Elfael Chronology

Elfael Grosmont

Elfael Kington

Elfael Longtown

Elfael Middle Wye

Elfael Oystermouth

Elfael Painscastle

Elfael Richards Castle

Elfael Ten Castle

Elfael Skenfrith

Elfael Wigmore Castle

Elfael Radnor

Elfael Is Mynydd Pembridge

Elfael Uwch Mynydd Brampton

Elfael Uwch Mynydd Burford

Elfed Chronology

Elfric Richards Castle

Elias Amundeville Wilton

Elias Fitz Cadwgan Moreton Corbet

Elias Giffard Hereford Beacon

Elias Stanton Ewias Lacy

Elise ab Iorwerth Chronology

Elise ab Iorwerth ab Owain Chronology

Elise ap Madog Chronology

Elizabeth Burgh Oystermouth

Elizabeth Burgh Ewias Lacy

Elizabeth Corbet Moreton Corbet

Elizabeth Gamages Pembridge

Elizabeth Hopton Moreton Corbet

Elizabeth of York Wigmore Castle

Elizabeth Ogard Buckenham

Elizabeth Pembridge Chronology

Elizabeth Pembridge Hopton

Elizabeth Pembridge Painscastle

Ellesmere Montgomery

Ellesmere Abbey Cwmhir

Ellesmere Chronology

Elmbridge Richards Castle

Elmbridge Burford

Elmley Clifford

Elmley Kington

Elmley Longtown

Elmley Montgomery

Elmley Lovett Painscastle

Eltisley Wilton

Elton Brampton

Elton Wigmore Castle

Eluredo Cleobury Brampton

Ely Hereford Beacon

Ely Wilton

Elyas Clerk Ewias Lacy

Elystan Glodrydd Longtown

Elystan Glodrydd Clun

Elystan Glodrydd Oystermouth

Elystan Glodrydd Ogmore

Elystan Glodrydd Hay on Wye

Emery Bezil Painscastle

Emery St Amando Montgomery

Emlyn Chronology

Emlyn Middle Wye

Emma Audley Chronology

Emma Cauz Wilton

Emma Corbet Brampton

Emma Edgebolton Moreton Corbet

Emma Fitz Roger Moreton Corbet

Emma Glanville Wilton

Emma Grosmont Grosmont

Emma St Ledger Wilton

Emperor Frederick II Burford

Emperor Otto IV of Germany Richards Castle

Empress Matilda Buckenham

Empress Matilda St Briavels

Empress Matilda Grosmont

Empress Matilda Clun

Empress Matilda Hereford Beacon

Empress Matilda Longtown

Empress Matilda Kington

Empress Matilda Painscastle

Empress Matilda Radnor

Empress Matilda Richards Castle

Empress Matilda White

Empress Matilda Wigmore Castle

Empress Matilda Ten Castle

Empress Matilda Skenfrith

Empress Matilda Wigmore Tourist

Empress Matilda Wilton

Empton Kington

Enborne Longtown

Engelard Cigogné Chronology

Engelard Cigogné Grosmont

Engelard Cigogné Skenfrith

Engelard Cigogné Clifford

Engelard Cigogné Longtown

Engelard Cigogné Pembridge

Engelard Stretton Richards Castle

Englefield Wilton

Enight Abbey Cwmhir

Eppynt Middle Wye

Erdberg Painscastle

Ergyng Hay on Wye

Ergyng Chronology

Ergyng Hereford Beacon

Ergyng Oystermouth

Erkenbaldus Radnor

Erleswynee in Rhiston Montgomery

Ernaldus Powis Painscastle

Ernaldus Powis Clifford

Ernestre Clifford

Ernulf Hoventon Ten Castle

Ernulfus de Kamaron Abbey Cwmhir

Erunlph Fitz William Gernon Burford

Erwellen Abbey Cwmhir

Erwood Middle Wye

Esdike Moreton Corbet

Esegarston Ogmore

Eskyberow Abbey Cwmhir

Espley Hopton

Essele Montgomery

Estar AbrinmawreAbbey Cwmhir

Esterberdwyld Abbey Cwmhir

Esthop Clun

Estleche Ewias Lacy

Eston Clun

Estwich Painscastle

Eton Ewias Lacy

Eton Clun

Ettelowe Ogmore

Eu Painscastle

Eudo La Zouche Chronology

Eudon Moreton Corbet

Eudon George Wigmore Castle

Eure Painscastle

Eure Wilton

Eure Clifford

Eustace of Breteuil Wigmore Castle

Eustace of Breteuil Painscastle

Eustace the monk Grosmont

Eustacia Say Richards Castle

Eva Braose Hay on Wye

Eva Braose Grosmont

Eva Braose Chronology

Eva Braose Skenfrith

Eva Braose White

Eva Longford Moreton Corbet

Eva Tracy Ogmore

Evancoyd Ten Castle

Evelith Moreton Corbet

Evenjobb Ten Castle

Everado Yetton Brampton

Evesbatch Ewias Lacy

Evesbatch Longtown

Evesham Brampton

Evesham Burford

Evesham Buckenham

Evesham St Briavels

Evesham Berkhamsted

Evesham Ewias Lacy

Evesham Hay on Wye

Evesham Kington

Evesham Longtown

Evesham Pembridge

Evesham Moreton Corbet

Evesham Painscastle

Evesham White

Evesham Richards Castle

Evesham Skenfrith

Evesham Wigmore Tourist

Evesham abbey Richards Castle

Ewaglond Dey Abbey Cwmhir

Ewenny Ogmore

Ewenny Oystermouth

Ewias Grosmont

Ewias Oystermouth

Ewias Chronology

Ewias Hay on Wye

Ewias Hopton

Ewias Harold Burford

Ewias Harold Hereford Beacon

Ewias Harold Chronology

Ewias Harold Clifford

Ewias Harold Grosmont

Ewias Harold White

Ewias Harold Ewias Lacy

Ewias Harold Richards Castle

Ewias Harold Longtown

Ewias Harold Painscastle

Ewias Harold Pembridge

Ewias Harold Ten Castle

Ewias Lacy Painscastle

Ewias Lacy Radnor

Ewias Lacy Ewias Lacy

Ewias Lacy Chronology

Ewias Lacy Kington

Ewias Lacy Longtown

Ewloe Chronology

Ewloe Wilton

Exedon Clun

Exeter Richards Castle

Exeter Berkhamsted

Exeter Radnor

Exeter Buckenham

Eye Berkhamsted

Eyeworth Wilton

Eyliston under Purlogue Clun

Eyton White

Eyton Skenfrith

Eyton Grosmont

Eyton near Alberbury Montgomery

Fair Rosamund Richards Castle

Fair Rosamund Clifford

Fair Rosamund Painscastle

Falaise Skenfrith

Falaise Grosmont

Falaise Longtown

Falkirk Painscastle

Faringdon Pembridge

Farley Ewias Lacy

Farley Wallop Burford

Farleye Burford

Farnborough Burford

Farnborough Richards Castle

Farnham Richards Castle

Farnham Hereford Beacon

Farnham Ewias Lacy

Faulkes Breauté Grosmont

Faulkes Breauté Longtown

Faulkes Breauté Buckenham

Faulkes Breauté Chronology

Faulkes Breauté Montgomery

Faulkes Breauté Oystermouth

Faulkes Breauté Ogmore

Faulkes Breauté Skenfrith

Fecamp Kington

Fecham Montgomery

Fechamp Painscastle

Fechamp Brampton

Feckenham Longtown

Feckenham Painscastle

Fekenham Grosmont

Fekenham White

Fekenham Skenfrith

Felhampton Clun

Fenton Ewias Lacy

Fepo Ewias Lacy

Ferando Gutier Buckenham

Fernhill Longtown

Ferthe I Caillolym Abbey Cwmhir

Ffossidoes Ten Castle

Ffren Grosmont

Findon Skenfrith

Findon Grosmont

Fitz Hopton

Fitz Kyre Richards Castle

Fitz Wlferefle Richards Castle

Flamstead Painscastle

Flamstead Clifford

Flanders Clifford

Flanders Hereford Beacon

Flanders Burford

Flaxley Grosmont

Flaxley Hay on Wye

Flaxley Skenfrith

Flaxley Hereford Beacon

Flaxley White

Fleckney Ewias Lacy

Fleet Wilton

Flekkenho Ewias Lacy

Flemish Way Middle Wye

Flint White

Flint Wigmore Tourist

Flint Chronology

Flyford Flavel Brampton

Foessidoes Abbey Cwmhir

Foggathorpe Wigmore Castle

Fontevrault Wilton

Fontevrault Richards Castle

Ford Clifford

Ford Painscastle

Foremark Ewias Lacy

Forest of Dean Grosmont

Forest of Dean St Briavels

Forest of Dean Ewias Lacy

Forest of Dean Hereford Beacon

Forest of Dean Longtown

Forest of Dean Ogmore

Forest of Dean White

Forest of Dean Skenfrith

Forest of Dean Wilton

Forghekeyl Abbey Cwmhir

Fornham Buckenham

Fotheringhay Berkhamsted

Foucarmont abbey Wigmore Castle

Fountains abbey Moreton Corbet

Fownmynydd Clifford

Foxcott Brampton

Frampton on Severn Clifford

Frampton on Severn Longtown

Franco Brene Wilton

Frank Bohun Painscastle

Fransham Painscastle

Frawesham Painscastle

Freebridge Buckenham

Freemantle Clun

Freen's Court Kington

Freethorpe Buckenham

Frenchcote Brampton

Freteval Richards Castle

Frodsham Chronology

Frome Hereford Beacon

Frome Halmond Ewias Lacy

Frome Herbert Wilton

Frome Whitefield Kington

Frusisselou Burford

Fulk Corbet Moreton Corbet

Fulk Fitz Warin Abbey Cwmhir

Fulk Fitz Warin Clun

Fulk Fitz Warin Brampton

Fulk Fitz Warin Burford

Fulk Fitz Warin Chronology

Fulk Fitz Warin Grosmont

Fulk Fitz Warin Longtown

Fulk Fitz Warin Clifford

Fulk Fitz Warin Moreton Corbet

Fulk Fitz Warin Radnor

Fulk Fitz Warin Pembridge

Fulk Fitz Warin Montgomery

Fulk Fitz Warin Moreton Corbet

Fulk Fitz Warin Painscastle

Fulk Fitz Warin Skenfrith

Fulk Fitz Warin Wilton

Fulk of Anjou Ten Castle

Fulk Pembridge Pembridge

Fuunem Veyr Clun

Galloway Painscastle

Galloway Richards Castle

Gannock Burford

Garn y Castell Hay on Wye

Garnevilla Painscastle

Garth Grugyn Middle Wye

Garwa Ogmore

Garway Chronology

Garway Kington

Garway Pembridge

Garway Oystermouth

Garway White

Garway Hereford Beacon

Garway Grosmont

Gascony Painscastle

Gascony Burford

Gascony Clun

Gatacre Montgomery

Gate Abbey Cwmhir

Gavangle Din Abbey Cwmhir

Gaves Abbey Cwmhir

Gayton Thorpe Painscastle

Gayvell Abbey Cwmhir

Genau'r Glyn Chronology

Genbrill Abbey Cwmhir

Geoffrey Beauchamp Montgomery

Geoffrey Blez Moreton Corbet

Geoffrey Broi Longtown

Geoffrey Burford Richards Castle

Geoffrey Camville Oystermouth

Geoffrey Camville Ogmore

Geoffrey Camville Chronology

Geoffrey Claving Richards Castle

Geoffrey Cornwall Burford

Geoffrey Falaise Radnor

Geoffrey Fitz Fulk Wigmore Castle

Geoffrey Fitz Pagan Kington

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Longtown

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Painscastle

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Buckenham

Geoffrey Fitz Peter White

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Skenfrith

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Wilton

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Grosmont

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Burford

Geoffrey Fitz Peter Hay on Wye

Geoffrey Gacelin Montgomery

Geoffrey Geneville Ewias Lacy

Geoffrey Geneville Wigmore Tourist

Geoffrey Geneville Chronology

Geoffrey Geneville Burford

Geoffrey Greete Burford

Geoffrey Griffin Moreton Corbet

Geoffrey Haget Moreton Corbet

Geoffrey Hosa Kington

Geoffrey Lam Richards Castle

Geoffrey Langley Chronology

Geoffrey Langley Montgomery

Geoffrey le Chaumpeneys Burford

Geoffrey le Moyne Montgomery

Geoffrey Lidewich Ewias Lacy

Geoffrey Longchamp Wilton

Geoffrey Lucy Montgomery

Geoffrey Lucy Buckenham

Geoffrey Lusignan Ewias Lacy

Geoffrey Manderville Kington

Geoffrey Manderville Buckenham

Geoffrey Marsh Longtown

Geoffrey Neufmarché Hay on Wye

Geoffrey Normanvill Clifford

Geoffrey O'Ferrall Ewias Lacy

Geoffrey of Anjou Clifford

Geoffrey of Anjou Wigmore Castle

Geoffrey of Monmouth Dinas Emrys

Geoffrey Overton Moreton Corbet

Geoffrey Plantagenet Ten Castle

Geoffrey Plantagenet Kington

Geoffrey Ruffus Hereford Beacon

Geoffrey Saham Montgomery

Geoffrey Say Buckenham

Geoffrey Silvaticus Radnor

Geoffrey Sturmy Chronology

Geoffrey Symely Ewias Lacy

Geoffrey Talbot Hereford Beacon

Geoffrey Talbot Kington

Geoffrey Talbot Longtown

Geoffrey Talbot Grosmont

Geoffrey Talbot White

Geoffrey Talbot Wigmore Castle

Geoffrey Talbot Skenfrith

Geoffrey Talbot Clifford

Geoffrey Vere Hopton

Geoffrey Vere Clun

George Cantilupe Skenfrith

George Cantilupe Brampton

George Cantilupe Grosmont

George Cantilupe White

George Cantilupe Montgomery

George Cantilupe Wilton

George Cantilupe Burford

George Francis Oystermouth

George Grey Wilton

George Kriketot Ewias Lacy

George le Chapelein Montgomery

Gerald Atthée Skenfrith

Gerald Atthée Grosmont

Gerald Atthée Radnor

Gerald Atthée Middle Wye

Gerald Atthée White

Gerald Camville Buckenham

Gerald of Windsor Chronology

Gerard Cagneio Wigmore Castle

Gerard Cama White

Gerard Cama Skenfrith

Gerard Cama Grosmont

Gerard Evelith Moreton Corbet

Gerard Evelith Moreton Corbet

Gerard Fitz Toret Moreton Corbet

Gerard Furnival Buckenham

Gerard Gournay Wigmore Castle

Gerard Gournay Painscastle

Gerard Gournay Radnor

Gerard Macgne Longtown

Gerbod Dinas Emrys

Gervase Fitz Orson Radnor

Gervase Fitz William Montgomery

Gervase Paynel Wigmore Castle

Geva Tenbury Richards Castle

Ghent Ewias Lacy

Ghent Wigmore Tourist

Gibbecrake Wilton

Gilbert Bakinton Longtown

Gilbert Basset Clifford

Gilbert Basset Skenfrith

Gilbert Basset White

Gilbert Basset Burford

Gilbert Basset Montgomery

Gilbert Basset Grosmont

Gilbert Basset Longtown

Gilbert Bohun Painscastle

Gilbert Bohun Ewias Lacy

Gilbert Breteuil Kington

Gilbert Bukenhul Montgomery

Gilbert Clare Hay on Wye

Gilbert Clare Wigmore Tourist

Gilbert Clare Ewias Lacy

Gilbert Clare Wigmore Castle

Gilbert Clare Chronology

Gilbert Clifford Richards Castle

Gilbert de Mans Clifford

Gilbert Fitz Gilbert Chronology

Gilbert Fitz Remfry Skenfrith

Gilbert Fitz Richard Berkhamsted

Gilbert Fitz Richard Chronology

Gilbert Fitz Thorold Hay on Wye

Gilbert Fitz Thorold Painscastle

Gilbert Foliot Wigmore Castle

Gilbert Foliot Radnor

Gilbert Gant Wilton

Gilbert Giffard Hay on Wye

Gilbert Giffard Richards Castle

Gilbert Inkelmitt Burford

Gilbert Lacy Richards Castle

Gilbert Lacy Grosmont

Gilbert Lacy Wigmore Tourist

Gilbert Lacy Longtown

Gilbert Lacy Skenfrith

Gilbert Lacy White

Gilbert Lacy Ewias Lacy

Gilbert Lacy Hereford Beacon

Gilbert Lacy Montgomery

Gilbert Lacy Hay on Wye

Gilbert Lacy Chronology

Gilbert Mans Hay on Wye

Gilbert Marshall Chronology

Gilbert Marshall Montgomery

Gilbert Marshall Hay on Wye

Gilbert Monmouth Chronology

Gilbert Neville Longtown

Gilbert Norfolk Buckenham

Gilbert Peche Wilton

Gilbert Popham Montgomery

Gilbert Preston White

Gilbert Remfry Wilton

Gilbert Say Richards Castle

Gilbert Talbot Pembridge

Gilbert Talbot Clun

Gilbert Talbot Burford

Gilbert Talbot Grosmont

Gilbert Talbot Brampton

Gilbert Talbot White

Gilbert Talbot Clifford

Gilbert Talbot Skenfrith

Gilbert Talbot Painscastle

Gilbert Talbot Wilton

Gilbert Turbeville Chronology

Gilbert Turbeville Ogmore

Gilbert Umfraville Chronology

Gilbert Umfraville Burford

Giles Berkeley Clun

Giles Bockenhul Clun

Giles Braose Abbey Cwmhir

Giles Braose Clifford

Giles Braose Ogmore

Giles Braose Chronology

Giles Braose Oystermouth

Giles Braose Brampton

Giles Brydges Wilton

Giles Clifford Clifford

Giles Erdington Moreton Corbet

Giles Erdington Moreton Corbet

Giles Plays Burford

Giles Valenciennes Montgomery

Gilla-gan-inathair O'Mee Longtown

Gilling in Ryedale Wigmore Castle

Gillow Pembridge

Gilwern Ten Castle

Giraldus Cambrensis Middle Wye

Giraldus Cambrensis Longtown

Giraldus Cambrensis Hay on Wye

Giraldus Cambrensis Radnor

Giraldus Cambrensis Wilton

Giraldus Cambrensis Chronology

Gislebert Cleopehan Radnor

Gislebert Fitz William Wigmore Castle

Gisors Richards Castle

Gisors Wilton

Gisors Painscastle

Gladestry Hay on Wye

Gladestry Painscastle

Gladestry Ten Castle

Gladestry Radnor

Gladestry Brook Kington

Gladys Ddu Clifford

Gladys Ddu Wigmore Tourist

Gladys Ddu Pembridge

Gladys Ddu Kington

Gladys Ddu Mortimer Burford

Gladys Mortimer Burford

Gladys verch Wascewy Grosmont

Glamorgan Chronology

Glamorgan Ogmore

Glamorgan Hay on Wye

Glamorgan Ewias Lacy

Glamorgan Hereford Beacon

Glamorgan Montgomery

Glamorgan Kington

Glamorgan Oystermouth

Glamorgan Radnor

Glamorgan Wigmore Castle

Glamorgan Wilton

Glamorgan Wigmore Tourist

Glan Edw Painscastle

Glan Edw Ten Castle

Glan Edw White

Glan Edw Clifford

Glasbury Chronology

Glasbury Hay on Wye

Glasbury Ewias Lacy

Glasbury Clifford

Glasbury Middle Wye

Glasbury Painscastle

Glasbury Richards Castle

Glascwm Abbey Cwmhir

Glascwm Kington

Glascwm Painscastle

Gliditon Ten Castle

Gloucester Hay on Wye

Gloucester Brampton

Gloucester St Briavels

Gloucester Clifford

Gloucester Burford

Gloucester Buckenham

Gloucester Chronology

Gloucester Hereford Beacon

Gloucester Grosmont

Gloucester Middle Wye

Gloucester Montgomery

Gloucester Ogmore

Gloucester Richards Castle

Gloucester White

Gloucester Skenfrith

Gloucester Wigmore Tourist

Gloucester Wilton

Gloucester Wigmore Castle

Glyndyfrdwy Chronology

Gocelin serjeant Clun

Godescallus Ten Castle

Godfrey Gamages Ewias Lacy

Godfrey Gamages Pembridge

Godfrey Gamages Chronology

Godfrey Gamages Longtown

Godfrey Gamages Grosmont

Godfrey Gamages Skenfrith

Godfrey Gamages Painscastle

Godfrey Gamages White

Godfrey Molle Cavata Radnor

Godfrey the scribe Brampton

Godgifu Richards Castle

Godgifu Hereford Beacon

Godstow Clifford

Godstow nunnery Richards Castle

Godwick Painscastle

Golden Valley Clifford

Golden Valley Hereford Beacon

Golden Valley Painscastle

Golden Valley Pembridge

Golden Valley Radnor

Golden Valley Longtown

Gollon Abbey Cwmhir

Gomot Middle Wye

Gondwr Clifford

Gonnet Clun

Goodrich Hay on Wye

Goodrich Buckenham

Goodrich Clifford

Goodrich Wilton

Goodrich Chronology

Goodrich Hereford Beacon

Goodrich Grosmont

Goodrich Moreton Corbet

Goodrich Pembridge

Goodrich Painscastle

Goodrich Skenfrith

Goodrich White

Gorddwr Montgomery

Gorddwr Chronology

Goronwy ab Ednyfed Chronology

Goronwy ab Ednyfed Wilton

Goronwy ab Ednyfed Brampton

Goronwy ap Cadwgan Chronology

Goronwy ap Heilyn Hopton

Gorsington Clifford

Gower Clifford

Gower Grosmont

Gower Burford

Gower Chronology

Gower Hay on Wye

Gower Radnor

Gower Ewias Lacy

Gower Ogmore

Gower Skenfrith

Gower Wigmore Castle

Grace Dieu Chronology

Grace Dieu Skenfrith

Graham White

Graham Grosmont

Graham Skenfrith

Granby Richards Castle

Grange House Abbey Cwmhir

Graveling Painscastle

Great Brickhill Wilton

Great Cressingham Painscastle

Great Fleckney Ewias Lacy

Great Grimsby Wigmore Castle

Great Grimsby Brampton

Great Malvern Clifford

Great Malvern Clun

Great Malvern priory Kington

Great Withyford Moreton Corbet

Grendon Ewias Lacy

Grendon Longtown

Grendon Warren Ewias Lacy

Gretiton Clun

Greye sur mer Wilton

Gribthorpe Wigmore Castle

Grimald du Plessis Buckenham

Grimbald Pauncefot Burford

Grimbald Pauncefot Montgomery

Grimbald Pauncefot Chronology

Grimbald Pauncefot Hopton

Grimsby Wigmore Castle

Grimsby Wigmore Tourist

Grinshill Moreton Corbet

Grosmont Hereford Beacon

Grosmont Burford

Grosmont Hay on Wye

Grosmont St Briavels

Grosmont Brampton

Grosmont Chronology

Grosmont Ewias Lacy

Grosmont Wilton

Grosmont Longtown

Grosmont Kington

Grosmont Painscastle

Grosmont Pembridge

Grosmont Radnor

Grosmont Skenfrith

Grosmont Richards Castle

Grosmont White

Gruffydd ab Einion Chronology

Gruffydd ab Idnerth Chronology

Gruffydd ab Ifor Ogmore

Gruffydd ab Iorwerth Moreton Corbet

Gruffydd ab Iorwerth Chronology

Gruffydd ab Owain Brampton

Gruffydd ab Owain Burford

Gruffydd ab Owain Chronology

Gruffydd ab Owain Glyndwr Grosmont

Gruffydd ab Owain Glyndwr Skenfrith

Gruffydd ab yr Ynad Coch Montgomery

Gruffydd ap Cadwallon St Briavels

Gruffydd ap Cynan Chronology

Gruffydd ap Cynan Oystermouth

Gruffydd ap Cynan Ogmore

Gruffydd ap Cynan Dinas Emrys

Gruffydd ap Cynan Grosmont

Gruffydd ap Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd Chronology

Gruffydd ap Cynan ap Iago Dinas Emrys

Gruffydd ap Einion ap Gruffydd Chronology

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Clun

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Hopton

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Brampton

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Clifford

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Chronology

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Moreton Corbet

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Wilton

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Burford

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Painscastle

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Wigmore Tourist

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Montgomery

Gruffydd ap Heilin Abbey Cwmhir

Gruffydd ap Hywel Moreton Corbet

Gruffydd ap Hywel Moreton Corbet

Gruffydd ap Hywel ap Dafydd Montgomery

Gruffydd ap Hywel ap Fulch Montgomery

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Clifford

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Chronology

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Grosmont

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Hereford Beacon

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Richards Castle

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Fychan Chronology

Gruffydd ap Madog Clifford

Gruffydd ap Madog Burford

Gruffydd ap Madog Chronology

Gruffydd ap Madog Brampton

Gruffydd ap Madog Wilton

Gruffydd ap Madog Clifford

Gruffydd ap Maredudd Ten Castle

Gruffydd ap Maurice White

Gruffydd ap Rhodri Longtown

Gruffydd ap Rhodri Chronology

Gruffydd ap Rhydderch Hereford Beacon

Gruffydd ap Rhydderch Ogmore

Gruffydd ap Rhydderch Grosmont

Gruffydd ap Rhydderch Moreton Corbet

Gruffydd ap Rhydderch Oystermouth

Gruffydd ap Rhys Ogmore

Gruffydd ap Rhys Oystermouth

Gruffydd ap Rhys Chronology

Gruffydd ap Rhys Middle Wye

Gruffydd Boghan Hay on Wye

Gruffydd Boghan Kington

Gruffydd Boghan Radnor

Gruffydd Goch ab Owain Hopton

Gruffydd Goch ab Owain Brampton

Gruffydd Heen White

Gruffydd le Lonegreve Clun

Gruffydd Loith Moreton Corbet

Gruffydd Maelor Chronology

Gruffydd of Bromfield Chronology

Gruffydd Vachan Clifford

Gruffydd Vaughan Middle Wye

Gruffydd Velu Abbey Cwmhir

Gruffydd Vychan Burford

Grwyne Fawr Longtown

Guerri Mairinnis Kington

Guin ap Madog Montgomery

Guines Wilton

Gumsyld Middle Wye

Gumsyld Chronology

Guncelin Badlesmere Burford

Gundred Haget Moreton Corbet

Gundred Toret Moreton Corbet

Gunfrid Wigmore Tourist

Gunfrid Wigmore Castle

Gunrunnoch ab Idnerth Clifford

Gunrunnoch ab Idnerth Clun

Gunward Brampton

Gutland Painscastle

Guy Arundel Moreton Corbet

Guy Beauchamp Painscastle

Guy Brian Chronology

Guy Gobaud Wilton

Guy Lestrange Clun

Guy Lestrange Richards Castle

Guy Lestrange Moreton Corbet

Guy Montfort Wigmore Tourist

Guy Rochford Abbey Cwmhir

Guy Rochford Chronology

Guy Rochford Montgomery

Guy Saubury Hopton

Guy Warwick Montgomery

Gwallter ab Einion Chronology

Gwallter ab Einion Painscastle

Gwallter ab Einion Clud Middle Wye

Gwallter ab Einion Clud Chronology

Gwallter Fychan Radnor

Gwallter Fychan Chronology

Gwallter Fychan Clifford

Gwallter Fychan Kington

Gwallter Fychan Painscastle

Gwallter Fychan ab Einion Clud Hay on Wye

Gwallter Fychan ab Einion Clud Abbey Cwmhir

Gwanan Chronology

Gwanan Abbey Cwmhir

Gwarthaf Chronology

Gwenddwr Clifford

Gwenddwr Middle Wye

Gwenllian Lacy Wilton

Gwent Radnor

Gwent Chronology

Gwent Clifford

Gwent Ogmore

Gwent White

Gwent Skenfrith

Gwent Grosmont

Gwent Hereford Beacon

Gwent Longtown

Gwent Montgomery

Gwent Oystermouth

Gwent Painscastle

Gwent Is Coed Hay on Wye

Gwent Is Coed Grosmont

Gwent Is Coed Oystermouth

Gwent Uwch Coed Montgomery

Gwent Uwch Coed White

Gwent Uwch Coed Grosmont

Gwent Uwch Coed Skenfrith

Gwent Uwch Coed Hay on Wye

Gwent Uwch Coed Oystermouth

Gwenthriw Abbey Cwmhir

Gwenwynwyn Painscastle

Gwenwynwyn Hay on Wye

Gwenwynwyn Montgomery

Gwenwynwyn Longtown

Gwenwynwyn Chronology

Gwenwynwyn Radnor

Gwern-y-bwlch Abbey Cwmhir

Gwernebowys Abbey Cwmhir

Gwernesgof Montgomery

Gwernesgof Chronology

Gwernesgof Abbey Cwmhir

Gwilym ap Gruffydd Montgomery

Gwinionydd Chronology

Gwladys Ddu Hay on Wye

Gwladys Ddu Chronology

Gwladys Mortimer Brampton

Gwrgenau ap Seisyll Dinas Emrys

Gwrgenau ap Seisyll Grosmont

Gwrgenau ap Seisyll Longtown

Gwrtheyrnion Clifford

Gwrtheyrnion Chronology

Gwrtheyrnion Abbey Cwmhir

Gwrtheyrnion Brampton

Gwrtheyrnion Montgomery

Gwrtheyrnion Middle Wye

Gwrtheyrnion Painscastle

Gwrtheyrnion Radnor

Gwrtheyrnion Wigmore Tourist

Gwyn ap Gwaethfoed White

Gwynedd Clifford

Gwynedd Hay on Wye

Gwynedd Chronology

Gwynedd Clun

Gwynedd Hereford Beacon

Gwynedd Grosmont

Gwynedd Abbey Cwmhir

Gwynedd Middle Wye

Gwynedd Longtown

Gwynedd Kington

Gwynedd Painscastle

Gwynedd Oystermouth

Gwynedd Ogmore

Gwynedd White

Gwynedd Skenfrith

Gwynedd Wigmore Castle

Gwynedd Wigmore Tourist

Gwynedd Wilton

Gwynionydd Chronology

Gwynllwg Grosmont

Gwynllwg Longtown

Gwynllwg Ogmore

Gwynllwg Chronology

Gwynllwg Hay on Wye

Gwynllwg Oystermouth

Gylbanligorgy Chronology

Habberley Moreton Corbet

Hadleigh Skenfrith

Hadleigh White

Hadleigh Grosmont

Hadley Moreton Corbet

Hadnock Grosmont

Hadnock Longtown

Hadnock Skenfrith

Hadzor Painscastle

Hagley Hopton

Hagley Clun

Hainton Ewias Lacy

Halac Painscastle

Halcameston Hopton

Halcetor Montgomery

Hales Painscastle

Halmonds Frome Longtown

Halselinus Radnor

Ham Valon Oystermouth

Ham Valon Ogmore

Hamelin Chronology

Hamelin Ballon Chronology

Hamelin Ballon Hereford Beacon

Hamelin Ballon Grosmont

Hamelin Ballon Skenfrith

Hamelin Ballon White

Hamnish Clifford

Hamnish Clifford Painscastle

Hamo Lestrange Montgomery

Hamo Lestrange Chronology

Hamo Lestrange Hay on Wye

Hamo Lestrange Ewias Lacy

Hamo Lestrange Clifford

Hamo Lestrange Brampton

Hamo Lestrange Moreton Corbet

Hamo Lestrange Wigmore Tourist

Hampton Ewias Lacy

Hampton Burford

Hampton Clifford

Hampton Hay on Wye

Hampton Court Ewias Lacy

Hampton in Hope Painscastle

Hamund Pynkenye Montgomery

Hanaduna Ogmore

Hanbruge Burford

Hanedun Ogmore

Hanendon Ogmore

Hanley Chronology

Hanley Wigmore Tourist

Hanley Longtown

Hanley Castle Ewias Lacy

Hanley's End Painscastle

Hanley's End Clifford

Happisburgh Buckenham

Hardwicke Clifford

Harewood Clifford

Harewood Grosmont

Harewood White

Harewood Hereford Beacon

Haringworth Grosmont

Haringworth White

Haringworth Skenfrith

Harley Montgomery

Harmston Boby Wigmore Castle

Harnhill Painscastle

Harold Godwine Ewias Lacy

Harold Godwine Ten Castle

Harold Godwine Richards Castle

Harpcote Moreton Corbet

Harpton Richards Castle

Harpton Ten Castle

Harpton Wigmore Castle

Harry Monmouth Grosmont

Harvey Stafford Wilton

Harvey Stafford Longtown

Hastings Clun

Hastings Hereford Beacon

Hastings Wigmore Castle

Hastings Wigmore Tourist

Hastings Grosmont

Hatherop Longtown

Hatherun Wilton

Hatonet Grosmont

Hatonet Skenfrith

Hauci Stapleton Richards Castle

Haughmond Burford

Haughmond Richards Castle

Haughmond Clun

Haughmond abbey Hopton

Haughmond abbey Moreton Corbet

Haughton Moreton Corbet

Hausardus Radnor

Haverfordwest Ogmore

Haverfordwest Chronology

Haverfordwest Oystermouth

Hawarden Chronology

Hawarden Montgomery

Hawise London Burford

Hawise London Oystermouth

Hawise London Ogmore

Hawise London Chronology

Hawise Longchamp Wilton

Hawise Mortimer Wigmore Tourist

Hawkeswood Moreton Corbet

Hawkswood Clifford

Hay Chronology

Hay Abbey Cwmhir

Hay Burford

Hay Brampton

Hay Clifford

Hay White

Hay Kington

Hay Montgomery

Hay Skenfrith

Hay Painscastle

Hay on Wye Middle Wye

Hay on Wye Moreton Corbet

Hay on Wye Pembridge

Hay on Wye Grosmont

Hay on Wye Hereford Beacon

Hay on Wye Clun

Hay on Wye Radnor

Hay on Wye Wigmore Tourist

Hay on Wye Wilton

Hazle Hereford Beacon

Headbourne Worthy Wigmore Castle

Healaugh Moreton Corbet

Heath Longtown

Heidon Ogmore

Heidon Oystermouth

Helagh-Park priory Moreton Corbet

Helgot Wigmore Castle

Helgot Stanton Richards Castle

Helias Brerlecton Richards Castle

Helias Constantine Clun

Helias Constantine Moreton Corbet

Helias Constantine Hopton

Helias Giffard Clifford

Helias Marun Richards Castle

Helias Say Kington

Helias Say Burford

Helias Say Chronology

Helias Say Longtown

Helias Say Clun

Helias Say Richards Castle

Helias Say Wigmore Castle

Helias Say Wigmore Tourist

Helias Say Radnor

Helias Stoke Hopton

Hell Wood Hereford Beacon

Hell Wood Kington

Helston Painscastle

Hemingford Wilton

Hemingford Abbots Wilton

Hen Domen Berkhamsted

Hen Domen Longtown

Hen Domen Montgomery

Hen Domen Moreton Corbet

Hen Domen Ten Castle

Hen Domen Richards Castle

Henarth Abbey Cwmhir

Hendregodoc Grosmont

Henelye Ewias Lacy

Henry Audley Grosmont

Henry Audley Montgomery

Henry Audley Burford

Henry Audley Chronology

Henry Audley Oystermouth

Henry Audley Wilton

Henry Audley White

Henry Audley Skenfrith

Henry Audley Painscastle

Henry Bathon Skenfrith

Henry Beaumont Chronology

Henry Beaumont Oystermouth

Henry Bohun White

Henry Boulers Burford

Henry Bray Skenfrith

Henry Bray White

Henry Brein Clifford

Henry Brun Moreton Corbet

Henry Burghope Wilton

Henry Burthhulle Brampton

Henry Burthhulle Ewias Lacy

Henry Burthhulle Wigmore Tourist

Henry Croft Ewias Lacy

Henry de la Launde Burford

Henry Dispenser Wilton

Henry Erdington Moreton Corbet

Henry Essex Buckenham

Henry Farley Burford

Henry Ferrers Radnor

Henry Ferrers Richards Castle

Henry Fitz Brian Brampton Burford

Henry Fitz Empress Wigmore Castle

Henry Fitz Gerald Kington

Henry Fitz Jorford Burford

Henry Fraxino Longtown

Henry Gower Oystermouth

Henry Grey Wilton

Henry Grosmont Grosmont

Henry Grosmont White

Henry Grosmont Skenfrith

Henry Hastings Wigmore Tourist

Henry Hastings Buckenham

Henry Hastings Painscastle

Henry Hereford Hay on Wye

Henry Hereford Radnor

Henry Hereford White

Henry Hereford Richards Castle

Henry Hubaud Burford

Henry I Hereford Beacon

Henry I Longtown

Henry I Buckenham

Henry I Grosmont

Henry I Clifford

Henry I Kington

Henry I Hay on Wye

Henry I Clun

Henry I Oystermouth

Henry I Pembridge

Henry I St Briavels

Henry I Ten Castle

Henry I Wilton

Henry I Painscastle

Henry I Skenfrith

Henry I White

Henry I Radnor

Henry I Moreton Corbet

Henry I Wigmore Castle

Henry I Wigmore Tourist

Henry II Buckenham

Henry II Clifford

Henry II Hay on Wye

Henry II Grosmont

Henry II Brampton

Henry II Hereford Beacon

Henry II St Briavels

Henry II Pembridge

Henry II Longtown

Henry II Ogmore

Henry II Moreton Corbet

Henry II Oystermouth

Henry II Berkhamsted

Henry II Skenfrith

Henry II Painscastle

Henry II Wigmore Tourist

Henry II Radnor

Henry II Kington

Henry II White

Henry II Wigmore Castle

Henry II Wilton

Henry II Richards Castle

Henry III Grosmont

Henry III Pembridge

Henry III Ewias Lacy

Henry III Painscastle

Henry III Berkhamsted

Henry III Brampton

Henry III Middle Wye

Henry III Burford

Henry III Kington

Henry III Hereford Beacon

Henry III Radnor

Henry III Hay on Wye

Henry III Clun

Henry III Moreton Corbet

Henry III Oystermouth

Henry III Longtown

Henry III Montgomery

Henry III Clifford

Henry III Ogmore

Henry III Wilton

Henry III Wigmore Tourist

Henry III Skenfrith

Henry III White

Henry III Painscastle

Henry III Ten Castle

Henry IV Grosmont

Henry IV Skenfrith

Henry IV White

Henry Kilpeck Chronology

Henry Lacy Chronology

Henry Lacy Montgomery

Henry Lancaster Grosmont

Henry Lancaster Ogmore

Henry Lancaster Oystermouth

Henry Lancaster White

Henry Landa Ewias Lacy

Henry le Fleming Clifford

Henry le Forcer Montgomery

Henry le Moneur Burford

Henry le Paneter Montgomery

Henry le Waleys Hopton

Henry le Waleys Burford

Henry le Waleys Hopton

Henry Lingen Brampton

Henry Longchamp Kington

Henry Longchamp Wilton

Henry Longford Hopton

Henry Loureuc Hay on Wye

Henry Mara Wilton

Henry Mile Burford

Henry Montfort Burford

Henry Montfort Brampton

Henry Montfort Hopton

Henry Montfort Wigmore Tourist

Henry Mortimer Burford

Henry Mortimer Brampton

Henry Nafford Painscastle

Henry Newborough Chronology

Henry Nonant Radnor

Henry of Almain Brampton

Henry of Eu Painscastle

Henry of Eu Wigmore Castle

Henry Pembridge Painscastle

Henry Pembridge Radnor

Henry Pembridge Hay on Wye

Henry Pembridge Hopton

Henry Pembridge Hopton

Henry Pembridge Clifford

Henry Pembridge Pembridge

Henry Pembridge Richards Castle

Henry Pembridge Wilton

Henry Peremort Burford

Henry Pintel Moreton Corbet

Henry Plantagenet White

Henry Pomeroy Painscastle

Henry Port Kington

Henry Prayeres Ewias Lacy

Henry Ribbesford Brampton

Henry Ribbesford Burford

Henry Say Clun

Henry Say Richards Castle

Henry Sodbury Wilton

Henry Solars Hay on Wye

Henry Staunton Hopton

Henry Tillilio Painscastle

Henry Tregoz Burford

Henry Turbeville Hay on Wye

Henry Turbeville Oystermouth

Henry Turbeville Clifford

Henry Turbeville Chronology

Henry Turbeville Ogmore

Henry Turbeville Burford

Henry Umfraville Chronology

Henry V Wilton

Henry VI Buckenham

Henry VI Skenfrith

Henry VII Wilton

Henry VIII Berkhamsted

Henry VIII Skenfrith

Henry Wallop Moreton Corbet

Henry Wallop Hopton

Henry Wodhull Ewias Lacy

Henry I Richards Castle

Henvaes Abbey Cwmhir

Herbert Castell Longtown

Herbert Deacon Moreton Corbet

Herbert du Chastel Wigmore Castle

Herbert Fitz Gunduin Radnor

Herbert Fitz Matthew Ogmore

Herbert Fitz Matthew Chronology

Herbert Fitz Matthew Brampton

Herbert Fitz Matthew Clifford

Herbert Fitz Peter Burford

Herbert of Castle Holdgate Richards Castle

Hereford Clifford

Hereford St Briavels

Hereford Brampton

Hereford Hay on Wye

Hereford Grosmont

Hereford Hereford Beacon

Hereford Montgomery

Hereford White

Hereford Skenfrith

Hereford Richards Castle

Hereford Wilton

Hereford Wigmore Castle

Hergest Ewias Lacy

Hergest Kington

Hertel Wilton

Hertheshorn Ewias Lacy

Hervey Stafford Montgomery

Heskyborew Abbey Cwmhir

Heslowe Clifford

Hessle Wigmore Castle

Hew Logvane Abbey Cwmhir

Heydour Wilton

Hicheke Clun

Hide Painscastle

High Ercall Moreton Corbet

High Hatton Moreton Corbet

Highley Wigmore Castle

Highway Wigmore Castle

Hill Croome Longtown

Hillary (Claria) Trusbut Montgomery

Hillborough Richards Castle

Hillington Buckenham

Himbleton Longtown

Himeneye Burford

Hindwell Ten Castle

Hindwell Burford

Hingham Buckenham

Hinnington Moreton Corbet

Hinton Ten Castle

Hinton Wigmore Tourist

Hinton Brampton

Hirfryn Chronology

Hirhevrin Abbey Cwmhir

Hisland Moreton Corbet

Hobarris Clun

Hobrigg Burford

Hockleton Montgomery

Hodicote Wigmore Castle

Hodnet Hopton

Hodnet Richards Castle

Hoeddlyw ap Cadwgan Clun

Holbach Ten Castle

Holdgate Brampton

Holdgate Chronology

Holkham Painscastle

Holm Lacy Ewias Lacy

Holme Lacy Longtown

Holme Lacy Hereford Beacon

Holme Lacy Richards Castle

Homme Clifford

Homme Richards Castle

Homme Burford

Honebrugge Wilton

Hope Richards Castle

Hope Clun

Hope Bowdler Montgomery

Hopesay Clun

Hopkin ap John ap Hywel Skenfrith

Hopley Hopton

Hopley Richards Castle

Hopley Moreton Corbet

Hopleys Green Longtown

Hopton Montgomery

Hopton Abbey Cwmhir

Hopton Clun

Hopton Ewias Lacy

Hopton Chronology

Hopton Cangeford Hopton

Hopton castle Burford

Hopton in Great Ness Hopton

Hopton in Hodnet Hopton

Hopton Wafers Hopton

Hornby White

Hornby Skenfrith

Hornton Ewias Lacy

Horrnlegh Ewias Lacy

Horsham Skenfrith

Horsham Grosmont

Horsley Wilton

Houghton Richards Castle

Housham Painscastle

Houton Skenfrith

Houton White

Houton Grosmont

Houtun Moreton Corbet

Howle Moreton Corbet

Howsen Burford

Howthton Moreton Corbet

Howton Ewias Lacy

Howton Hereford Beacon

Hubert Bonitus Radnor

Hubert Burgh Skenfrith

Hubert Burgh Burford

Hubert Burgh Hay on Wye

Hubert Burgh St Briavels

Hubert Burgh White

Hubert Burgh Chronology

Hubert Burgh Clun

Hubert Burgh Grosmont

Hubert Burgh Wilton

Hubert Burgh Montgomery

Hubert Burgh Longtown

Hubert Burgh Richards Castle

Hubert Burgh Radnor

Hubert Burgh Oystermouth

Hubert Burgh Pembridge

Hubert Burgh Clifford

Hubert Hoes Burford

Hubert Hoes Painscastle

Hubert Hoes Montgomery

Hubert Hoes Chronology

Hubert Vals Wigmore Castle

Hubert Walter Painscastle

Hugh Abberbir Moreton Corbet

Hugh Acover Montgomery

Hugh ap Hywel Guacheban Clun

Hugh ap Meurig (Muredak) Clifford

Hugh Aubigny Buckenham

Hugh Audley Buckenham

Hugh Bardolf Wilton

Hugh Beauchamp Longtown

Hugh Bigod Brampton

Hugh Bigod Clun

Hugh Bigod Buckenham

Hugh Bossy Burford

Hugh Cancelers Hereford Beacon

Hugh Chastel Buckenham

Hugh Clifford Clifford

Hugh Clifford Grosmont

Hugh Clifford Kington

Hugh Columbe Burford

Hugh Coombes Ten Castle

Hugh Croft Brampton

Hugh Croft Chronology

Hugh Croft Longtown

Hugh Croft Hopton

Hugh Cumbis Radnor

Hugh Dispenser Clun

Hugh Dispenser Wigmore Tourist

Hugh Dispenser Oystermouth

Hugh Diva Wilton

Hugh Ferrers Richards Castle

Hugh Ferrers Burford

Hugh Fitz Aer Moreton Corbet

Hugh Fitz Edward Hay on Wye

Hugh Fitz Eylmund Ewias Lacy

Hugh Fitz Gripe Kington

Hugh Fitz Hamon Wigmore Castle

Hugh Fitz Osbern Hereford Beacon

Hugh Fitz Osbern Burford

Hugh Fitz Osbern Richards Castle

Hugh Fitz Ralph Mortimer Chronology

Hugh Fitz Walter Dinedor Clifford

Hugh Fitz William Hereford Beacon

Hugh Fitz William Wilton

Hugh Fitz William Radnor

Hugh Fitz William Forester Chronology

Hugh Fode Wilton

Hugh Forester Wilton

Hugh Forester Chronology

Hugh Fraxino Kington

Hugh Giffard Clifford

Hugh Godard Brampton

Hugh Gournay Montgomery

Hugh Gournay Longtown

Hugh Gund Kington

Hugh Hees Longtown

Hugh Hesla Richards Castle

Hugh Hesla Hay on Wye

Hugh Hesla Hay on Wye

Hugh Hoes Hopton

Hugh Katiford Richards Castle

Hugh Kilpeck Burford

Hugh Kilpeck Kington

Hugh Kilpeck Wilton

Hugh Kilpeck Hay on Wye

Hugh Kilpeck Clifford

Hugh Kilpeck Ewias Lacy

Hugh Kilpeck Longtown

Hugh Kilpeck Chronology

Hugh Kilpeck Ten Castle

Hugh Kinnersley Chronology

Hugh Kinnersley Clifford

Hugh Kinnersley Hay on Wye

Hugh Kinnersley White

Hugh Kinnersley Grosmont

Hugh Kinnersley Skenfrith

Hugh Kinnersley Ewias Lacy

Hugh Kinsham Burford

Hugh Lacy Chronology

Hugh Lacy Grosmont

Hugh Lacy Wigmore Castle

Hugh Lacy Ewias Lacy

Hugh Lacy Wilton

Hugh Lacy Longtown

Hugh Lacy White

Hugh Lacy Kington

Hugh Lacy Brampton

Hugh Lacy Richards Castle

Hugh Lacy Radnor

Hugh Lasne Kington

Hugh Lasne Radnor

Hugh Lasne Ten Castle

Hugh Lechemon Montgomery

Hugh Lescofort Richards Castle

Hugh Lescofort Hopton

Hugh Longchamp Kington

Hugh Longchamp Wilton

Hugh Longchamp Longtown

Hugh Mapenore Longtown

Hugh Mapenore Moreton Corbet

Hugh Meules Oystermouth

Hugh Meules Chronology

Hugh Mortimer Brampton

Hugh Mortimer Radnor

Hugh Mortimer Abbey Cwmhir

Hugh Mortimer Montgomery

Hugh Mortimer White

Hugh Mortimer Burford

Hugh Mortimer Richards Castle

Hugh Mortimer Ewias Lacy

Hugh Mortimer Hopton

Hugh Mortimer Hereford Beacon

Hugh Mortimer Longtown

Hugh Mortimer Kington

Hugh Mortimer Chronology

Hugh Mortimer Wigmore Tourist

Hugh Mortimer Buckenham

Hugh Mortimer Wigmore Castle

Hugh Mortimer Moreton Corbet

Hugh Mortimer Painscastle

Hugh Mortimer Hopton

Hugh Mortimer Clifford

Hugh Mortimer Clun

Hugh Mortimer Skenfrith

Hugh Mortimer Wilton

Hugh Mortimer Grosmont

Hugh Mortimer Hay on Wye

Hugh Nash Pembridge

Hugh Neville Clun

Hugh Neville St Briavels

Hugh of Avranches Dinas Emrys

Hugh Oiri Wigmore Castle

Hugh Pantulf Moreton Corbet

Hugh Pantulf Moreton Corbet

Hugh Pantulf Hopton

Hugh Pantulf Chronology

Hugh Pantulf Richards Castle

Hugh Patition Hopton

Hugh Peaton Hopton

Hugh Pincerna Kington

Hugh Port Radnor

Hugh Port Kington

Hugh Radnor Longtown

Hugh Radnor Clifford

Hugh Say Painscastle

Hugh Say Moreton Corbet

Hugh Say Hopton

Hugh Say Chronology

Hugh Say Richards Castle

Hugh Say Abbey Cwmhir

Hugh Say Ewias Lacy

Hugh Say Radnor

Hugh Say Hay on Wye

Hugh Say Burford

Hugh Say Clifford

Hugh St Clair Buckenham

Hugh Talbot Wigmore Castle

Hugh Tirel Wigmore Castle

Hugh Troy Brampton

Hugh Troy Chronology

Hugh Troy Burford

Hugh Turbeville Chronology

Hugh Turbeville Burford

Hugh Turbeville Brampton

Hugh Turbeville Ewias Lacy

Hugh Turbeville Wigmore Tourist

Hugh Turbeville Montgomery

Hugh Turbeville Hay on Wye

Hugh Vautort Kington

Hugh Verly Ewias Lacy

Hugh Walkerslow Montgomery

Hulemore Moreton Corbet

Hullavington Wigmore Castle

Humphrey Beauchamp Montgomery

Humphrey Bohun Hay on Wye

Humphrey Bohun Clifford

Humphrey Bohun Hopton

Humphrey Bohun Buckenham

Humphrey Bohun Brampton

Humphrey Bohun Clun

Humphrey Bohun Burford

Humphrey Bohun Chronology

Humphrey Bohun Hereford Beacon

Humphrey Bohun Ewias Lacy

Humphrey Bohun Wigmore Tourist

Humphrey Bohun Kington

Humphrey Bohun White

Humphrey Bohun Radnor

Humphrey Bohun Wilton

Humphrey Bulesdon Painscastle

Humphrey Fitz Odo Hay on Wye

Humphrey Visdeloup Kington

Hunning Moreton Corbet

Hunstanscote Ewias Lacy

Huntington Abbey Cwmhir

Huntington Clun

Huntington Hay on Wye

Huntington Brampton

Huntington Clifford

Huntington Chronology

Huntington Ewias Lacy

Huntington Montgomery

Huntington Radnor

Huntington Wigmore Tourist

Huntington Wigmore Castle

Hunttebare Burford

Hurdley Montgomery

Hurley Wigmore Castle

Hymns Farm Ten Castle

Hyneton Ewias Lacy

Hyrveriton Grosmont

Hyrveriton Painscastle

Hyrveriton White

Hyrveriton Skenfrith

Hyssington Montgomery

Hywel (ap Llywelyn) ap Maredudd Montgomery

Hywel ab Ade Montgomery

Hywel ab Ieuaf Hopton

Hywel ab Ieuaf Chronology

Hywel ab Ifor Abbey Cwmhir

Hywel ab Iorwerth Chronology

Hywel ab Ithel Chronology

Hywel ab Ithel Dinas Emrys

Hywel ab Owain Gwynedd Chronology

Hywel ap Cadwallon Montgomery

Hywel ap Cadwallon Chronology

Hywel ap Cadwallon Abbey Cwmhir

Hywel ap Cadwallon Abbey Cwmhir

Hywel ap Dafydd Montgomery

Hywel ap Dafydd Moreton Corbet

Hywel ap Fulch Moreton Corbet

Hywel ap Goronwy Chronology

Hywel ap Goronwy Longtown

Hywel ap Goronwy Oystermouth

Hywel ap Goronwy Ogmore

Hywel ap Gruffydd Chronology

Hywel ap Llywarch Chronology

Hywel ap Llywelyn Chronology

Hywel ap Madog Chronology

Hywel ap Madog Montgomery

Hywel ap Maredudd Chronology

Hywel ap Maredudd Oystermouth

Hywel ap Maredudd of Brycheiniog Chronology

Hywel ap Meurig Brampton

Hywel ap Meurig Chronology

Hywel ap Meurig Burford

Hywel ap Meurig Ewias Lacy

Hywel ap Meurig Hopton

Hywel ap Meurig Painscastle

Hywel ap Meurig Radnor

Hywel ap Meurig Abbey Cwmhir

Hywel ap Meurig Clun

Hywel ap Morgan Chronology

Hywel ap Morgan Hen Longtown

Hywel ap Philip Radnor

Hywel ap Philip Kington

Hywel ap Philip Hay on Wye

Hywel ap Rhys Chronology

Hywel ap Rhys Gryg Chronology

Hywel ap Weihelen Burford

Hywel Dda Ogmore

Hywel Dda White

Hywel Dda Skenfrith

Hywel Dda Oystermouth

Hywel Fitz Robert Moreton Corbet

Hywel Hampton Montgomery

Hywel of Caerleon Chronology

Hywel Sais Chronology

Hywel Vaughan Chronology

Hywel Vaughan Montgomery

Hywel's castle Chronology

I Gillnatt Abbey Cwmhir

I Keven I Paulle Abbey Cwmhir

Ial Chronology

Iberd Newed Abbey Cwmhir

Ickburgh Painscastle

Icomb Place Longtown

Idbury Wigmore Castle

Idbury Brampton

Idsall Moreton Corbet

Iestyn ab Gwrgant Chronology

Iestyn ap Gwrgant Ogmore

Ieuaf ap Kynwric Moreton Corbet

Ieuan ab Adam White

Ieuan Du White

Ieuan Penbrase Grosmont

Ifor ab Owain Painscastle

Ifor ap Gruffydd Chronology

Ifor ap Gruffydd Abbey Cwmhir

Ifor ap Gruffydd Painscastle

Ifor ap Idnerth Oystermouth

Ifor ap Idnerth Ogmore

Ifor ap Meurig Chronology

Ifor ap Meurig Ogmore

Ilbert Fitz Thorold Clifford

Ilbert Lacy Buckenham

Imber Wigmore Castle

Imberto Monteferand Montgomery

Imeneye Burford

Impney Burford

Impney Richards Castle

Incheleffer Longtown

Ingelrann Wigmore Castle

Inges Balistarius Clifford

Inglesham Ogmore

Ingram Pratellis Moreton Corbet

Inlanmake Montgomery

Inys y Gaballva Abbey Cwmhir

Iolo Morgannwg White

Iordan ap Maredudd Clun

Iorwerth ab Einion Clud Painscastle

Iorwerth ab Owain Wilton

Iorwerth ab Owain Chronology

Iorwerth ap Cadwgan Montgomery

Iorwerth ap John Wilton

Iorwerth ap Llywelyn Abbey Cwmhir

Iorwerth ap Llywelyn Painscastle

Iorwerth ap Meirioun Abbey Cwmhir

Iorwerth ap Philip Grosmont

Iorwerth Clud Chronology

Iorwerth Goch White

Iorwerth Goch Grosmont

Iorwerth Goch Skenfrith

Iorwerth Goch Richards Castle

Iorwerth Goch Chronology

Iorwerth Goch Abbey Cwmhir

Ipsley Richards Castle

Ipsley Burford

Irebon Abbey Cwmhir

Ireland Wilton

Ireland Wigmore Tourist

Ireland Moor Painscastle

Iresboc Longtown

Iridwilling Gwyr I WallenAbbey Cwmhir

Is Caeach Chronology

Is Cennen Chronology

Is Hirwen Chronology

Is-Aeron Chronology

Is-Rhaeadr Chronology

Isabel Bigod Grosmont

Isabel Cantilupe Pembridge

Isabel Clare Longtown

Isabel Mortimer Kington

Isabel of Angouleme Grosmont

Isabel of Angouleme Skenfrith

Isabel Say Hopton

Isabel Say Clun

Isabell Girros Hopton

Isabella Braose Hay on Wye

Isabella Braose Brampton

Isabella Braose Kington

Isabella Devereux Ewias Lacy

Isabella Ferrers Burford

Isabella Longchamp Wilton

Isabella Montfort Painscastle

Isabella Mortimer Wigmore Castle

Isabella Mortimer Clun

Isabella Say Richards Castle

Isabella Staunton Hopton

Iscoed Chronology

Iscoed Uwch Hirwen Chronology

Isle of Wight Hereford Beacon

Isombridge Wigmore Castle

Ithel ab Adam White

Ithel ap Rhiryd Chronology

Iudhail ab Edeluirth Longtown

Ivan ap Meurig White

Ivo Pantulf Hereford Beacon

Ivo Vescy Wigmore Castle

Ivoris Hay on Wye

Ivry-la-Bataille Hereford Beacon

J.H. Le Keux Ten Castle

James Audley Wigmore Tourist

James Audley Hay on Wye

James Audley Brampton

James Audley Chronology

James Audley Clun

James Audley Wilton

James Audley Ewias Lacy

James Audley Montgomery

James Audley Painscastle

James Fresell St Briavels

James Fresell Wilton

James Pennoc Wilton

James St Hilary Buckenham

Jane Seymour Berkhamsted

Jay Clun

Jay near Leintwardine Hopton

Jerusalem Wilton

Jerusalem Buckenham

Jerusalem Radnor

Joab ap 'Gualau' Abbey Cwmhir

Joab ap Joab cognomen Crack Abbey Cwmhir

Joan Fitz William Pembridge

Joan Girros Hopton

Joan Hanewode Burford

Joan Mortimer Richards Castle

Joan Mortimer Burford

Joan of Acre Hereford Beacon

Joan Picard Ewias Lacy

Joan Quincy Kington

Joan Toret Moreton Corbet

Joan Verdun Ewias Lacy

Joanne Geneville Burford

Joanne Lacy Wilton

Jocelin Balliol Hay on Wye

Jocelin of Louvain Buckenham

Johann Geneville Wigmore Tourist

Johann Geneville Wigmore Castle

John ap Galghouin Radnor

John ap Galghouin Kington

John ap Galghouin Hay on Wye

John ap Gruffydd Hopton

John ap Hywel ap Meurig Abbey Cwmhir

John Artun Burford

John Arundel Moreton Corbet

John Arundel Montgomery

John Arundel Moreton Corbet

John Bacquelle Burford

John Baiocis Montgomery

John Balliol Ewias Lacy

John Ballon Painscastle

John Ballon Longtown

John Ballon Montgomery

John Ballon Clifford

John Ballon Chronology

John Baril Burford

John Baryngton Ewias Lacy

John Bearnay Wigmore Castle

John Beauchamp Montgomery

John Bedestun Burford

John Berwick Montgomery

John Berwick Moreton Corbet

John Bikerton Ewias Lacy

John Blecchedon Wigmore Tourist

John Bohun Montgomery

John Botetourt St Briavels

John Boudler Ewias Lacy

John Brampton Wigmore Castle

John Brampton Brampton

John Brampton Montgomery

John Braose Clifford

John Braose Grosmont

John Braose Oystermouth

John Braose Chronology

John Braose White

John Braose Skenfrith

John Braose Painscastle

John Breton Clifford

John Briton White

John Briton Skenfrith

John Bromfield Burford

John Brydges Wilton

John Buildwas Brampton

John Burgh Ewias Lacy

John Burlton Moreton Corbet

John Butler Chronology

John Cama Burford

John Cantilupe Ewias Lacy

John Carbonel Burford

John Charlton Clun

John Chester Kington

John Chetwynd Moreton Corbet

John Chinon Clifford

John Clanvowe Ewias Lacy

John Clifton Buckenham

John Cocum Montgomery

John Coigne Ewias Lacy

John Combe Burford

John Corbet Hopton

John Cotes Moreton Corbet

John Courcy Longtown

John Croft Brampton

John Croft Burford

John Cromhale Montgomery

John Damory Wilton

John de la Combe Burford

John de la Lynd Burford

John de la Mersa Clifford

John de la More Montgomery

John Derset Ewias Lacy

John Devereux Clifford

John Dilun Ewias Lacy

John Douglas Kington

John Drokenesford Burford

John Dunhefde alias Dunheved Burford

John Dunheved Burford

John Edgton Clun

John Elesford Ewias Lacy

John Engleys Clun

John Erlegh Burford

John Esthop Clun

John Eston Brampton

John Evelith Moreton Corbet

John Evelith Moreton Corbet

John Fabet Richards Castle

John Fitz Aer Hopton

John Fitz Aer Moreton Corbet

John Fitz Alan Brampton

John Fitz Alan Clun

John Fitz Alan Hopton

John Fitz Alan Clifford

John Fitz Alan Wigmore Tourist

John Fitz Alan Burford

John Fitz Alan Montgomery

John Fitz Alan White

John Fitz Alan Chronology

John Fitz Alan Moreton Corbet

John Fitz Alan Grosmont

John Fitz Alan Longtown

John Fitz Alan Ewias Lacy

John Fitz Alan Skenfrith

John Fitz Alan Painscastle

John Fitz Alan Wilton

John Fitz Geoffrey Painscastle

John Fitz Geoffrey Longtown

John Fitz Geoffrey Chronology

John Fitz Geoffrey Ewias Lacy

John Fitz Geoffrey Brampton

John Fitz Hugh Burford

John Fitz John Hay on Wye

John Fitz John Chronology

John Fitz John Richards Castle

John Fitz John Burford

John Fitz John Solars Ewias Lacy

John Fitz Matthew Painscastle

John Fitz Matthew Montgomery

John Fitz Michael Longtown

John Fitz Peter Saraceni Skenfrith

John Fitz Philip Clun

John Fitz Philip Clun

John Fitz Ralph Hay on Wye

John Fitz Reginald Ewias Lacy

John Fitz Stephen Segrave Wilton

John Fitz Walter le Mercer Montgomery

John Fitz Wulfwy John Ferningham Montgomery

John Fleg Kington

John Folevile Ewias Lacy

John Frennyngham Montgomery

John Friston Moreton Corbet

John Fruisselu Richards Castle

John Gern Ewias Lacy

John Giffard Painscastle

John Giffard St Briavels

John Giffard Brampton

John Giffard Burford

John Giffard Wigmore Tourist

John Giffard Clifford

John Giffard Montgomery

John Giffard Chronology

John Giffard Abbey Cwmhir

John Gisor Painscastle

John Grendon Ewias Lacy

John Grey Painscastle

John Grey Brampton

John Grey Chronology

John Grey Clifford

John Grey Pembridge

John Grey Radnor

John Grey Burford

John Grey Wilton

John Grey Clifford

John Grey Clun

John Haleton Clifford

John Haleton Hopton

John Haleton Clifford

John Handlo St Briavels

John Hanewode Moreton Corbet

John Hasting Burford

John Hastings Ewias Lacy

John Hastings Painscastle

John Haulou Ewias Lacy

John Havering Berkhamsted

John Holle Burford

John Hommet Wilton

John Hopton Hopton

John Hopton Kandivant Ewias Lacy

John Huntington Kington

John Huntley Skenfrith

John Ingham Montgomery

John Iwayn Oystermouth

John Jay Clun

John Kaukewell Montgomery

John Kilpeck Chronology

John Kinlet Wigmore Castle

John Kinsham Burford

John Knill Ewias Lacy

John Knokyn Burford

John Knyvet Buckenham

John Lacy Ewias Lacy

John Lacy Wilton

John Lacy of Chester Buckenham

John le Bretun Montgomery

John le Brun Pembridge

John le Fauconer Moreton Corbet

John le Marshal Montgomery

John le Poer Clifford

John le Poer Richards Castle

John le Wrothe Moreton Corbet

John Lee Montgomery

John Leland Moreton Corbet

John Lestrange Grosmont

John Lestrange Montgomery

John Lestrange Clifford

John Lestrange Moreton Corbet

John Lestrange Painscastle

John Lestrange Chronology

John Lestrange Brampton

John Lestrange Clun

John Lestrange Burford

John Lestrange Richards Castle

John Lestrange White

John Lestrange Skenfrith

John Lestrange Longtown

John Lestrange Junior Clifford

John Lestrange Senior Clifford

John Lingen Burford

John Lingen Montgomery

John Lingen Hopton

John Lingen Brampton

John Lingen Chronology

John Lodbrok Montgomery

John Lovetot Hopton

John Malemort St Briavels

John Mansel Montgomery

John Mansel Clun

John Mar Burford

John Marchamley Hopton

John Marchamley Moreton Corbet

John Marchamley Richards Castle

John Mare Kington

John Marshall Longtown

John Marshall Buckenham

John Marshall Clun

John Mauduit Ewias Lacy

John Monmouth Montgomery

John Monmouth Longtown

John Monmouth White

John Monmouth Hay on Wye

John Monmouth Kington

John Monmouth Brampton

John Monmouth Grosmont

John Monmouth Clun

John Monmouth St Briavels

John Monmouth Burford

John Monmouth Radnor

John Monmouth Painscastle

John Monmouth Clifford

John Monmouth Chronology

John Monmouth Skenfrith

John Mowbray Oystermouth

John Moyne Wilton

John Muscegros Painscastle

John Muscegros Chronology

John Napford Ewias Lacy

John Neville Ewias Lacy

John Neville Wilton

John Ocha Burford

John of Gaunt Skenfrith

John of Gaunt Pembridge

John of Gaunt White

John of Gaunt Grosmont

John Okeling Ewias Lacy

John Olynton Burford

John Orreby Buckenham

John Overton Burford

John Pecche Burford

John Penres Chronology

John Picard Hay on Wye

John Poer Radnor

John Port Kington

John Praeres Montgomery

John Ragon Clifford

John Ragon Ewias Lacy

John Reigny Radnor

John Russell Longtown

John Saint Albin Burford

John Sapey Montgomery

John Says Clun

John Scudamore Brampton

John Scudamore Ewias Lacy

John Seingeham Montgomery

John Sherthales Ewias Lacy

John Smert Kington

John Solars Clifford

John Solars Hay on Wye

John Speed Radnor

John St Audoneo Burford

John Staunton Hopton

John Sturmy Burford

John Stuteville Burford

John Swindford Ewias Lacy

John Talbot Ewias Lacy

John Talbot Richards Castle

John the Scot Buckenham

John Thurville Clifford

John Tope Clifford

John Tregoz Burford

John Tregoz Ewias Lacy

John Turbeville Brampton

John Turbeville Ewias Lacy

John Upton Moreton Corbet

John Vaux Montgomery

John Venuz Ewias Lacy

John Verdun Longtown

John Verdun Ewias Lacy

John Verdun Chronology

John Verdun Painscastle

John Vescy Montgomery

John Voel Montgomery

John Waldeboef Chronology

John Waldeboef Longtown

John Walensis Richards Castle

John Warenne Clun

John Webb Brampton

John Winterkote Ewias Lacy

John Wyard Burford

John Wygeton Burford

John Wysham St Briavels

John Yvon Ewias Lacy

Jordan Alreto Brampton

Jordan Fantosme Kington

Jordan Hespele Richards Castle

Jordan Hespele Hopton

Jordan Ludford Burford

Jordan Say Burford

Jordan Say Richards Castle

Jordan St Mary Moreton Corbet

Joscelin Malines Montgomery

Joyce de la Zouche Burford

Joyce Dinan Clifford

Joyce Dinan Richards Castle

Joyce Dinan Grosmont

Joyce Dinan Chronology

Joyce Dinan Radnor

Joyce Dinan Skenfrith

Joyce Dinan Wigmore Tourist

Joyce Dinan Hereford Beacon

Joyce Dinan Longtown

Joyce Dinan Wigmore Castle

Joyce Dinan Richards Castle

Joyce Dinan White

Joyce Mortimer Burford

Judhael Totnes Radnor

Juliana Corbet Moreton Corbet

Jumieges abbey Wigmore Castle

Kaleturboghan Middle Wye

Kalken Abbey Cwmhir

Karnaff Abbey Cwmhir

Katharine de la Monee Ewias Lacy

Katharine of Aragon Berkhamsted

Katrina Lacy Clun

Kay Croys Abbey Cwmhir

Kay Newode Vavre Ydike Abbey Cwmhir

Kayneiche Abbey Cwmhir

Kelemont Montgomery

Kellitravant Oystermouth

Kells Longtown

Kelunrucy Abbey Cwmhir

Kempley Longtown

Kempley Wilton

Kempley Ewias Lacy

Kempsey Wilton

Kempsey Brampton

Kempsey Wigmore Tourist

Kempton Clun

Kenbalva Abbey Cwmhir

Kenchester Ewias Lacy

Kenchester Hereford Beacon

Kenderchurch Ewias Lacy

Kenelet ap Shlackhett Burford

Kenewjel ap Meylan Painscastle

Kenewrec ab Adam White

Kenfig Chronology

Kenfig Oystermouth

Kenilworth Clifford

Kenilworth Burford

Kenilworth Kington

Kenilworth Hay on Wye

Kenilworth Montgomery

Kenilworth Oystermouth

Kenilworth Richards Castle

Kenilworth Wigmore Tourist

Kent White

Kentchurch Grosmont

Kerling Painscastle

Kertlynges Painscastle

Kesin Middle Wye

Kevengalonkok Clun

Keysoe Richards Castle

Kidwelly Oystermouth

Kidwelly White

Kidwelly Ogmore

Kidwelly Painscastle

Kidwelly Grosmont

Kidwelly Radnor

Kidwelly Skenfrith

Killowent Clun

Kilmore Longtown

Kilnerton Clun

Kilpeck Hereford Beacon

Kilpeck Ewias Lacy

Kilpeck Kington

Kilpeck Chronology

Kilpeck White

Kilpeck Radnor

Kilpeck Wilton

Kilvrough Oystermouth

King Alfonso of Castile Ewias Lacy

King Alfred Hereford Beacon

King Arthur Wigmore Tourist

King Athelstan Hereford Beacon

King Clydawg Longtown

King Edgarus Longtown

King Edward the Confessor Burford

King Harold Grosmont

King Harold Painscastle

King Harold Hereford Beacon

King Harold II Wigmore Tourist

King Harold II Kington

King Harthacanute Hereford Beacon

King John Brampton

King John White

King John Berkhamsted

King John Burford

King John Clifford

King John St Briavels

King John Hereford Beacon

King John Richards Castle

King John Skenfrith

King John Grosmont

King John Moreton Corbet

King John Oystermouth

King John Wilton

King John Ogmore

King John Clun

King John Painscastle

King John Radnor

King John Pembridge

King John Middle Wye

King John Longtown

King John Montgomery

King John Moreton Corbet

King John Kington

King John of France Berkhamsted

King Louis VII Buckenham

King Louis VII Longtown

King Louis VII of France Wilton

King Macbeth Longtown

King Malcolm of Scotland White

King Malcolm of Scotland Skenfrith

King Malcolm of Scotland Grosmont

King Merewalh Hereford Beacon

King O'Rourke Longtown

King Offa Kington

King Penda of Mercia Hereford Beacon

King Philip Augustus Clun

King Philip Augustus of France Richards Castle

King Philip Augustus of France Painscastle

King Philip of France Skenfrith

King Philip of France Grosmont

King Rhydderch Longtown

King Richard Abbey Cwmhir

King Richard White

King Richard Buckenham

King Richard Skenfrith

King Stephen Radnor

King Stephen Grosmont

King Stephen Clifford

King Stephen Oystermouth

King Stephen Hereford Beacon

King Stephen White

King Stephen Clun

King Stephen Skenfrith

King Stephen Kington

King Stephen Buckenham

King Stephen Wilton

King Stephen Wigmore Castle

King Stephen St Briavels

King Stephen Painscastle

King Stephen Longtown

King Stephen Richards Castle

King Stephen Ogmore

King Stephen Hay on Wye

King Stephen Wigmore Tourist

King Trahaearn of Gwynedd Ogmore

King Trahaearn of Gwynedd Oystermouth

King William Hereford Beacon

King William Rufus Longtown

King's Lynn Painscastle

King's Lynn Buckenham

King's Nympton Burford

King's Pyon Ewias Lacy

King's Pyon Longtown

Kingerby Buckenham

Kings Caple Wilton

Kingsham Wilton

Kingsland Grosmont

Kingsland Hay on Wye

Kingsland Longtown

Kingsland Painscastle

Kingsland Skenfrith

Kingsland Chronology

Kingsland White

Kingsland Radnor

Kingsland Ten Castle

Kingston Richards Castle

Kingston Burford

Kingston by Givele Burford

Kingston upon Hull Wigmore Castle

Kingstone Ewias Lacy

Kingstone Hay on Wye

Kingswood Kington

Kingthorpe Ewias Lacy

Kington Chronology

Kington Burford

Kington Grosmont

Kington Hereford Beacon

Kington Hay on Wye

Kington Longtown

Kington Montgomery

Kington Ten Castle

Kington Radnor

Kington White

Kington Skenfrith

Kington Wilton

Kington church Kington

Kington St Michael Wigmore Castle

Kinlet Brampton

Kinlet Wigmore Castle

Kinnerley Chronology

Kinnerley Clifford

Kinnerley Clun

Kinnerley Montgomery

Kinnersley Wigmore Castle

Kinnersley Chronology

Kinnersley Pembridge

Kinnersley Brampton

Kinnerton Radnor

Kinnerton Chronology

Kinnerton Moreton Corbet

Kinnerton Ten Castle

Kinsham Kington

Kirk and West Ella Wigmore Castle

Knap Radnor

Knapton Wigmore Castle

Knaresborough White

Knaresborough Skenfrith

Knaresborough Grosmont

Knepp Skenfrith

Knepp Grosmont

Knighton Clifford

Knighton Clun

Knighton Hay on Wye

Knighton Brampton

Knighton Chronology

Knighton Burford

Knighton Grosmont

Knighton Longtown

Knighton Kington

Knighton Skenfrith

Knighton Richards Castle

Knighton Radnor

Knighton White

Knill Richards Castle

Knoakes Court Ten Castle

Knockin Burford

Knockin Clun

Knockin Clifford

Knockin Brampton

Knockin Chronology

Knockin Montgomery

Knockin Painscastle

Knockin Richards Castle

Knowl Wigmore Castle

Knuc Ewias Lacy

Knucklas Chronology

Knucklas Middle Wye

Knucklas Burford

Knucklas Wigmore Tourist

Knucklas Brampton

Knucklas Abbey Cwmhir

Kokilhir Abbey Cwmhir

Kokylbir Abbey Cwmhir

Kole I Gillyn Abbey Cwmhir

Kologuond Abbey Cwmhir

Kylache Kowred Abbey Cwmhir

Kylerumey Abbey Cwmhir

Kyllerrhos Abbey Cwmhir

Kylwylft Abbey Cwmhir

Kynewrek Seys Brampton

Kyngeslon Burford

Kynwric ab Einion Moreton Corbet

Kynwric ap Gruffydd Moreton Corbet

Kyre Richards Castle

Kyre Wiard Burford

La Barre-en-Ouche Brampton

La Croix Saint Leufroi Painscastle

La Dole Montgomery

La Hethe Ewias Lacy

La Leigh Wilton

La Munede Clun

La Newehall Ewias Lacy

La Roche-aux-Moines Richards Castle

La Rochelle Richards Castle

La Rochelle Clifford

La Strehalle Painscastle

Lady Jane Grey Wilton

Lady Langdale Burford

Lambert Benedict Hay on Wye

Lambert Carlevilla Wigmore Castle

Lambert Cassel Skenfrith

Lambert Monetario Hay on Wye

Lambeth Painscastle

Lamburn Ogmore

Lampadevar Montgomery

Lampeter Chronology

Lamyatt Kington

Lan Cinith Hay on Wye

Lancaster Skenfrith

Lancaster Grosmont

Landewaslan Middle Wye

Landric Boceio Radnor

Lanegerweth Tringor'Abbey Cwmhir

Langeford Painscastle

Langley Moreton Corbet

Langrove Oystermouth

Langworth Ewias Lacy

Lann divailauc Hay on Wye

Lann ethrion Hay on Wye

Lann Sulbiu Ewias Lacy

Lanncadauc Hay on Wye

Lannelli Hay on Wye

Lanngevelach Hay on Wye

Lassy Longtown

Laugharne Ogmore

Laugharne Chronology

Launceston Berkhamsted

Launceston Clifford

Launceston Richards Castle

Launceston Radnor

Laurence the clerk Clifford

Laver Painscastle

Laverstoke Richards Castle

Lawley Moreton Corbet

Lawrence Fitz Hugh Grosmont

Lawrence Ludlow Burford

Lawton Longtown

Lawton Ewias Lacy

Laysters Kington

Le Goulet Painscastle

Le Hey Moreton Corbet

Le Lierru Painscastle

Le Lyndeweye Wilton

Le Mesnil-de-Briouze Ten Castle

Le More Brampton

Le More Ewias Lacy

Le Vaudreuil Painscastle

Le Vimeu Wigmore Castle

Lea bridge Moreton Corbet

Leadon Hereford Beacon

Leadon Longtown

Lechricht Abbey Cwmhir

Lectongenvargh Montgomery

Ledbury Longtown

Ledbury Hereford Beacon

Ledbury Kington

Ledbury North Wigmore Castle

Ledbury North Montgomery

Ledicot Longtown

Ledicot Wigmore Castle

Ledicot Ewias Lacy

Ledicot Brampton

Leegomery Moreton Corbet

Legate Pantulf Skenfrith

Legate Pantulf White

Legate Pantulf Grosmont

Legate Pelagius Buckenham

Leghton Ewias Lacy

Leghwython Abbey Cwmhir

Legwythan Abbey Cwmhir

Leicester Richards Castle

Leicester Grosmont

Leicester Pembridge

Leighton Montgomery

Leinster Ewias Lacy

Leinthall Radnor

Leinthall Wigmore Castle

Leinthall Earls Wigmore Castle

Leinthall Earls Brampton

Leinthall Starkes Wigmore Castle

Leinthall Starkes Brampton

Leintwardine Brampton

Leintwardine Burford

Leintwardine Wigmore Castle

Leintwardine Clun

Lemeton Burford

Leofnoth Burford

Leominster Chronology

Leominster Clifford

Leominster Brampton

Leominster Grosmont

Leominster Hay on Wye

Leominster Kington

Leominster Longtown

Leominster Montgomery

Leominster Pembridge

Leominster Painscastle

Leominster White

Leominster Ten Castle

Leominster Richards Castle

Leominster Wigmore Castle

Leominster priory Wilton

Leoninus Buckenham

Leonius ap Leonius Montgomery

Les Andelys Wilton

Les Andelys Buckenham

Les Andelys Clun

Les Andelys Painscastle

Lessay Buckenham

Lessendon Painscastle

Lethi Richards Castle

Letterston Chronology

Letton Ewias Lacy

Letton Wigmore Castle

Letton Kington

Letton Brampton

Letton Longtown

Lewes Burford

Lewes Hay on Wye

Lewes Brampton

Lewes Buckenham

Lewes Clun

Lewes Berkhamsted

Lewes Ewias Lacy

Lewes Pembridge

Lewes Radnor

Lewes Richards Castle

Lewes Wigmore Tourist

Lewes Wilton

Lewis ap Gruffydd Chronology

Lewis de la Pole Montgomery

Lichfield Montgomery

Lidwode Moreton Corbet

Lieutenant-Colonel Reinking Moreton Corbet

Lilleborn Ewias Lacy

Lilleshall abbey Wigmore Castle

Lillyngton Ewias Lacy

Limoges Richards Castle

Limousin Wilton

Linberge Ewias Lacy

Linchoit Grosmont

Linchoit White

Lincoln Grosmont

Lincoln Hereford Beacon

Lincoln Longtown

Lincoln Painscastle

Lincoln Buckenham

Lincoln Moreton Corbet

Lincoln Wigmore Castle

Linde Painscastle

Lindon Painscastle

Lingen Wigmore Castle

Lingen Brampton

Linslade Moreton Corbet

Linton Wilton

Lira Brampton

Lire Painscastle

Lisieux Wigmore Castle

Litchborough Richards Castle

Litchborough Burford

Litley Wigmore Tourist

Litley Ewias Lacy

Little Brampton Clun

Little Brampton Burford

Little Brampton Richards Castle

Little Cowarne Burford

Little Cowarne Richards Castle

Little Cowarne Kington

Little Cressingham Painscastle

Little Flecknoe Ewias Lacy

Little Frome Longtown

Little Hereford Richards Castle

Little Hereford Ten Castle

Little Hereford Hereford Beacon

Little Hereford Painscastle

Little Lydney St Briavels

Little Marcle Longtown

Little Marcle Ewias Lacy

Little Merthyr Kington

Little Rhadley Montgomery

Little Sarnesfield Ten Castle

Little Tarrington Painscastle

Little Thinghill Kington

Little Weston Montgomery

Little Wodeham Burford

Little Wood Ten Castle

Littleton Kington

Littleton Richards Castle

Litton Ten Castle

Llaithddu Abbey Cwmhir

Llampha Ogmore

Llan y Bryn-hir Abbey Cwmhir

Llan-giwg Oystermouth

Llananno Abbey Cwmhir

Llanbadarn Abbey Cwmhir

Llanbadarn-Fynydd Abbey Cwmhir

Llanbadarn-y-Garreg Painscastle

Llanbedr Painscastle

Llanbister Abbey Cwmhir

Llanblethian Chronology

Llancillo Ewias Lacy

Llancillo Kington

Llancillo Longtown

Llandaff Chronology

Llandaff Longtown

Llandaff Ogmore

Llandaff Grosmont

Llandaff Skenfrith

Llanddew Hay on Wye

Llanddew Radnor

Llanddewi-fach Painscastle

Llandeilo Montgomery

Llandeilo Graben Painscastle

Llandovery Clifford

Llandovery Brampton

Llandovery Chronology

Llandovery Grosmont

Llandovery Hay on Wye

Llandovery Middle Wye

Llandovery Painscastle

Llandovery White

Llandovery Richards Castle

Llandovery Skenfrith

Llandovery Wilton

Llandwy Abbey Cwmhir

Llaneglwys Chronology

Llaneglwys Middle Wye

Llanegwad Chronology

Llanelwedd Painscastle

Llanfair Waterdine Clun

Llanfaredd Painscastle

Llanfihangel Chronology

Llanfihangel Crucorney White

Llanfihangel Crucorney Grosmont

Llanfihangel Nant Melan Ten Castle

Llanfihangel Ystern Llewern White

Llanfihangel-ar-Arrwy Painscastle

Llanfyllin Montgomery

Llangadog Chronology

Llanganten Montgomery

Llangattock White

Llangattock Brampton

Llangattock Lingoed White

Llangattock Lingoed Grosmont

Llangennith Oystermouth

Llangibby Wilton

Llangorse Longtown

Llangorse Hay on Wye

Llangorse Chronology

Llangua White

Llangua Skenfrith

Llangua Grosmont

Llangurig Abbey Cwmhir

Llangynllo Abbey Cwmhir

Llangynog Abbey Cwmhir

Llangynog Middle Wye

Llangynwyd Chronology

Llanidloes Brampton

Llanigon Hay on Wye

Llanilar Middle Wye

Llannerch Hudol Chronology

Llanrhidian Ogmore

Llanrhystud Chronology

Llansadwrn Chronology

Llansantffraed yn Elvel Painscastle

Llansantffraed yn Elvel Abbey Cwmhir

Llanstephan Ogmore

Llanstephan Oystermouth

Llanstephan Longtown

Llanstephan Chronology

Llanstephan Painscastle

Llanstephan Radnor

Llanthony White

Llanthony Chronology

Llanthony Longtown

Llanthony abbey Grosmont

Llanthony priory, Ewias Lacy

Llanthony priory Richards Castle

Llanthony priory Wilton

Llanthony Secunda Hereford Beacon

Llantilio Skenfrith

Llantilio Grosmont

Llantilio Crossenny White

Llantrisant Skenfrith

Llantrisant Grosmont

Llantrisant Chronology

Llantrisant White

Llanvaes Radnor

Llanveynoe Longtown

Llanvihangel Cefnllys Abbey Cwmhir

Llanwarne Longtown

Llanwyddelan Chronology

Llanyre Abbey Cwmhir

Llawhaden Chronology

Llawhaden Radnor

Llebenydd Chronology

Llechehihan Abbey Cwmhir

Llechelwihan Abbey Cwmhir

Llechrhyd Abbey Cwmhir

Lleision ap Morgan Chronology

Llete Irmeddu Abbey Cwmhir

Llowen Jane Abbey Cwmhir

Llowes Painscastle

Lloyd Deve David Abbey Cwmhir

Llwynarth Oystermouth

Llwyngwyn Abbey Cwmhir

Llyn Chronology

Llyn Longtown

Llyncoed Grosmont

Llyncoed Skenfrith

Llyncoed White

Llynegwestl Chronology

Llyswen Painscastle

Llyswen Middle Wye

Llythyfnwg Wigmore Castle

Llythyfnwg Abbey Cwmhir

Llythyfnwg Ten Castle

Llywarch ap Philip Painscastle

Llywarch ap Trahaearn Chronology

Llywelyn ab Anarawd Abbey Cwmhir

Llywelyn ab Anarawd Hay on Wye

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Clun

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Abbey Cwmhir

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Richards Castle

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Longtown

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Oystermouth

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Brampton

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Hay on Wye

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Clifford

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Middle Wye

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Kington

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Skenfrith

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth St Briavels

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth White

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Montgomery

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Burford

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Wigmore Castle

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Painscastle

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Radnor

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Ogmore

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Grosmont

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Chronology

Llywelyn ab Owain Ogmore

Llywelyn ab Owain Hopton

Llywelyn ab Owain Chronology

Llywelyn ab Owain Fychan [Mechain] Chronology

Llywelyn ab Owain of Mechain Chronology

Llywelyn ap Cadwgan Chronology

Llywelyn ap Dafydd Montgomery

Llywelyn ap Goronwy Abbey Cwmhir

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Kington

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Abbey Cwmhir

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Ewias Lacy

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Clun

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Brampton

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Wigmore Castle

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Grosmont

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Burford

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Hay on Wye

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Clifford

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Wigmore Tourist

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Middle Wye

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Hopton

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Skenfrith

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Chronology

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Montgomery

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Ogmore

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Radnor

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Oystermouth

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd White

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Pembridge

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Painscastle

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd of Bromfield Hopton

Llywelyn ap Gurwareth Middle Wye

Llywelyn ap Madog Chronology

Llywelyn ap Maredudd Montgomery

Llywelyn ap Maredudd Kington

Llywelyn ap Maredudd Clun

Llywelyn ap Maredudd Brampton

Llywelyn ap Rhys Chronology

Llywelyn Ddu Moreton Corbet

Llywelyn de Kolebe Montgomery

Llywelyn Fawr Moreton Corbet

Llywelyn Fychan Chronology

Llywelyn Fychan of Bromfield Montgomery

Llywelyn of Gwynedd Wilton

Llywelyn Vaughan Clun

Loches Pembridge

Loddon Bridge Buckenham

Lofwin Fitz Lofwin Richards Castle

londgovel Buckenham

London Buckenham

London Pembridge

London Wilton

London Wigmore Tourist

Long Newton Burford

Long Newton Richards Castle

Longavilla Buckenham

Longborough Clifford

Longbridge Brampton

Longchamps Wilton

Longefeud Clun

Longford Moreton Corbet

Longford Longtown

Longney Clifford

Longtown Richards Castle

Longtown Hay on Wye

Longtown Burford

Longtown Berkhamsted

Longtown Brampton

Longtown Chronology

Longtown Ewias Lacy

Longtown Grosmont

Longtown Kington

Longtown Painscastle

Longtown Clifford

Longtown White

Longtown Skenfrith

Longtown Ten Castle

Longtown Wilton

Longworth Clifford

Lonlay Radnor

Lord Colville Moreton Corbet

Lord Edward Clifford

Lord Edward Hay on Wye

Lord Edward Clun

Lord Edward Buckenham

Lord Edward Burford

Lord Edward Chronology

Lord Edward Grosmont

Lord Edward Ewias Lacy

Lord Edward Kington

Lord Edward Painscastle

Lord Edward Ogmore

Lord Edward Skenfrith

Lord Edward White

Lord Edward Wigmore Tourist

Lord Edward Wilton

Lord Herbert Brampton

Lord Russell Wilton

Loton Moreton Corbet

Lougher Oystermouth

Lougher Moreton Corbet

Lougher Chronology

Loughton Moreton Corbet

Lower Harpton Richards Castle

Lower Hergest Kington

Lower Lyde Court Ewias Lacy

Lower Sapey Burford

Lower Sapey Richards Castle

Lower Stanage Burford

Lower Swell Clifford

Lower Swell Painscastle

Luca Lignon Radnor

Luckington Wigmore Castle

Luckinton Burford

Lucy Ballon White

Lucy Ballon Grosmont

Lucy Clifford Burford

Lucy Clifford Richards Castle

Lucy Haget Moreton Corbet

Lucy Toret Moreton Corbet

Luda Clifford

Lude Muscegros Ewias Lacy

Ludford Richards Castle

Ludgate Wilton

Ludlow Hay on Wye

Ludlow Clun

Ludlow St Briavels

Ludlow Chronology

Ludlow Brampton

Ludlow Ewias Lacy

Ludlow Hopton

Ludlow Hereford Beacon

Ludlow Longtown

Ludlow Montgomery

Ludlow Kington

Ludlow Moreton Corbet

Ludlow Radnor

Ludlow Wigmore Castle

Ludlow Wigmore Tourist

Ludlow Richards Castle

Lugg Burford

Lugg Clun

Lugg Abbey Cwmhir

Lugg Radnor

Lugg Richards Castle

Lugg Ten Castle

Lugg Hereford Beacon

Luggershall Painscastle

Lugwardine Wilton

Lugwardine Hereford Beacon

Luke Poniges Burford

Luke Tany Montgomery

Lund Wigmore Castle

Luntley Pembridge

Lurkenhope Clun

Lurwode Clun

Luscombe Clun

Luttele Brampton

Lutterworth Ewias Lacy

Lydbury North Chronology

Lydbury North Clun

Lydbury North Brampton

Lyde Ewias Lacy

Lyde Longtown

Lyde Arundel Longtown

Lydham Chronology

Lydham Montgomery

Lydham Clun

Lydney Ten Castle

Lydney Wilton

Lydney St Briavels

Lydney Grosmont

Lye Ten Castle

Lye Wigmore Castle

Lye Radnor

Lye Richards Castle

Lye Brampton

Lymbent Abbey Cwmhir

Lyons-la-Foret Wilton

Lyonshall Clun

Lyonshall Burford

Lyonshall Buckenham

Lyonshall Hay on Wye

Lyonshall Brampton

Lyonshall Chronology

Lyonshall Ewias Lacy

Lyonshall Longtown

Lyonshall Pembridge

Lyonshall Wigmore Tourist

Lyre White

Lyre Skenfrith

Lyre Burford

Lyre abbey St Briavels

Lyre abbey Wilton

Lyre abbey Skenfrith

Lyre abbey Grosmont

Lytell I Vard Abbey Cwmhir

Mabel Marmion Richards Castle

Mabel Say Richards Castle

Mabelfyw Chronology

Mabudrud Chronology

Mabwynion Chronology

Machen Chronology

Machnagdy Abbey Cwmhir

Machynlleth Chronology

Madgett Longtown

Madog ab Einion Chronology

Madog ab Idnerth Wigmore Castle

Madog ab Idnerth Clun

Madog ab Idnerth Painscastle

Madog ab Idnerth Abbey Cwmhir

Madog ab Ieuaf Moreton Corbet

Madog ab Ithel Abbey Cwmhir

Madog ab Owain Clifford

Madog ab Owain Painscastle

Madog ab Owain Abbey Cwmhir

Madog ab Wronu Grosmont

Madog ap Cadwallon Montgomery

Madog ap Gruffydd Clun

Madog ap Gruffydd Longtown

Madog ap Gruffydd Maelor Chronology

Madog ap Gruffydd of Bromfield Montgomery

Madog ap Gwenwynwyn Montgomery

Madog ap Llywelyn Moreton Corbet

Madog ap Llywelyn Burford

Madog ap Llywelyn Clun

Madog ap Llywelyn Montgomery

Madog ap Maelgwn Abbey Cwmhir

Madog ap Maelgwn Chronology

Madog ap Maredudd White

Madog ap Maredudd Montgomery

Madog ap Maredudd Chronology

Madog ap Maredudd Grosmont

Madog ap Maredudd Skenfrith

Madog ap Rhiryd Chronology

Madog ap Seisyll White

Madog Bockenhul Clun

Madog Fychan Chronology

Madog Fychan ap Madog Chronology

Madog Fychan of Bromfield Chronology

Madog Hama Hopton

Madog Lloyd Montgomery

Madog Sutton Moreton Corbet

Madog Vaughan Chronology

Madog Vaughan Middle Wye

Maelgwn ap Cadwallon Hay on Wye

Maelgwn ap Cadwallon Abbey Cwmhir

Maelgwn ap Cadwallon Montgomery

Maelgwn ap Cadwallon Chronology

Maelgwn ap Maelgwn Montgomery

Maelgwn ap Maelgwn Chronology

Maelgwn ap Rhys Clun

Maelgwn ap Rhys Oystermouth

Maelgwn ap Rhys Chronology

Maelgwn ap Rhys Montgomery

Maelgwn ap Rhys Ogmore

Maelgwn Fychan Chronology

Maelgwn Fychan Middle Wye

Maelgwn Ieuanc Middle Wye

Maelienydd Abbey Cwmhir

Maelienydd Hay on Wye

Maelienydd Clun

Maelienydd Wigmore Castle

Maelienydd Burford

Maelienydd Chronology

Maelienydd Grosmont

Maelienydd Hereford Beacon

Maelienydd Montgomery

Maelienydd Middle Wye

Maelienydd Kington

Maelienydd Oystermouth

Maelienydd Ogmore

Maelienydd Painscastle

Maelienydd Skenfrith

Maelienydd Radnor

Maelienydd Ten Castle

Maelienydd Brampton

Maelienydd Wigmore Tourist

Maelor Burford

Maelor Saesneg Chronology

Maenclochog Chronology

Maenor Deilo Chronology

Maes Hyfaid Ten Castle

Maes Madog Painscastle

Maes Madog Montgomery

Maes Madog Moreton Corbet

Maesbrook Montgomery

Maesycrugiau Abbey Cwmhir

Maghene Ewias Lacy

Maghene Aubin Ewias Lacy

Magnus Barefoot Dinas Emrys

Mahel Hereford Skenfrith

Mahel Hereford Grosmont

Mahel Hereford Radnor

Mahel Hereford Hay on Wye

Mahel Neufmarché Hay on Wye

Maine Painscastle

Mainstone Clun

Maismanan Wilton

Major Bridgeman Moreton Corbet

Makadolor Monakes Abbey Cwmhir

Mallaen Chronology

Malmesbury Clifford

Malmesbury Wigmore Castle

Malmesbury Longtown

Malmesbury Clun

Malmesbury Buckenham

Malvern Brampton

Malvern Hills Hereford Beacon

Mamble Wigmore Castle

Manasser Biset Wilton

Manasser Biset Hay on Wye

Mannewyteschirche Ewias Lacy

Mansell Gamage Longtown

Mansell Gamage Ewias Lacy

Mansell Gamage Pembridge

Mansell Lacy Ewias Lacy

Mansell Lacy Ten Castle

Mapnors Burford

Marchamley Hopton

Marden Wilton

Marden Hereford Beacon

Marden Longtown

Maredudd ab Einion Clud Painscastle

Maredudd ab Owain Hay on Wye

Maredudd ab Owain Grosmont

Maredudd ab Owain Wigmore Tourist

Maredudd ab Owain Ogmore

Maredudd ab Owain Oystermouth

Maredudd ab Owain Radnor

Maredudd ab Owain Brampton

Maredudd ab Owain Chronology

Maredudd ab Owain Montgomery

Maredudd ap Bleddyn Chronology

Maredudd ap Caradog Chronology

Maredudd ap Cynan Chronology

Maredudd ap Cynan Painscastle

Maredudd ap Gruffydd Chronology

Maredudd ap Gunrunnoch Clifford

Maredudd ap Gunrunnoch Clun

Maredudd ap Hywel Chronology

Maredudd ap Llywelyn Chronology

Maredudd ap Madog Chronology

Maredudd ap Maelgwn Chronology

Maredudd ap Maelgwn Abbey Cwmhir

Maredudd ap Maelgwn Montgomery

Maredudd ap Owain Hereford Beacon

Maredudd ap Owain Wilton

Maredudd ap Rhicert Chronology

Maredudd ap Rhobert Montgomery

Maredudd ap Rhobert Clun

Maredudd ap Rhobert Painscastle

Maredudd ap Rhobert Abbey Cwmhir

Maredudd ap Rhydderch Chronology

Maredudd ap Rhys Brampton

Maredudd ap Rhys Ogmore

Maredudd ap Rhys Wilton

Maredudd ap Rhys Radnor

Maredudd ap Rhys Middle Wye

Maredudd ap Rhys Chronology

Maredudd ap Rhys Wigmore Tourist

Maredudd ap Rhys Gryg Montgomery

Maredudd ap Robert Chronology

Margan Chronology

Margan abbey Ogmore

Margan abbey Oystermouth

Margaret Beaumont Painscastle

Margaret Bohun Hay on Wye

Margaret Brampton Brampton

Margaret Braose Longtown

Margaret Clifford Richards Castle

Margaret Ferrers Wilton

Margaret Grey Wilton

Margaret Lacy Ewias Lacy

Margaret Lasne Ten Castle

Margaret Mortimer Burford

Margaret of Anjou Buckenham

Margaret of Scotland Skenfrith

Margaret Say Richards Castle

Margaret Say Chronology

Margaret Say Burford

Margaret Tosny Clifford

Margaret Tosny Middle Wye

Margaret Tosny Painscastle

Margery Creik Buckenham

Margery Fitz Isolde Radnor

Margery Lacy Ewias Lacy

Margery Lacy Longtown

Margery Longchamp Wilton

Margery the daughter of Isolda Ten Castle

Margia Purslow Clun

Marham Buckenham

Maria Erdington Moreton Corbet

Marlborough Hereford Beacon

Marlborough Buckenham

Marlborough Longtown

Marlborough Wigmore Tourist

Marlborough Clifford

Marlbrook Moreton Corbet

Marlbrook Richards Castle

Marlbrook Burford

Marsh Court Ewias Lacy

Marston Ewias Lacy

Marston Stannett Ewias Lacy

Marston Stannett Longtown

Martel Aubigny Buckenham

Martin Russel Moreton Corbet

Martley Longtown

Marton Montgomery

Mary Braose Oystermouth

Mary Erdington Clun

Mascott Moreton Corbet

Maskadolor Monakes Abbey Cwmhir

Master Henry Bray Grosmont

Master Hugh Clifford

Master Serlon Buckenham

Mateurdin Ten Castle

Mateurdin Kington

Mathias Cygoing Skenfrith

Mathon Clifford

Mathon Longtown

Mathon Hereford Beacon

Mathrafal Chronology

Mathrafal Clun

Matilda Bigod Buckenham

Matilda Braose Hay on Wye

Matilda Braose Ten Castle

Matilda Braose Kington

Matilda Braose Wigmore Tourist

Matilda Braose Brampton

Matilda Butler Hopton

Matilda Cantilupe Wilton

Matilda Chaworth Skenfrith

Matilda Chaworth White

Matilda Chaworth Grosmont

Matilda Clare Grosmont

Matilda Clare Skenfrith

Matilda Clare White

Matilda Clifford Wilton

Matilda Clifford Clifford

Matilda d'Oilly Skenfrith

Matilda d'Oilly White

Matilda d'Oilly Grosmont

Matilda Dover Wilton

Matilda Genevre Ewias Lacy

Matilda Gloucester Clifford

Matilda Grey Wilton

Matilda Lacy Montgomery

Matilda Laigle Buckenham

Matilda le Mechin Wigmore Castle

Matilda le Mechin Wigmore Tourist

Matilda London Ogmore

Matilda Longspey Montgomery

Matilda Longspey Clifford

Matilda Mortimer Burford

Matilda Mortimer Radnor

Matilda Mortimer Painscastle

Matilda Pantulf Hopton

Matilda Pembridge Pembridge

Matilda Port Kington

Matilda St Valery Pembridge

Matilda St Valery Longtown

Matilda St Valery Brampton

Matilda St Valery Hay on Wye

Matilda St Valery Painscastle

Matilda Tregoz Ewias Lacy

Matthew Esgoteby Montgomery

Matthew Fitz Herbert Chronology

Matthew Fitz Herbert Longtown

Matthew Fitz John Burford

Matthew Gamages Middle Wye

Matthew Gamages Chronology

Matthew Gamages Ewias Lacy

Matthew Gamages Clifford

Matthew Gamages Brampton

Matthew Gamages Painscastle

Matthew Gamages Wilton

Matthew Gamages Burford

Matthew Hereford Skenfrith

Matthew Paris Radnor

Matthew Paris Painscastle

Maund Longtown

Maurice Audley Ewias Lacy

Maurice Berkeley Brampton

Maurice Dinedor Clifford

Maurice Dinedor Longtown

Maurice Fitz Henry Longtown

Maurice Fitz William Ogmore

Maurice Fitz William London Chronology

Maurice Fitz William London Longtown

Maurice Hereford Hay on Wye

Maurice London Oystermouth

Maurice London Grosmont

Maurice London Ogmore

Maurice London Skenfrith

Maurice London White

Maurice London Kington

Maurley Wigmore Castle

Mawardyne Radnor

Mawddwy Chronology

Mawddwy Montgomery

Mawfield Longtown

Mays I Nerth Abbey Cwmhir

Maysecrougur Abbey Cwmhir

Maysegragur Abbey Cwmhir

Maysheueyt Richards Castle

Meath Longtown

Meath Ewias Lacy

Mechain Chronology

Mechain Uwch Coed Montgomery

Mefenydd Ogmore

Mefenydd Chronology

Meilyr ap Rhiwallon Ogmore

Meilyr ap Rhiwallon Oystermouth

Meirchion ap Rhys Grosmont

Meirchion ap Rhys Ogmore

Meirchion ap Rhys Longtown

Meirchion ap Rhys Oystermouth

Meirionydd Clun

Meirionydd Chronology

Meirionydd Abbey Cwmhir

Meirionydd Montgomery

Melbourne Wigmore Castle

Melinog Hay on Wye

Meliora Turbeville Ewias Lacy

Mellington Montgomery

Menutton Clun

Meole Brace Wigmore Castle

Merbach Clifford

Merch Burford

Mercia Moreton Corbet

Merdepluet Wigmore Castle

Merestun Wigmore Castle

Merrington Clun

Merrington Hopton

Mers Wigmore Castle

Merton Buckenham

Meurig ab Archa White

Meurig ab Ithel Radnor

Meurig ap Dafydd Abbey Cwmhir

Meurig ap Westilion White

Meurig Barach Abbey Cwmhir

Meurig Goch Painscastle

Meurig Powys Chronology

Meurig Vaughan Painscastle

Michael Fitz Alfred Kington

Michael Hopton Hopton

Michael Hopton Moreton Corbet

Michael Wallensis Wilton

Michael Wallensis Longtown

Michael Woodhouse Hopton

Michael Woodhouse Brampton

Michael Woodhouse Burford

Michaelchurch Kington

Michaelchurch Painscastle

Michaelchurch Escley Longtown

Michaelchurch Escley Ewias Lacy

Michaelchurch on Arrow Kington

Middle Moreton Corbet

Middle Hengoed Kington

Middleton Wigmore Castle

Middleton Montgomery

Middleton Stoney Clun

Middlewood Clifford

Midsummer Hill Hereford Beacon

Mileham Clun

Miles Gloucester Clifford

Miles Gloucester Kington

Miles Gloucester Hay on Wye

Miles Gloucester Clun

Miles Gloucester Hereford Beacon

Miles Gloucester Skenfrith

Miles Gloucester Wilton

Miles Gloucester Buckenham

Miles Gloucester White

Miles Gloucester Pembridge

Miles Gloucester St Briavels

Miles Gloucester Grosmont

Miles Gloucester Radnor

Miles Gloucester Richards Castle

Miles Gloucester Longtown

Miles Muscegros Grosmont

Miles Muscegros White

Miles Muscegros Painscastle

Miles of Gloucester Chronology

Miles Picard Painscastle

Miles Picard Chronology

Miles Picard Clifford

Miles Picard Ewias Lacy

Miles Picard Brampton

Miles Picard Burford

Miles Picard Wigmore Tourist

Miles the Constable Longtown

Mill Wood Grosmont

Millhalf Kington

Milson Burford

Milson Richards Castle

Minsterworth Hereford Beacon

Minsterworth White

Minsterworth Grosmont

Minsterworth Skenfrith

Mintridge Ewias Lacy

Miskin Chronology

Moccas Burford

Moccas Kington

Mochdre Abbey Cwmhir

Mochnant Chronology

Mochnant Montgomery

Moel y Don Montgomery

Mold Ten Castle

Mold Montgomery

Mold Chronology

Mold Wilton

Molinton Burford

Molland Wigmore Castle

Mollington Richards Castle

Monad ty Abbey Cwmhir

Monaughty Abbey Cwmhir

Monaughty Poeth Abbey Cwmhir

Monkhide Longtown

Monkland Painscastle

Monkland Clifford

Monkton Longtown

Monmouth Clun

Monmouth Hereford Beacon

Monmouth Clifford

Monmouth Hay on Wye

Monmouth Chronology

Monmouth St Briavels

Monmouth Ewias Lacy

Monmouth Grosmont

Monmouth Middle Wye

Monmouth Kington

Monmouth Ogmore

Monmouth Painscastle

Monmouth Pembridge

Monmouth Oystermouth

Monmouth Radnor

Monmouth Skenfrith

Monmouth White

Monmouth Ten Castle

Monmouth Wilton

Monmouth Wigmore Tourist

Monnington on Wye Clifford

Monnington on Wye Painscastle

Monnington Straddle Pembridge

Monnington Straddle Ewias Lacy

Monnow Oystermouth

Monnow White

Monnow Grosmont

Monnow Skenfrith

Monnow Radnor

Monnow Longtown

Montdidier Wigmore Castle

Montfort bridge Longtown

Montgomery Hay on Wye

Montgomery Clifford

Montgomery Clun

Montgomery Hopton

Montgomery St Briavels

Montgomery Brampton

Montgomery Burford

Montgomery Chronology

Montgomery Ewias Lacy

Montgomery Grosmont

Montgomery Longtown

Montgomery Middle Wye

Montgomery Moreton Corbet

Montgomery Ogmore

Montgomery Oystermouth

Montgomery Skenfrith

Montgomery White

Montgomery Ten Castle

Montgomery Richards Castle

Montgomery Radnor

Montgomery Wigmore Tourist

Montgomery Wigmore Castle

Montgomery Wilton

Montreuil Wilton

Moor Park Wigmore Tourist

Moorcot Pembridge

Moore Burford

Moortown Montgomery

More Clun

Moretain Wigmore Castle

Moretoin Moreton Corbet

Moreton Corbet Hopton

Moreton Corbet Longtown

Morgan ab Owain Chronology

Morgan ap Cadwallon Chronology

Morgan ap Cadwgan Ten Castle

Morgan ap Caradog Chronology

Morgan ap Caradog Ogmore

Morgan ap Morgan Gam Chronology

Morgan Gam Ogmore

Morgan Gam Chronology

Morgan of Caerleon White

Morgan of Caerleon Grosmont

Morgan of Caerleon Skenfrith

Morgan of Caerleon Chronology

Morgan of Caerleon Wilton

Morgannwg Hereford Beacon

Morgannwg Chronology

Morgannwg Ewias Lacy

Morgannwg Grosmont

Morgannwg Hay on Wye

Morgannwg Ogmore

Morgannwg White

Morgannwg Skenfrith

Morinus St Andrew Radnor

Morlais Berkhamsted

Mortain Grosmont

Mortemer Hereford Beacon

Mortemer-en-Bray Burford

Mortemer-en-Bray Wigmore Castle

Mortimer's Cross Wigmore Tourist

Mortimer's Cross Wilton

Mortimer's Cross Brampton

Morton Ewias Lacy

Morton Corbet Montgomery

Moseley Kington

Moston Montgomery

Moston Moreton Corbet

Mouse castle Hereford Beacon

Mowley Burford

Mowley Richards Castle

Much Cowarne Hay on Wye

Much/Little Birch Longtown

Much Marcle Montgomery

Much Marcle Ewias Lacy

Much Wenlock Montgomery

Much Wenlock Moreton Corbet

Much Wenlock Hereford Beacon

Muchel Clun

Mughales Clun

Mumbles Oystermouth

Munden Wilton

Munsley Longtown

Munsley Ewias Lacy

Munslow Clun

Mutton Dingle Ten Castle

Mynachdy Abbey Cwmhir

Myndtown Clun

Mynydd Carn Dinas Emrys

Mynydd Carn Ogmore

Mynydd Carn Oystermouth

Mynydd y Brydd Clifford

Myton Clun

Myton Wigmore Castle

Nanheudwy Chronology

Nankartatherek Middle Wye

Nant Welthian Abbey Cwmhir

Nant-yr-arian Abbey Cwmhir

Nant-y-ffin Grosmont

Nant-yr-arian Chronology

Nantcribba Montgomery

Nanteglwys Clifford

Nanteglwys Middle Wye

Nantes Burford

Nantes Painscastle

Nantmel Abbey Cwmhir

Nantwich Moreton Corbet

Nantyarian Abbey Cwmhir

Nantymynach Middle Wye

Narberth Oystermouth

Narberth Chronology

Nash Pembridge

Nash Richards Castle

Nash Burford

Nathan Wright Brampton

Naunton Richards Castle

Near Cotton Ewias Lacy

Neath Oystermouth

Neath Ogmore

Neath Skenfrith

Neath Hay on Wye

Neath Chronology

Necton Painscastle

Neel Painscastle

Neen Morell Brampton

Neen Savage Wigmore Castle

Neen Sollars Richards Castle

Neenton Wigmore Castle

Nefyn Chronology

Nene Solers Burford

Nether Kiddington Richards Castle

Netheregrafton Burford

Neufchatel Wigmore Castle

Nevern Chronology

Nevern Painscastle

Nevern in Cemais Dinas Emrys

New Radnor Ten Castle

New Radnor Wigmore Tourist

New Radnor Ten Castle

Newarch Montgomery

Newark Buckenham

Newark Richards Castle

Newark Wigmore Tourist

Newbold Verdon Ewias Lacy

Newbury Hay on Wye

Newcastle Kington

Newcastle Clun

Newcastle Ewias Lacy

Newcastle Skenfrith

Newcastle Ten Castle

Newcastle Bridgend Hay on Wye

Newcastle Bridgend St Briavels

Newcastle Bridgend Chronology

Newcastle Bridgend Ogmore

Newcastle Bridgend Oystermouth

Newcastle Bridgend Ten Castle

Newcastle Emlyn Ogmore

Newchurch Painscastle

Newent Richards Castle

Newerca Clifford

Newham Hereford Beacon

Newland Ten Castle

Newland Pembridge

Newnham Skenfrith

Newnham Grosmont

Newnham White

Newnham on Severn Richards Castle

Newport Ogmore

Newport Painscastle

Newport St Briavels

Newport Chronology

Newport Pagnell Wilton

Newsholme Wigmore Castle

Newton Hereford Beacon

Newton Clifford

Newton Court Richards Castle

Nicholas Brisebon Montgomery

Nicholas Brusebon Montgomery

Nicholas Burwardsley Montgomery

Nicholas Chamflur Clifford

Nicholas Devereux Ewias Lacy

Nicholas Exedon Clun

Nicholas Fitz Martin Oystermouth

Nicholas Fitz Martin Ogmore

Nicholas Fitz Martin Chronology

Nicholas Fitz William Hereford Beacon

Nicholas Garsend Pembridge

Nicholas Haulou Moreton Corbet

Nicholas Hopton Hopton

Nicholas Hungerford Longtown

Nicholas le Forfer Hopton

Nicholas le Harpur Montgomery

Nicholas le Keu Montgomery

Nicholas Meules Painscastle

Nicholas Meules Chronology

Nicholas Meules White

Nicholas Milson Burford

Nicholas Monmouth Ewias Lacy

Nicholas Netterville Ewias Lacy

Nicholas Sancto Bova Wigmore Castle

Nicholas Scheldon Ewias Lacy

Nicholas Secular Ewias Lacy

Nicholas Verdun Longtown

Nicholas Verdun Ewias Lacy

Nicholas Verdun Painscastle

Nicholas Verdun Grosmont

Nicholas Verdun Burford

Nicholas Verdun Montgomery

Nicholas Warwick Burford

Nicholas Warwick Oystermouth

Nicholas Wedergrave Burford

Nicholas Wililey Clun

Nicholas Wlfrenehamton Moreton Corbet

Nigel Aubigny Kington

Nigel Aubigny Buckenham

Nigel Fitz William Buckenham Buckenham

Nigel the Doctor Kington

Niort Skenfrith

Niort Grosmont

Niort White

Nobber Longtown

Norfolk White

Norman the Hunter Moreton Corbet

Normandy Burford

Normandy Hereford Beacon

Normandy Painscastle

Normandy Clifford

Normandy Ten Castle

Normandy Wigmore Castle

Normandy Wigmore Tourist

North Beddesley Wigmore Castle

North Ferriby Wigmore Castle

North Wood Ten Castle

Northampton Clifford

Northampton Hay on Wye

Northampton Brampton

Northampton Ewias Lacy

Northampton Longtown

Northampton Kington

Northampton Painscastle

Northampton Pembridge

Northampton Wilton

Northampton Wigmore Tourist

Northbury Ewias Lacy

Norton Hay on Wye

Norton Burford

Norton Chronology

Norton Clun

Norton Grosmont

Norton Brampton

Norton Longtown

Norton Kington

Norton Moreton Corbet

Norton Richards Castle

Norton Skenfrith

Norton Radnor

Norton White

Norton Wigmore Castle

Norwich Painscastle

Norwich Berkhamsted

Norwich Grosmont

Norwich Hereford Beacon

Norwich Buckenham

Norwich Skenfrith

Norwich Clifford

Nottingham Kington

Nottingham Wigmore Tourist

Nottingham Wigmore Castle

Nottingham Hereford Beacon

Nottingham Longtown

Nottingham Wilton

Nouesleye Ewias Lacy

Novillula Wigmore Castle

Oakham Richards Castle

Oakley Longtown

Oatcroft Burford

Obbendrif Clun

Obbendrith Clun

Oberton Burford

Obley Clun

Obley Hopton

Ocle Longtown

Ocle Pychard Longtown

Ocle Pychard Ewias Lacy

Oclegb Montgomery

Odain Montdidier Wigmore Castle

Odo Arguges Kington

Odo Fitz Baldwin Hodnet Montgomery

Odo Fraxino Radnor

Odo Hodnet Moreton Corbet

Odo Hodnet Ewias Lacy

Odo Hodnet Montgomery

Odo Hodnet Brampton

Odo Hodnet Hopton

Odo Hodnet Moreton Corbet

Odo Hodnet Chronology

Odo Hodnet Clun

Odo Hodnet Wigmore Tourist

Odo Hodnet Moreton Corbet

Odo Hodnet Richards Castle

Odo Rufus Fraxino Radnor

Odo Stortone Kington

Odonel Aubigny Buckenham

Offa Radnor

Offaly Longtown

Ogmore Wilton

Ogmore Grosmont

Ogmore Chronology

Ogmore Burford

Ogmore Oystermouth

Ogmore White

Ogmore Skenfrith

Ogmore Kington

Oidelard Wigmore Castle

Oilardus Balosellus Wigmore Castle

Oirghial Ewias Lacy

Oissel Clun

Olben and Madog Ouhetot Burford

Olbo Haneleche Clifford

Olchon Longtown

Old Buckenham Buckenham

Old Neuadd Bank Abbey Cwmhir

Old Radnor Kington

Old Radnor Ten Castle

Old Sarum Hereford Beacon

Oldbury Montgomery

Oldcastle Longtown

Oldcastle Ewias Lacy

Oliver Brinsop Hay on Wye

Oliver Cromwell Brampton

Oliver de la Mare Hay on Wye

Oliver Hingham Buckenham

Oliver Merlymond Wigmore Castle

Oliver Merlymond Hay on Wye

Oliver Saceo Radnor

Olynton Burford

Onebury Ewias Lacy

Opetone Longtown

Orcop Hereford Beacon

Orcop White

Orcop Skenfrith

Orcop Grosmont

Oreleton Radnor

Orford Richards Castle

Orleton Wigmore Castle

Orleton Richards Castle

Orleton Brampton

Ormesnil Wigmore Castle

Orne Radnor

Osbaston Wigmore Castle

Osbern Buckenham Buckenham

Osbern Fitz Hugh Kington

Osbern Fitz Hugh Burford

Osbern Fitz Hugh Hay on Wye

Osbern Fitz Hugh Wilton

Osbern Fitz Hugh Chronology

Osbern Fitz Hugh Clifford

Osbern Fitz Hugh Hereford Beacon

Osbern Fitz Hugh Richards Castle

Osbern Fitz Hugh Radnor

Osbern Fitz Hugh Wigmore Tourist

Osbern Fitz Pons Richards Castle

Osbern Fitz Richard Hay on Wye

Osbern Fitz Richard Chronology

Osbern Fitz Richard Burford

Osbern Fitz Richard Wigmore Castle

Osbern Pentecost Longtown

Osbern Pentecost Richards Castle

Osbern Pentecost Hereford Beacon

Osbern Sutton Richards Castle

Osbern Verrer Buckenham

Osbert Agenebra Kington

Osbert Cailly Buckenham

Osbert Fitz Pons Clifford

Osbert Fitz William Moreton Corbet

Osbert Giffard White

Osbert Hopton Hopton

Osbert Kyre Richards Castle

Osbert Longchamp Wilton

Osgodby Buckenham

Osmond Stuteville Burford

Ostorius Scapula Hereford Beacon

Oswestry Hay on Wye

Oswestry Abbey Cwmhir

Oswestry Clun

Oswestry Hopton

Oswestry Clifford

Oswestry Burford

Oswestry Chronology

Oswestry Montgomery

Oswestry Longtown

Oswestry Kington

Oswestry Moreton Corbet

Oswestry Ten Castle

Oswestry Radnor

Oswestry Richards Castle

Ottemele Abbey Cwmhir

Otterbourne Wigmore Castle

Otto Grandison Montgomery

Over Staunton Richards Castle

Overheyton Ewias Lacy

Overton Richards Castle

Overton Burford

Overton Wigmore Castle

Overton Chronology

Ovinton Montgomery

Owain (Win) ap Keneur' Grosmont

Owain ab Edwin Hay on Wye

Owain ab Edwin Dinas Emrys

Owain ab Edwin Chronology

Owain ab Einion Radnor

Owain ab Iorwerth Painscastle

Owain ab Iorwerth Chronology

Owain ab Iorwerth Clud Painscastle

Owain ab Owain Wilton

Owain ap Bleddyn Chronology

Owain ap Cadwallon Painscastle

Owain ap Cadwgan Chronology

Owain ap Caradog Ogmore

Owain ap Dafydd Chronology

Owain ap Goronwy Chronology

Owain ap Gruffydd Longtown

Owain ap Gruffydd Skenfrith

Owain ap Gruffydd Hopton

Owain ap Gruffydd White

Owain ap Gruffydd Oystermouth

Owain ap Gruffydd Grosmont

Owain ap Gruffydd Radnor

Owain ap Gruffydd Chronology

Owain ap Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Chronology

Owain ap Hywel Montgomery

Owain ap Hywel Chronology

Owain ap Madog Chronology

Owain ap Madog Brampton

Owain ap Madog Burford

Owain ap Maredudd Hopton

Owain ap Maredudd Clifford

Owain ap Maredudd Montgomery

Owain ap Maredudd, Chronology

Owain ap Maredudd Painscastle

Owain ap Maredudd ap Robert Chronology

Owain ap Maredudd [Elfael] Chronology

Owain ap Meurig Montgomery

Owain ap Meurig Abbey Cwmhir

Owain ap Meurig Chronology

Owain Brogyntyn Chronology

Owain Brompton Montgomery

Owain Cyfeiliog Grosmont

Owain Cyfeiliog Skenfrith

Owain Cyfeiliog White

Owain Cyfeiliog Chronology

Owain Fychan Chronology

Owain Fychan of Mechain Chronology

Owain Glyndwr White

Owain Glyndwr Grosmont

Owain Glyndwr Longtown

Owain Glyndwr Kington

Owain Glyndwr Skenfrith

Owain Glyndwr Ewias Lacy

Owain Goch Montgomery

Owain Goch Chronology

Owain Gwynedd Grosmont

Owain Gwynedd Kington

Owain Gwynedd Skenfrith

Owain Gwynedd White

Owain of Porkington Kington

Owain Tudor Wigmore Tourist

Owain Vaughan Painscastle

Owersby Buckenham

Oxenhall Longtown

Oxford Longtown

Oxford Grosmont

Oxford Clifford

Oxford Ewias Lacy

Oxford Hay on Wye

Oxford Burford

Oxford Painscastle

Oxford Skenfrith

Oxford White

Oxford Wilton

Oxford Hereford Beacon

Oxford Brampton

Oxwich Oystermouth

Oystermouth Chronology

Oystermouth Ogmore

Oystermouth Burford

Oystermouth Kington

P. Ulecot Painscastle

Pabyllwydd Abbey Cwmhir

Pagan Carbonel Burford

Pagan Heches Richards Castle

Pagano Essis Burford

Pain Chaworth Painscastle

Pain Chaworth Wilton

Pain Chaworth Burford

Pain Chaworth Chronology

Pain Chaworth Ogmore

Pain del Astho Burford

Pain Fitz John Grosmont

Pain Fitz John Longtown

Pain Fitz John Kington

Pain Fitz John Ewias Lacy

Pain Fitz John Clifford

Pain Fitz John Radnor

Pain Fitz John Clun

Pain Fitz John Hereford Beacon

Pain Fitz John White

Pain Fitz John Painscastle

Pain Fitz John Buckenham

Pain Fitz John Richards Castle

Pain Fitz John Wilton

Pain Fitz John Skenfrith

Pain Fitz John Ten Castle

Pain Fitz John Chronology

Pain Fitz John Wigmore Castle

Pain Fitz John Wigmore Tourist

Pain Fitz John St Briavels

Pain Fitz John Brampton

Pain Fitz Thibault Richards Castle

Pain le Archer Skenfrith

Pain Offer Burford

Pain Pembridge Chronology

Pain Pembridge Pembridge

Pain Pembridge Painscastle

Paine Balla Burford

Painscastle Ten Castle

Painscastle Montgomery

Painscastle Kington

Painscastle Abbey Cwmhir

Painscastle Clifford

Painscastle Hay on Wye

Painscastle Radnor

Painscastle Grosmont

Painscastle Skenfrith

Painscastle Wilton

Painscastle Chronology

Painscastle Longtown

Painscastle Pembridge

Painscastle White

Painscastle Brampton

Painscastle Burford

Painswick Longtown

Painswick Painscastle

Panpudding Hill Wigmore Tourist

Panpudding Hill Wigmore Castle

Pantt Rovrvay Abbey Cwmhir

Paris Wigmore Castle

Paris Painscastle

Paris Radnor

Parson William of Montgomery Montgomery

Partenay Richards Castle

Patrick Chaworth Oystermouth

Patrick Chaworth Ogmore

Patrick Chaworth Chronology

Patynton Hopton

Paul Hodnet Hopton

Paul Peyver Wilton

Pauncet forest Painscastle

Pay de Caux Wigmore Castle

Pays de Caux Burford

Pays de Caux Hereford Beacon

Paytoe Brampton

Peasemore Wigmore Castle

Peaton Hopton

Pebidiog Chronology

Pecham Painscastle

Pedwardine Brampton

Pedwardine Wigmore Castle

Pembrey Ogmore

Pembridge Burford

Pembridge Longtown

Pembridge Kington

Pembridge Richards Castle

Pembridge Brampton

Pembridge Chronology

Pembridge Wigmore Tourist

Pembridge Montgomery

Pembridge Ten Castle

Pembroke Richards Castle

Pembroke Wigmore Castle

Pembroke St Briavels

Pembroke Montgomery

Pembroke Wilton

Pembroke Burford

Pembroke, Chronology

Pembroke Painscastle

Pen-y-Coed White

Penbedeu Wilton

Penbiddle White

Penbiddle Grosmont

Penbidwal Grosmont

Pencelli Burford

Pencelli Clifford

Pencelli Brampton

Pencelli Wilton

Pencelli Chronology

Pencelli Hay on Wye

Pencelli Ewias Lacy

Pencelli Kington

Pencoed Ogmore

Pencombe Ewias Lacy

Pendigot Longtown

Pene Iwerne Abbey Cwmhir

Penmaen Oystermouth

Penmark Burford

Penmark Chronology

Penmark Ogmore

Pennant Burford

Pennard Oystermouth

Pennard Chronology

Pennardd Chronology

Pennbre Hay on Wye

Pennoxstone Wilton

Penrhin Oystermouth

Penrhos Chronology

Penrhos White

Penrhyn Chronology

Penrice Oystermouth

Pentecost's castle Richards Castle

Pentecost's castle Longtown

Pentrefoelas Dinas Emrys

Penweddig Chronology

Penyclawdd Longtown

Peplow Wigmore Castle

Perfedd Chronology

Perfeddwlad White

Perfeddwlad Skenfrith

Perfeddwlad Chronology

Perfeddwlad Wilton

Perfeddwlad Grosmont

Perfeddwlad Brampton

Persondy Clun

Peter Alency Skenfrith

Peter Bosco Clun

Peter Corbet Hopton

Peter Corbet Abbey Cwmhir

Peter Corbet Montgomery

Peter Corbet Moreton Corbet

Peter Corbet Painscastle

Peter Corbet Moreton Corbet

Peter Corbet Brampton

Peter Corbet Burford

Peter de la Mare Montgomery

Peter Eyton Moreton Corbet

Peter Fitz Herbert Hay on Wye

Peter Fitz Herbert Clun

Peter Fitz Herbert Burford

Peter Fitz Herbert Buckenham

Peter Fitz Herbert Painscastle

Peter Fitz Herbert Longtown

Peter Fitz Herbert Radnor

Peter Fitz Herbert Chronology

Peter Fitz Herbert Montgomery

Peter Fitz Herbert Kington

Peter Fitz Hubert Buckenham

Peter Fitz Peter Fitz Edwin Burford

Peter Fitz Peter le Jovene Burford

Peter Fitz Toret Moreton Corbet

Peter Geneva Chronology

Peter Geneville Ewias Lacy

Peter Genevre Ewias Lacy

Peter Genevre Montgomery

Peter Greete Burford

Peter Hopton Hopton

Peter Mauley Oystermouth

Peter Mauley Montgomery

Peter Mauley Ogmore

Peter Maunsell Grosmont

Peter Middleton Longtown

Peter Middleton Clifford

Peter Montfort Montgomery

Peter Montfort Painscastle

Peter Montfort Hopton

Peter Montfort Chronology

Peter Montfort Clun

Peter Montfort Wilton

Peter Montfort Wigmore Tourist

Peter Montfort Hay on Wye

Peter Montfort Clifford

Peter Moreton Moreton Corbet

Peter Moreton Moreton Corbet

Peter Mortimer Richards Castle

Peter Neville Burford

Peter Pipard Longtown

Peter Rivaux Oystermouth

Peter Rivaux Grosmont

Peter Rivaux Buckenham

Peter Rivaux Clifford

Peter Rivaux Skenfrith

Peter Rivaux Wilton

Peter Rivaux White

Peter Savoy Buckenham

Peter Scudamore Clifford

Peter Toret Moreton Corbet

Peter Toret Hopton

Peter Tosny Painscastle

Peter Tosny Burford

Peter Wakering Wilton

Peter Wolwadington Ewias Lacy

Peterchurch Painscastle

Peterstow Wilton

Pethlynge/Petlyng Ewias Lacy

Petronilla Tosny Painscastle

Petronilla Tosny Ewias Lacy

Petronilla Tosny Chronology

Petronilla Tosny Clifford

Petton Moreton Corbet

Peuliniog Chronology

Pevensey Clun

Pevensey Hay on Wye

Pevensey Ewias Lacy

Pevensey Richards Castle

Pevensey Skenfrith

Pevensey Wigmore Tourist

Pevensey Berkhamsted

Pevensey Brampton

Peveril Pembridge

Peveril Wilton

Philip ab Iorwerth Radnor

Philip ab Iorwerth Hay on Wye

Philip ab Iorwerth Kington

Philip Angevin Clifford

Philip ap Gruffydd Wauchan Grosmont

Philip ap Gruffydd Wauchan White

Philip ap Hywel Burford

Philip ap Hywel Ewias Lacy

Philip Aubigny Clun

Philip Aubigny Buckenham

Philip Aubigny Longtown

Philip Augustus Painscastle

Philip Augustus Longtown

Philip Augustus of France Wilton

Philip Augustus of France Clifford

Philip Basset Burford

Philip Basset Clun

Philip Basset Brampton

Philip Basset Grosmont

Philip Basset Skenfrith

Philip Basset White

Philip Belmeis Wigmore Tourist

Philip Belmeis Hereford Beacon

Philip Belmeis Wigmore Castle

Philip Boterel Clun

Philip Brachesouere Burford

Philip Braose Wigmore Castle

Philip Braose Painscastle

Philip Braose Richards Castle

Philip Braose Clifford

Philip Braose Hay on Wye

Philip Braose Radnor

Philip Braose Kington

Philip Braose Chronology

Philip Braose Ten Castle

Philip Bras Clifford

Philip Bras Clifford

Philip Burnel Moreton Corbet

Philip Cernefeld Longtown

Philip Chandos Montgomery

Philip Clanvowe Ewias Lacy

Philip Collington Richards Castle

Philip Fa Montgomery

Philip Faber Burford

Philip Fitz Alexander Montgomery

Philip Fitz Richard Middle Wye

Philip Fychan Ewias Lacy

Philip Gaydon Ewias Lacy

Philip Greete Burford

Philip Herd Montgomery

Philip Knyvet Buckenham

Philip Kyre Richards Castle

Philip le Bret Brampton

Philip le Bret Montgomery

Philip le Bret Burford

Philip le Bret Chronology

Philip le Bret Oystermouth

Philip le Bret Radnor

Philip le Crump Moreton Corbet

Philip Marmion Montgomery

Philip Middleton Pembridge

Philip Montgomery Montgomery

Philip Mortimer Brampton

Philip Orreby Wilton

Philip Pleceplace Montgomery

Philip Ploudene Hopton

Philip Sarnesfield Ewias Lacy

Philip Sarnesfield Pembridge

Philip Schelakes Clun

Philip Seys Painscastle

Philip Stoke Burford

Philip Thou't Burford

Philip Tirel Richards Castle

Philip Uletot Longtown

Philip Wylington Buckenham

Pickenham Painscastle

Picot Say Richards Castle

Picot Say Clun

Picot Say Hopton

Piers Gaveston St Briavels

Piers Gaveston Berkhamsted

Piers Greseley Montgomery

Piers Plowman Hereford Beacon

Pilleth Chronology

Pilleth Radnor

Pilleth Abbey Cwmhir

Pilleth Wigmore Castle

Pinkie Wilton

Pipton Hay on Wye

Pipton Middle Wye

Pipton Painscastle

Pipton Clifford

Pipton Brampton

Pipton Chronology

Pirone Rochford Richards Castle

Pitchford Moreton Corbet

Plessis Buckenham

Plessis Grimbald Painscastle

Plessis Grimoult Radnor

Plessis Grimoult Richards Castle

Poitiers Wilton

Poitou Radnor

Poitou Painscastle

Poitou White

Poitou Burford

Poitou Skenfrith

Poitou Ewias Lacy

Pont Arch Painscastle

Pont Hendre Longtown

Pont Hendre Ewias Lacy

Pont Hendre Painscastle

Pont St Pierre Painscastle

Pontesbury Moreton Corbet

Ponthieu Painscastle

Pontrillas Grosmont

Pontrillas Skenfrith

Porchester Longtown

Port-en-Bessin Kington

Portskewett Grosmont

Portsmouth Burford

Posseborne Clun

Possinton Painscastle

Poston Clifford

Powderham Kington

Powis Clifford

Powys Wigmore Castle

Powys Clun

Powys Hay on Wye

Powys Hereford Beacon

Powys Ogmore

Powys White

Powys Radnor

Powys Brampton

Powys Wilton

Powys Wigmore Tourist

Powys Chronology

Powys Skenfrith

Pratum Wilton

Prestatyn Chronology

Prestatyn Ten Castle

Presteigne Richards Castle

Presteigne Brampton

Presteigne Kington

Presteigne Chronology

Presteigne Wigmore Tourist

Presteigne Radnor

Presteigne Ten Castle

Presteigne Burford

Preston Brockhurst Moreton Corbet

Preston Candover Wigmore Castle

Preston on Weald Moor Wigmore Castle

Priest Weston Montgomery

Prince Dafydd Clifford

Prince Dafydd Brampton

Prince Dafydd Chronology

Prince Dafydd Kington

Prince Dafydd Montgomery

Prince Dafydd Ewias Lacy

Prince Dafydd Burford

Prince Dafydd White

Prince Dafydd Grosmont

Prince Dafydd Middle Wye

Prince Dafydd Buckenham

Prince Dafydd ap Llywelyn Wilton

Prince Dafydd of Gwynedd Skenfrith

Prince Edmund Chronology

Prince Edmund Painscastle

Prince Edmund Ewias Lacy

Prince Edmund Grosmont

Prince Edmund Pembridge

Prince Edmund Skenfrith

Prince Edward Brampton

Prince Edward St Briavels

Prince Eustace Buckenham

Prince John Buckenham

Prince John Longtown

Prince John Wigmore Tourist

Prince John Wigmore Castle

Prince Llywelyn White

Prince Llywelyn Wigmore Tourist

Prince Llywelyn Burford

Prince Llywelyn Chronology

Prince Llywelyn Buckenham

Prince Llywelyn Wilton

Prince Llywelyn of Gwynedd Wigmore Tourist

Prince Louis of France Hay on Wye

Prince Rupert Moreton Corbet

Prince Rupert Pembridge

Prince William Buckenham

Princess Joan Chronology

Princess Joan, the wife of Llywelyn Montgomery

Prior Kadmor of Carmarthen Oystermouth

Prior Kadmor of Carmarthen Ogmore

Prior Philip of Chirbury Montgomery

Prior Robert of Shobdon Wigmore Castle

Prudhoe Kington

Pudleston Richards Castle

Pudleston Longtown

Pudleston Burford

Puleston Moreton Corbet

Pull Imerley Abbey Cwmhir

Pulleremmy Abbey Cwmhir

Pulley Wigmore Castle

Purliegh Wilton

Purlock Montgomery

Purshull Burford

Purshull Richards Castle

Purslow Clun

Purslow Montgomery

Purtepole Wilton

Putange Ten Castle

Putange Ten Castle

Putley Ewias Lacy

Putley Longtown

Putson Ewias Lacy

Putson Wigmore Tourist

Putson Brampton

Putson Painscastle

Pyllalai Abbey Cwmhir

Pytinglas Ten Castle

Quatford Richards Castle

Quatford Chronology

Queen Berengaria Berkhamsted

Queen Edith Painscastle

Queen Eleanor Montgomery

Queen Eleanor Grosmont

Queen Eleanor Skenfrith

Queen Eleanor Painscastle

Queen Isabella Berkhamsted

Queen Margaret Burford

Queen Matilda Radnor

Quenington Longtown

Quevilly Wilton

Quidenham Buckenham

R. Brinton Wigmore Castle

R. Merlaia Hereford Beacon

Rabbit Berries Hopton

Radnor Hay on Wye

Radnor Wigmore Tourist

Radnor Clun

Radnor Clifford

Radnor Chronology

Radnor Grosmont

Radnor Kington

Radnor Montgomery

Radnor Middle Wye

Radnor Longtown

Radnor Ogmore

Radnor Oystermouth

Radnor Pembridge

Radnor Skenfrith

Radnor Wigmore Castle

Radnor Richards Castle

Radnor White

Radnor Brampton

Radnor Wilton

Radnor Burford

Radnor Forest Ten Castle

Radnor Plain Ten Castle

Radnor Wood Ten Castle

Radulfus Ricetote Longtown

Raglan White

Ragon Ewias Lacy

Ralph Albo Monasterio Moreton Corbet

Ralph Arden Clun

Ralph Arden White

Ralph Arras Brampton

Ralph Arras Hopton

Ralph Arras Ewias Lacy

Ralph Arras Burford

Ralph Arras Wigmore Tourist

Ralph Arundel Longtown

Ralph Aubigny Buckenham

Ralph Avenel Kington

Ralph Avenel Hay on Wye

Ralph Bagepus Burford

Ralph Bardolf Clun

Ralph Baskerville Chronology

Ralph Baskerville Hay on Wye

Ralph Baskerville Kington

Ralph Baskerville Richards Castle

Ralph Baskerville Radnor

Ralph Basset Chronology

Ralph Basset Burford

Ralph Basset Montgomery

Ralph Basset Wigmore Tourist

Ralph Basset of Drayton Painscastle

Ralph Bernais Ewias Lacy

Ralph Bernais Longtown

Ralph Bernais Grosmont

Ralph Bernais Skenfrith

Ralph Bernais White

Ralph Boceio Radnor

Ralph Breinzun Clifford

Ralph Butler Clifford

Ralph Butler Chronology

Ralph Butler Montgomery

Ralph Butler Burford

Ralph Butler Wilton

Ralph Chapun Skenfrith

Ralph Constantine Hopton

Ralph Diceto Painscastle

Ralph Fitz Ernulf Hay on Wye

Ralph Fitz Nicholas Longtown

Ralph Fitz Odon Radnor

Ralph Fitz Savary Malo Leone Clifford

Ralph Fitz Sevary Buckenham

Ralph Fitz Walfulf Radnor

Ralph Fraxino Kington

Ralph Fremingham Brampton

Ralph Gernon Burford

Ralph Gernon Painscastle

Ralph Gournay Radnor

Ralph Grosmont Grosmont

Ralph Grosmont Skenfrith

Ralph Grosmont White

Ralph Haget Moreton Corbet

Ralph Haleston Burford

Ralph Hampton Radnor

Ralph Hankville Kington

Ralph Hathewy Skenfrith

Ralph Hathewy White

Ralph Hengham Hopton

Ralph Hengham Burford

Ralph Hurle Kington

Ralph Kinsham Burford

Ralph Knill Richards Castle

Ralph le Blund Richards Castle

Ralph le Poer Kington

Ralph Lestrange Richards Castle

Ralph Lingen Hopton

Ralph Lingen Burford

Ralph Lingen Richards Castle

Ralph Mantes Longtown

Ralph Mantes Richards Castle

Ralph Mortimer Brampton

Ralph Mortimer Chronology

Ralph Mortimer Burford

Ralph Mortimer Abbey Cwmhir

Ralph Mortimer Clun

Ralph Mortimer Hay on Wye

Ralph Mortimer Hereford Beacon

Ralph Mortimer Hopton

Ralph Mortimer Middle Wye

Ralph Mortimer Longtown

Ralph Mortimer Clifford

Ralph Mortimer Ewias Lacy

Ralph Mortimer Montgomery

Ralph Mortimer Kington

Ralph Mortimer Painscastle

Ralph Mortimer Pembridge

Ralph Mortimer Wigmore Castle

Ralph Mortimer Ten Castle

Ralph Mortimer Wigmore Tourist

Ralph Mortimer Richards Castle

Ralph Mortimer Radnor

Ralph of Mantes Hereford Beacon

Ralph Pembridge Kington

Ralph Pembridge Pembridge

Ralph Pembridge Radnor

Ralph Pembridge Ten Castle

Ralph Poer Radnor

Ralph Port Wigmore Castle

Ralph Presteigne Burford

Ralph Sandford Clun

Ralph Sandford Moreton Corbet

Ralph Sandwich Burford

Ralph Sanford Longtown

Ralph Sausey Ewias Lacy

Ralph Scotney Ewias Lacy

Ralph Scotney Kington

Ralph Seinte Radnor

Ralph Seintury Brampton

Ralph Seintury Burford

Ralph St Andrew Radnor

Ralph St Ouen Ten Castle

Ralph Tosny Clifford

Ralph Tosny Chronology

Ralph Tosny Burford

Ralph Tosny Hay on Wye

Ralph Tosny Grosmont

Ralph Tosny Middle Wye

Ralph Tosny Wigmore Castle

Ralph Tosny White

Ralph Tosny Radnor

Ralph Tosny Painscastle

Ralph Tosny Skenfrith

Ralph Turbeville Chronology

Ralph Turbeville Burford

Ralph Turbeville Ewias Lacy

Ralph Turbeville Clun

Ralph Vau Hay on Wye

Ralph Vivo Monastero Radnor

Ranulf Glanville Skenfrith

Ranulf Glanville Radnor

Ranulf Glanville Kington

Ranulf Glanville White

Ranulf Glanville Grosmont

Ranulf le Mechin Chronology

Ranulf Poer Skenfrith

Ranulf Poer Grosmont

Ranulf Poer White

Rath Longtown

Ratlinghope Abbey Cwmhir

Rauf Derset Montgomery

Rauf Grandon Montgomery

Reading Buckenham

Reading Wigmore Tourist

Reading Hereford Beacon

Red Earl's Dyke Hereford Beacon

Red Hill Wood motte Kington

Redcastle Painscastle

Redcastle Burford

Redcastle Ewias Lacy

Redditch Radnor

Rederessou Ewias Lacy

Redmarley Clifford

Redmarley Oliver Painscastle

Redmarley Oliver Clifford

Reginald Acton Montgomery

Reginald Albo Monasterio Moreton Corbet

Reginald Berkeley Montgomery

Reginald Boterel Clun

Reginald Braose Oystermouth

Reginald Braose Clifford

Reginald Braose Hay on Wye

Reginald Braose Pembridge

Reginald Braose Burford

Reginald Braose Radnor

Reginald Braose Middle Wye

Reginald Braose Richards Castle

Reginald Braose Skenfrith

Reginald Braose Chronology

Reginald Braose Grosmont

Reginald Braose Painscastle

Reginald Braose White

Reginald Braose Longtown

Reginald Braose Kington

Reginald Chetwynd Moreton Corbet

Reginald Corbet Moreton Corbet

Reginald Corbet Montgomery

Reginald Courtney Wilton

Reginald Croke Kington

Reginald Erdington Wilton

Reginald Erdington Montgomery

Reginald Fitz Peter Clifford

Reginald Fitz Peter Montgomery

Reginald Fitz Peter Chronology

Reginald Fitz Peter Painscastle

Reginald Fitz Peter Clun

Reginald Fitz Peter Burford

Reginald Fitz Peter Wilton

Reginald Fitz Ralph Scudamore Grosmont

Reginald Fitz Richard Argenten Painscastle

Reginald Grey Wilton

Reginald le Botereus Clun

Reginald Leygh Montgomery

Reginald Pont Buckenham

Reginald Valletort Longtown

Reginald Waldeboef Richards Castle

Reginald Waldeboef Chronology

Reginald Waldeboef Hay on Wye

Reginald Walensis Painscastle

Reginald Walensis Burford

Reinero Fitz Reineri Hopton

Reinmuc Ten Castle

Reinnaldo Fitz Godit Hay on Wye

Reinnardo Crozun Hay on Wye

Renald Cropus Wigmore Castle

Renald Vassumvilla Wigmore Castle

Renaud de la Ward Montgomery

Renaud le Macun of Ludlow Montgomery

Renaud Nowers Montgomery

Retherico Sunestanes Buckenham

Reuall Ludlow Burford

Reynold Acle Clun

Rhaeadr Ten Castle

Rhaeadr Wilton

Rhaeadr Clifford

Rhaeadr-gwy Hay on Wye

Rhaeadr-gwy Chronology

Rheinwg Ten Castle

Rhiryd ab Seisyll White

Rhiryd ap Iestyn Painscastle

Rhiryd ap Meurig White

Rhiston Montgomery

Rhiwallon Richards Castle

Rhiwallon Hereford Beacon

Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn Chronology

Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn Ogmore

Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn Oystermouth

Rhobert ap Hywel Hay on Wye

Rhobert ap Madog Clun

Rhodri ab Owain Chronology

Rhodri ap Gruffydd Chronology

Rhos Chronology

Rhosgoch Common Painscastle

Rhuddlan Hay on Wye

Rhuddlan Clifford

Rhuddlan Chronology

Rhuddlan Dinas Emrys

Rhuddlan St Briavels

Rhuddlan Brampton

Rhuddlan Grosmont

Rhuddlan Middle Wye

Rhuddlan Richards Castle

Rhuddlan Radnor

Rhuddlan White

Rhuddlan Skenfrith

Rhuddlan Ten Castle

Rhuddlan Wilton

Rhuddlan Wigmore Tourist

Rhufoniog Chronology

Rhulen Painscastle

Rhulen Painscastle

Rhwng Gwy a Hafren Abbey Cwmhir

Rhwng Gwy a Hafren Clun

Rhwng Gwy a Hafren Chronology

Rhwng Gwy a Hafren Hay on Wye

Rhwng Gwy a Hafren Longtown

Rhwng Gwy a Hafren Painscastle

Rhwng Gwy a Hafren Middle Wye

Rhwng Nedd ac Afan Ogmore

Rhyd Ithw Longtown

Rhyd Ithw Ewias Lacy

Rhyd-lydan Painscastle

Rhydderch ap Caradog Oystermouth

Rhydderch ap Caradog Grosmont

Rhydderch ap Caradog Ogmore

Rhydderch ap Caradog Longtown

Rhydderch ap Caradog Chronology

Rhydderch ap Caradog Hereford Beacon

Rhydygors Oystermouth

Rhydygors Chronology

Rhylallydan Abbey Cwmhir

Rhymni Hereford Beacon

Rhymni Ogmore

Rhymni Chronology

Rhys ab Ednyfed Chronology

Rhys ab Iestyn Chronology

Rhys ab Iestyn Ogmore

Rhys ab Owain Ogmore

Rhys ab Owain Hay on Wye

Rhys ab Owain Oystermouth

Rhys ab Owain Grosmont

Rhys ab Owain Hereford Beacon

Rhys ab Owain Chronology

Rhys ap Gruffydd Wilton

Rhys ap Gruffydd Wigmore Tourist

Rhys ap Gruffydd Montgomery

Rhys ap Gruffydd Abbey Cwmhir

Rhys ap Gruffydd Hay on Wye

Rhys ap Gruffydd Chronology

Rhys ap Gruffydd Hay on Wye

Rhys ap Gruffydd Radnor

Rhys ap Gruffydd Ten Castle

Rhys ap Gruffydd Skenfrith

Rhys ap Gruffydd Ogmore

Rhys ap Gruffydd White

Rhys ap Gruffydd Grosmont

Rhys ap Gruffydd Kington

Rhys ap Gruffydd Oystermouth

Rhys ap Gruffydd Pembridge

Rhys ap Hywel White

Rhys ap Hywel Skenfrith

Rhys ap Hywel Ewias Lacy

Rhys ap Hywel Grosmont

Rhys ap Maredudd Ogmore

Rhys ap Maredudd Painscastle

Rhys ap Maredudd Oystermouth

Rhys ap Maredudd Montgomery

Rhys ap Meurig Chronology

Rhys ap Meurig Hay on Wye

Rhys ap Meurig Clifford

Rhys ap Meylen Painscastle

Rhys ap Rhydderch Ogmore

Rhys ap Rhydderch Oystermouth

Rhys ap Roger Chronology

Rhys ap Rosser Hopton

Rhys ap Tewdwr Dinas Emrys

Rhys ap Tewdwr Hay on Wye

Rhys ap Tewdwr Grosmont

Rhys ap Tewdwr Chronology

Rhys ap Tewdwr Painscastle

Rhys ap Tewdwr Oystermouth

Rhys ap Tewdwr Ogmore

Rhys ap Trahaearn Chronology

Rhys Ddu Clun

Rhys Fychan Brampton

Rhys Fychan Wilton

Rhys Fychan Wigmore Tourist

Rhys Fychan Burford

Rhys Fychan Ogmore

Rhys Gryg Ogmore

Rhys Gryg Chronology

Rhys Gryg Oystermouth

Rhys Gryg Longtown

Rhys Gryg Middle Wye

Rhys Ieuanc Chronology

Rhys Ieuanc Skenfrith

Rhys Ieuanc Oystermouth

Rhys Ieuanc Grosmont

Rhys Ieuanc Middle Wye

Rhys Ieuanc White

Rhys Mechyll Chronology

Rhys Sais Grosmont

Rhys Wyndod Chronology

Ricbreckeynor Middle Wye

Richard ab Idnerth Clun

Richard Aguilun Buckenham

Richard ap Idnerth Clifford

Richard ap Idnerth Clifford

Richard Aresfeld Painscastle

Richard Argenten Grosmont

Richard Argenten Chronology

Richard Argenten Skenfrith

Richard Aubigny Buckenham

Richard Auffray Wigmore Castle

Richard Bagginden Pembridge

Richard Bagginden Wigmore Tourist

Richard Bagginden Ewias Lacy

Richard Bagginden Brampton

Richard Bagginden Wilton

Richard Barre Wigmore Castle

Richard Barre Brampton

Richard Baskerville Ewias Lacy

Richard Becheford Hay on Wye

Richard Belmeis Wigmore Castle

Richard Body Montgomery

Richard Body Moreton Corbet

Richard Booth Hay on Wye

Richard Bosco Burford

Richard Boterel Montgomery

Richard Boyland Hopton

Richard Boys Montgomery

Richard Boys Clifford

Richard Boys Clifford

Richard Bruce Painscastle

Richard Bruce Burford

Richard Burgh Longtown

Richard Burgh Montgomery

Richard Bust Montgomery

Richard Cantilupe Ogmore

Richard Capella Longtown

Richard Carbonel Burford

Richard Chandos Painscastle

Richard Chandos Ewias Lacy

Richard Chattersley Moreton Corbet

Richard Clare Chronology

Richard Clare Clifford

Richard Clare Clifford

Richard Clifford Richards Castle

Richard Clifford Chronology

Richard Clifford St Briavels

Richard Comyn Ewias Lacy

Richard Constantine Hopton

Richard Constantine Hopton

Richard Corbet Moreton Corbet

Richard Corbet Longtown

Richard Corchu Burford

Richard Cormeilles Wilton

Richard Cormeilles Longtown

Richard Cormeilles Radnor

Richard Cormeilles Kington

Richard Cormeilles Hereford Beacon

Richard Courcy Painscastle

Richard Courcy Radnor

Richard Curzun Burford

Richard de la Folie Kington

Richard de la Lynde Ewias Lacy

Richard de la Wasine Clifford

Richard des Bles Richards Castle

Richard Devizes Wigmore Castle

Richard Dover Montgomery

Richard Fepo Ewias Lacy

Richard Fitz Alan Moreton Corbet

Richard Fitz Alan Clun

Richard Fitz Bele Moreton Corbet

Richard Fitz Martin Montgomery

Richard Fitz Pons Clifford

Richard Fitz Pons Richards Castle

Richard Fitz Pons Hay on Wye

Richard Fitz Pons Wigmore Castle

Richard Fitz Pons Longtown

Richard Fitz Pons Painscastle

Richard Fitz Pons Chronology

Richard Fitz Scrope Chronology

Richard Fitz Scrope Hereford Beacon

Richard Fitz Scrope Burford

Richard Fitz Scrope Richards Castle

Richard Fitz Scrope Longtown

Richard Fitz Walden Kington

Richard Fitz William Moreton Corbet

Richard Fitz William Buckenham Buckenham

Richard Fouke Longtown

Richard Fouke Ewias Lacy

Richard Furcis Burford

Richard Futipo Longtown

Richard Gough Moreton Corbet

Richard Grey Wilton

Richard Hampton Ewias Lacy

Richard Harcourt Radnor

Richard Harley Ewias Lacy

Richard Harley Brampton

Richard Harley Burford

Richard Havering Berkhamsted

Richard Hay Richards Castle

Richard Hay Hay on Wye

Richard Hidefle Richards Castle

Richard Hommet Wilton

Richard Hope Montgomery

Richard Hope Moreton Corbet

Richard Hyde Ewias Lacy

Richard I Clun

Richard I Longtown

Richard I Berkhamsted

Richard I Richards Castle

Richard I Wigmore Castle

Richard I Grosmont

Richard I Kington

Richard I Wilton

Richard I Oystermouth

Richard I Radnor

Richard I Painscastle

Richard II Pembridge

Richard III Wigmore Castle

Richard III Wigmore Tourist

Richard III Wilton

Richard Karesi Clifford

Richard Kinnersley Painscastle

Richard Kinnersley Pembridge

Richard Landa Kington

Richard Launce Montgomery

Richard le Bret Longtown

Richard le Coc Ewias Lacy

Richard le Hagurn Hay on Wye

Richard Leighton Moreton Corbet

Richard Letton Burford

Richard Letton Brampton

Richard Linleyn Moreton Corbet

Richard Lucy Wilton

Richard Ludlow Ewias Lacy

Richard Marshall St Briavels

Richard Marshall White

Richard Marshall Wilton

Richard Meriaco Radnor

Richard Middlehope Moreton Corbet

Richard Middleton Clifford

Richard Montfichet Painscastle

Richard Neville Painscastle

Richard Pas Moreton Corbet

Richard Pembridge Pembridge

Richard Pertewurth Brampton

Richard Pessemer Brampton

Richard Portario Hay on Wye

Richard Punchardon Montgomery

Richard Rivers Clun

Richard Rivers Berkhamsted

Richard/Robert Preston Hopton

Richard Scotney Longtown

Richard Scotney Ewias Lacy

Richard Scudamore Ewias Lacy

Richard Seinges Wilton

Richard Siward Grosmont

Richard Siward White

Richard Siward Skenfrith

Richard Siward Clifford

Richard Solars Longtown

Richard Solars Clifford

Richard St Valery Montgomery

Richard Styvynton Burford

Richard Sutton Ewias Lacy

Richard Talbot Richards Castle

Richard Talbot Wilton

Richard Talbot Burford

Richard the Lionheart Wigmore Tourist

Richard the Lionheart Wilton

Richard Thonglond Clun

Richard Thunderley Chronology

Richard Thunderley Painscastle

Richard Thunderley Pembridge

Richard Tirel Kington

Richard Tirel Clifford

Richard Tirel Montgomery

Richard Tuit Longtown

Richard Turbeville Ewias Lacy

Richard Turlegh Burford

Richard Urtesleys Ewias Lacy

Richard Uverton Burford

Richard Warneford Clifford

Richard Willamescote Burford

Richards Castle White

Richards Castle Buckenham

Richards Castle Clifford

Richards Castle Hereford Beacon

Richards Castle Hay on Wye

Richards Castle Kington

Richards Castle Longtown

Richards Castle Montgomery

Richards Castle Painscastle

Richards Castle Skenfrith

Richards Castle Brampton

Richards Castle Radnor

Richards Castle Ten Castle

Richards Castle Wilton

Richards Castle Wigmore Castle

Richards Castle Wigmore Tourist

Richards Castle Chronology

Richards Castle Burford

Richards Castle Hopton

Richemount Wilton

Richeut Longchamp Wilton

Rinlau Clun

Riplingham Wigmore Castle

Rising Buckenham

Risley Richards Castle

Ritton Ewias Lacy

River Alun Ogmore

River Arrow Kington

River Avon Wigmore Tourist

River Bresle Wigmore Castle

River Cletwr Bychan Clifford

River Indre Wigmore Castle

River Lugg Wigmore Castle

River Monnow Pembridge

River Rhymni Grosmont

River Rhymni Oystermouth

River Roden Moreton Corbet

River Severn Grosmont

River Severn Ewias Lacy

River Trothy Grosmont

River Tywi Grosmont

River Usk Wigmore Tourist

River Wye Clifford

River Wye Hay on Wye

Robert ab Elveyl Painscastle

Robert Abbot St Briavels

Robert Aguylun Burford

Robert Alta Ripa Buckenham

Robert ap Hywel Painscastle

Robert ap Madog Montgomery

Robert ap Madog Chronology

Robert Aufreton Ewias Lacy

Robert Bachington Painscastle

Robert Baillebien Radnor

Robert Banister Chronology

Robert Baskerville Kington

Robert Baskerville Grosmont

Robert Baskerville Radnor

Robert Baskerville Skenfrith

Robert Baskerville White

Robert Baskerville Richards Castle

Robert Baskerville Longtown

Robert Beche Richards Castle

Robert Belleme Richards Castle

Robert Belleme Painscastle

Robert Bikele Radnor

Robert Bletchely Moreton Corbet

Robert Blundel Moreton Corbet

Robert Blundel Montgomery

Robert Bosco Moreton Corbet

Robert Boulers Montgomery

Robert Boulers Burford

Robert Boulers Brampton

Robert Boulers Chronology

Robert Bracy Montgomery

Robert Braose Burford

Robert Bret Clifford

Robert Brody Montgomery

Robert Broun Ewias Lacy

Robert Bund Burford

Robert Burghill Longtown

Robert Burnel Moreton Corbet

Robert Burnel Montgomery

Robert Busun Burford

Robert Camerario Brampton

Robert Cancereis Radnor

Robert Caposecreto Ten Castle

Robert Chandos Chronology

Robert Chandos Kington

Robert Chandos Montgomery

Robert Chandos Hay on Wye

Robert Chandos Wilton

Robert Chandos Hereford Beacon

Robert Chandos Longtown

Robert Chandos Clifford

Robert Chauna Clifford

Robert Clement Ewias Lacy

Robert Clifford Clifford

Robert Clifton Richards Castle

Robert Columbariis Burford

Robert Columbariis Kington

Robert Corbet Montgomery

Robert Corbet Longtown

Robert Corbet Chronology

Robert Corbet Brampton

Robert Corbet Moreton Corbet

Robert Corbet Burford

Robert Courtney Wilton

Robert Courtney Longtown

Robert Curthose Clifford

Robert Curthose Painscastle

Robert Curthose Berkhamsted

Robert d'Oilly Richards Castle

Robert d'Oilly Buckenham

Robert Darstyn Montgomery

Robert de la Ward Montgomery

Robert de la Warde Ewias Lacy

Robert de la Warde Burford

Robert de la Warde Hopton

Robert Devereux Kington

Robert Devereux Radnor

Robert Dryby Buckenham

Robert Dunstanville Wilton

Robert Elistuma Richards Castle

Robert Esailes Montgomery

Robert Espley Hopton

Robert Espley Moreton Corbet

Robert Essex Hereford Beacon

Robert Farnham Ewias Lacy

Robert Ferrers Buckenham

Robert Ferrers Hereford Beacon

Robert Finche Moreton Corbet

Robert Fitz Bernard White

Robert Fitz Bernard Radnor

Robert Fitz Bernard Grosmont

Robert Fitz Ernulf White

Robert Fitz Gunter Hay on Wye

Robert Fitz Gunter Richards Castle

Robert Fitz Hamon Chronology

Robert Fitz Hamon Oystermouth

Robert Fitz Hamon Painscastle

Robert Fitz Hamon Wigmore Castle

Robert Fitz Hamon Berkhamsted

Robert Fitz Hamon Ogmore

Robert Fitz Harding Wilton

Robert Fitz Harold Chronology

Robert Fitz Harold Painscastle

Robert Fitz Martin Chronology

Robert Fitz Nigel Moreton Corbet

Robert Fitz Richard Oystermouth

Robert Fitz Richard Chronology

Robert Fitz Richard Ogmore

Robert Fitz Robert Dovyle Ewias Lacy

Robert Fitz Roger Montgomery

Robert Fitz Roy Kington

Robert Fitz Troite Chronology

Robert Fitz Walter Clun

Robert Fitz Walter Montgomery

Robert Fitz Walter Moreton Corbet

Robert Fitz Walter Buckenham

Robert Fitz Wymarch Hereford Beacon

Robert Fitz Wymarch Longtown

Robert Foliot Brampton

Robert Furcis Hay on Wye

Robert Furcis Kington

Robert Ganel Buckenham

Robert Garsend Pembridge

Robert Gernon Richards Castle

Robert Gibarti Ogmore

Robert Girros Moreton Corbet

Robert Girros Hopton

Robert Girros Hopton

Robert Girros Moreton Corbet

Robert Girros Clun

Robert Grentemaisnil Brampton

Robert Gresley Wilton

Robert Hanewod Burford

Robert Harley Brampton

Robert Hastings Ewias Lacy

Robert Huntley Skenfrith

Robert Kokefeld Burford

Robert Kyrle Pembridge

Robert Landene Ogmore

Robert Langeley Ewias Lacy

Robert le Bret Pembridge

Robert le Bret Chronology

Robert le Bret Hay on Wye

Robert le Frison Hereford Beacon

Robert le Sauvage Skenfrith

Robert le Sauvage Grosmont

Robert le Veel Moreton Corbet

Robert le Wafre Wilton

Robert le Wafre Brampton

Robert le Wafre Burford

Robert Littlebury Hopton

Robert Longbridge Burford

Robert Longford Hopton

Robert Mallet Radnor

Robert Mallet Hereford Beacon

Robert Mannyng Montgomery

Robert Mapnors Burford

Robert Marmion Richards Castle

Robert Marmion Burford

Robert Mauduit Ewias Lacy

Robert Maurley Wigmore Castle

Robert Meisy Wilton

Robert Mohaut Chronology

Robert Montfort Wigmore Castle

Robert Montfort Painscastle

Robert Mortimer Brampton

Robert Mortimer Hopton

Robert Mortimer Burford

Robert Mortimer Clifford

Robert Mortimer Montgomery

Robert Mortimer Grosmont

Robert Mortimer White

Robert Mortimer Buckenham

Robert Mortimer Chronology

Robert Mortimer Skenfrith

Robert Mortimer Painscastle

Robert Mortimer Richards Castle

Robert Mortimer Longtown

Robert Mowbray Buckenham

Robert Munselowe Burford

Robert Muscegros Kington

Robert Newenton Wilton

Robert Normanville Ewias Lacy

Robert of Belleme Clun

Robert Oliphard Clifford

Robert Orm Moreton Corbet

Robert Pendock Pembridge

Robert Petton Moreton Corbet

Robert Peverel Moreton Corbet

Robert Peverel Painscastle

Robert Pigot Moreton Corbet

Robert Port Kington

Robert Punctello Radnor

Robert Putredham Kington

Robert Pycot Moreton Corbet

Robert Pye Pembridge

Robert Rhuddlan Longtown

Robert Rhuddlan Oystermouth

Robert Rhuddlan Dinas Emrys

Robert Rhuddlan Ogmore

Robert Rhuddlan Grosmont

Robert Romilly Wigmore Castle

Robert Salvagius Radnor

Robert Sapey Montgomery

Robert Say Richards Castle

Robert Say Moreton Corbet

Robert Say Burford

Robert Say Hopton

Robert Scales Montgomery

Robert Schemle Richards Castle

Robert Siginture Kington

Robert Silvatinus Radnor

Robert Stanley Kington

Robert Sturmy Richards Castle

Robert Stuteville Kington

Robert Tattershall Buckenham

Robert Tattershall Montgomery

Robert Tattershall Burford

Robert Tattershall Wilton

Robert Tattershall Painscastle

Robert Tergan Moreton Corbet

Robert the Deacon Hereford Beacon

Robert the Deacon Fitz Wymarch Richards Castle

Robert Tibotot Burford

Robert Tosny Painscastle

Robert Trawley Hay on Wye

Robert Tregoz Grosmont

Robert Tregoz Chronology

Robert Tregoz Painscastle

Robert Tregoz Wilton

Robert Tregoz Wigmore Tourist

Robert Tregoz Clifford

Robert Trenchelin Burford

Robert Turbeville Burford

Robert Turbeville Chronology

Robert Turbeville Ewias Lacy

Robert Turbeville Brampton

Robert Turbeville Wilton

Robert Turbeville Pembridge

Robert Turbeville Wigmore Tourist

Robert Turville Wilton

Robert Vaux Kington

Robert Verdun Ewias Lacy

Robert Vere Buckenham

Robert Vere Wigmore Tourist

Robert Vere Montgomery

Robert Verley Moreton Corbet

Robert Vieuxpont White

Robert Vipont Chronology

Robert Vipont Clun

Robert Vipont Longtown

Robert Vipont Grosmont

Robert Vipont Buckenham

Robert Vipont Skenfrith

Robert Walerand Wilton

Robert Walerand White

Robert Walerand Burford

Robert Walerand Ewias Lacy

Robert Walerand Chronology

Robert Weston Wilton

Robert Weston Ewias Lacy

Robert Wudeton Hopton

Robert Wudeton Moreton Corbet

Robert Wutton Montgomery

Robert Wyard Richards Castle

Robert Wytton Moreton Corbet

Robin Waleis Clifford

Rocelin Kyngeslon Burford

Rocelin Tirel Longtown

Rochester Grosmont

Rochester Skenfrith

Rochester Buckenham

Rochford Clifford

Rochford Richards Castle

Rochford Painscastle

Rochford Burford

Rock Painscastle

Rock Moor Clifford

Rockhill Clun

Rockingham White

Rockingham Skenfrith

Rockingham Grosmont

Rockmoor Painscastle

Rodd Burford

Roderhope Clun

Rodington Moreton Corbet

Rodland Mimesleia Longtown

Rodley White

Rodley Hereford Beacon

Rodley Skenfrith

Rodley Grosmont

Roger Alreton Richards Castle

Roger Anglicus Ewias Lacy

Roger Archid Moreton Corbet

Roger Barton Kington

Roger Baskerville Painscastle

Roger Berkeley Grosmont

Roger Berkeley Hereford Beacon

Roger Berkeley White

Roger Berkeley Skenfrith

Roger Bigod Buckenham

Roger Bigod Berkhamsted

Roger Bigod Hopton

Roger Bigod Radnor

Roger Bodenham Ewias Lacy

Roger Boterel Radnor

Roger Brahus Clun

Roger Burghill Hay on Wye

Roger Burghill Ewias Lacy

Roger Burghill Richards Castle

Roger Burwardsley Montgomery

Roger Camera Hay on Wye

Roger Cayne Burford

Roger Chandos Kington

Roger Chandos Clifford

Roger Chandos Hay on Wye

Roger Chandos Burford

Roger Chandos Chronology

Roger Chandos Wigmore Castle

Roger Chandos Ten Castle

Roger Chandos Painscastle

Roger Cheney Montgomery

Roger Clare Chronology

Roger Clare White

Roger Clare Painscastle

Roger Clifford Clun

Roger Clifford Montgomery

Roger Clifford Brampton

Roger Clifford Longtown

Roger Clifford Grosmont

Roger Clifford Ewias Lacy

Roger Clifford Kington

Roger Clifford Hay on Wye

Roger Clifford Burford

Roger Clifford Radnor

Roger Clifford White

Roger Clifford Chronology

Roger Clifford Skenfrith

Roger Clifford Wigmore Tourist

Roger Clifford Painscastle

Roger Clifford Wilton

Roger Clifford Pembridge

Roger Clifton Buckenham

Roger Clifton Burford

Roger Codagh Ewias Lacy

Roger Corbet Chronology

Roger Corbet Hopton

Roger Corbet Abbey Cwmhir

Roger Corbet Moreton Corbet

Roger Corbet Richards Castle

Roger Corbet Moreton Corbet

Roger Cornley Brampton

Roger Cragh Montgomery

Roger d'Oilly Richards Castle

Roger Damory St Briavels

Roger de Bosek... Burford

Roger de la Folie Kington

Roger de la Hay Burford

Roger de la Mora Clun

Roger de la Mora Montgomery

Roger de la More Ewias Lacy

Roger de la Penetrie Montgomery

Roger Devereux Longtown

Roger Dispenser Hay on Wye

Roger Ewias Longtown

Roger Fitz Adam Brampton

Roger Fitz Baldwin Moreton Corbet

Roger Fitz Hywel Moreton Corbet

Roger Fitz John Picard Chronology

Roger Fitz Odo Longtown

Roger Fitz Odo Richards Castle

Roger Fitz Pons Radnor

Roger Fitz Ralph Kington

Roger Fitz Richard Moreton Corbet

Roger Fitz William Ogmore

Roger Fychan Chronology

Roger Fychan Painscastle

Roger Grent Hereford Beacon

Roger Gudmund Moreton Corbet

Roger Haburdin Clun

Roger Heskeston Hopton

Roger Heskeston Richards Castle

Roger Heyham Montgomery

Roger Hop Richards Castle

Roger Hostiarium Wigmore Castle

Roger Houanmaisnil Wigmore Castle

Roger Kinlet Hay on Wye

Roger Kinlet Chronology

Roger Kinlet Hay on Wye

Roger Kinlet Brampton

Roger Kriketot Ewias Lacy

Roger Lacy Hay on Wye

Roger Lacy Hereford Beacon

Roger Lacy Grosmont

Roger Lacy Chronology

Roger Lacy Longtown

Roger Lacy Painscastle

Roger Lacy Wigmore Castle

Roger Lacy Wilton

Roger Lacy Skenfrith

Roger Lacy Richards Castle

Roger Lacy White

Roger le Convers Wilton

Roger le More Ewias Lacy

Roger le Poer Burford

Roger le Poer Ten Castle

Roger le Porter Montgomery

Roger le Rus Ewias Lacy

Roger le Werner Clun

Roger Leicester Hopton

Roger Leicester Hopton

Roger Lestrange Chronology

Roger Lestrange Burford

Roger Lestrange Montgomery

Roger Lestrange Abbey Cwmhir

Roger Lestrange Painscastle

Roger Lestrange Moreton Corbet

Roger Leybourne Chronology

Roger Leybourne Montgomery

Roger Leybourne Hay on Wye

Roger Leybourne Ewias Lacy

Roger Leybourne Brampton

Roger Leybourne Wilton

Roger Leybourne Wigmore Tourist

Roger Longborough Clifford

Roger Longborough Longtown

Roger Ludlow Hereford Beacon

Roger Mascall Burford

Roger Merse Moreton Corbet

Roger Meules Chronology

Roger Middleton Burford

Roger Mohaut Chronology

Roger Mohaut Brampton

Roger Mohaut Montgomery

Roger Mohaut Painscastle

Roger Mohaut Wilton

Roger Montgomery Clun

Roger Montgomery Hopton

Roger Mora Hopton

Roger Mora Hopton

Roger Mortimer Kington

Roger Mortimer Ewias Lacy

Roger Mortimer Montgomery

Roger Mortimer Middle Wye

Roger Mortimer Chronology

Roger Mortimer St Briavels

Roger Mortimer Berkhamsted

Roger Mortimer Clun

Roger Mortimer Clifford

Roger Mortimer Brampton

Roger Mortimer Abbey Cwmhir

Roger Mortimer Hay on Wye

Roger Mortimer St Briavels

Roger Mortimer Hopton

Roger Mortimer Burford

Roger Mortimer Grosmont

Roger Mortimer Skenfrith

Roger Mortimer Richards Castle

Roger Mortimer Wigmore Tourist

Roger Mortimer Radnor

Roger Mortimer Pembridge

Roger Mortimer Painscastle

Roger Mortimer Ten Castle

Roger Mortimer White

Roger Mortimer Wilton

Roger Mortimer Wigmore Castle

Roger Mortimer Moreton Corbet

Roger Mowbray Kington

Roger Muscegros Painscastle

Roger Niger Radnor

Roger of Breteuil St Briavels

Roger of Breteuil Clifford

Roger of Shrewsbury Dinas Emrys

Roger Picard Brampton

Roger Picard Ewias Lacy

Roger Picard Clifford

Roger Picard Chronology

Roger Picard Grosmont

Roger Picard Burford

Roger Picard Longtown

Roger Picard Wilton

Roger Picard Painscastle

Roger Picheworth Ewias Lacy

Roger Pitres Hereford Beacon

Roger Poer Richards Castle

Roger Port Burford

Roger Port Kington

Roger Port Richards Castle

Roger Powis Hopton

Roger Powys Kington

Roger Preston Moreton Corbet

Roger Puintel Wilton

Roger Remfry Wilton

Roger Reyli Ogmore

Roger Reyli Oystermouth

Roger Rupe Skenfrith

Roger Saltous Montgomery

Roger Sarnesfield Radnor

Roger Scorchebofe Longtown

Roger Scotney Longtown

Roger Sibdon Clun

Roger Sibeton Hopton

Roger Smethecot Montgomery

Roger Solars Richards Castle

Roger Somery Burford

Roger Somery Wilton

Roger Somery Painscastle

Roger Springhose Brampton

Roger Springhose Clun

Roger Springhose Montgomery

Roger Springhose Ewias Lacy

Roger Springhose Radnor

Roger Springhose Moreton Corbet

Roger Stampford Brampton

Roger Stanton Longtown

Roger Tirel Ewias Lacy

Roger Tosny Clifford

Roger Tosny Middle Wye

Roger Tosny Longtown

Roger Tosny Burford

Roger Tosny Chronology

Roger Tosny Brampton

Roger Tosny Montgomery

Roger Tosny Painscastle

Roger Tosny Pembridge

Roger Tosny Wilton

Roger Vaughan Chronology

Roger Vaughan Painscastle

Roger Welyngton Ewias Lacy

Roger Woodhouse Buckenham

Roiseium Clun

Roland Bureford Longtown

Rollo Wigmore Castle

Rollwright Brampton

Rome Buckenham

Romold Ten Castle

Romsey Painscastle

Romsley Burford

Romsley Richards Castle

Rory O'Connor Longtown

Roscelin Beaumont Painscastle

Rose Maund Longtown

Rosemaund Richards Castle

Rosneth Longtown

Ross on Wye Wilton

Ross-on-Wye Pembridge

Rothley Montgomery

Rotrou of Mortagne Wigmore Castle

Rotrou of Mortagne Painscastle

Rouen Wilton

Rouen Longtown

Rouen Painscastle

Rouen Wigmore Castle

Rouen Hereford Beacon

Rouen Brampton

Rowden Kington

Rowe Ditch Burford

Rowlestone Longtown

Rowlestone Ewias Lacy

Rowton Clun

Rowton Moreton Corbet

Ruald Maubanc Pembridge

Rualoc Aubigny Buckenham

Rubeo Castro Ewias Lacy

Rudge Wigmore Castle

Rug Dinas Emrys

Rug Montgomery

Rug Chronology

Rugedona Kington

Rumenou/Rexwernou Longtown

Runnymede Buckenham

Runnymede Grosmont

Runnymede Clifford

Runnymede Longtown

Runnymede Moreton Corbet

Runnymede Skenfrith

Runnymede White

Rushbury Ewias Lacy

Rushock Kington

Rushton Wilton

Ruthin Clun

Ruthin Wilton

Ruthin Chronology

Ruthin Rhiwgantyn Clun

Ruuvnor Clifford

Ruylnynnan Abbey Cwmhir

Ruyton XI towns Montgomery

Ruyton XI Towns Richards Castle

Ryhcot Painscastle

Ryllerhos Abbey Cwmhir

Ryton Richards Castle

Ryton Montgomery

Ryulnynan Abbey Cwmhir

S. Wauton Burford

Saeric Richards Castle

Saham Toney Painscastle

Sai Clun

Salceid Wigmore Castle

Salisbury Clifford

Salterford Richards Castle

Saltford Ten Castle

Sambrook Moreton Corbet

Samson Chend Richards Castle

Samuel More Hopton

Sapcote Montgomery

Sapey Burford

Sapey Richards Castle

Sarfbrin Abbey Cwmhir

Sarnesfield Clifford

Sarnesfield Ten Castle

Sarnesfield Pembridge

Sarnesfield Ewias Lacy

Sarnesfield Painscastle

Saumur Clun

Saumur Radnor

Savary Maloleone Longtown

Savernake Wilton

Sawbury Richards Castle

Sawbury Hill Longtown

Sa[m]son Worsley Clifford

Sbydegirille, Montgomery

Scampston Wigmore Castle

Scethrog Painscastle

Scharnbrok Wilton

Schelton Clun

Scithwen Middle Wye

Sclachbur' Hopton

Scotland White

Scraueleg' Painscastle

Scravelega Painscastle

Seagny Clifford

Sear Hagurner Hay on Wye

Sear Huntyngfeld Burford

Seez Clun

Seine Wilton

Seine Wigmore Castle

Seisyll Richards Castle

Seisyll ab Adam White

Seisyll ap Dyfnwal Hay on Wye

Seisyll ap Dyfnwal White

Seisyll ap Dyfnwal Grosmont

Seisyll ap Dyfnwal Chronology

Seisyll ap Dyfnwal Skenfrith

Seisyll ap Dyfnwal Radnor

Sele Radnor

Selley Clun

Semanus Stoke Berkhamsted

Senena Clifford

Senghennydd Wigmore Tourist

Senghennydd Grosmont

Senghennydd Brampton

Senghennydd Skenfrith

Senghennydd Wilton

Senghennydd Chronology

Senghennydd Ogmore

Senghennydd White

Senlac Hill Wigmore Tourist

Sennybridge Hay on Wye

Sere Ewias Lacy

Sergeant Hackluyt Brampton

Serlo Huntyngfeld Burford

Severn Wigmore Tourist

Severn Chronology

Severn Skenfrith

Severn Hereford Beacon

Severn Ogmore

Shannon Longtown

Shathewelle Ewias Lacy

Shawbury Moreton Corbet

Sheinton Wigmore Castle

Shelderton Clun

Shelderton Hopton

Sheldon Ewias Lacy

Shell Longtown

Shelsley Richards Castle

Shelsley Beauchamp Painscastle

Shelsley Walsh Richards Castle

Shelsley Walsh Burford

Shelve Moreton Corbet

Sherborne Richards Castle

Sherborne Berkhamsted

Sherborne Clifford

Shingham Painscastle

Shiply Wigmore Castle

Shipton Clifford

Shipton Moyne Richards Castle

Shireburn Ewias Lacy

Shirland Wilton

Shirlet Montgomery

Shirley Brampton

Shirley Wigmore Castle

Shobdon Wigmore Castle

Shobdon Brampton

Shoreham Radnor

Shoreham-by-Sea Skenfrith

Shoreham-by-Sea Grosmont

Shotwick Chronology

Shrawardine Moreton Corbet

Shrawardine Clun

Shrawardine Montgomery

Shrawardine Chronology

Shrewsbury Hay on Wye

Shrewsbury Clun

Shrewsbury Abbey Cwmhir

Shrewsbury Clifford

Shrewsbury Moreton Corbet

Shrewsbury Wigmore Castle

Shrewsbury Wigmore Tourist

Shrewsbury Brampton

Shrewsbury Chronology

Shrewsbury Montgomery

Shucknall Court Ewias Lacy

Sibdon Clun

Sibdon Carwood Clun

Sibyl Ferrers Hay on Wye

Sibyl Lacy Longtown

Sibyl Marshall Burford

Sibyl Neufmarché Hay on Wye

Sibyl Pauncefot Ewias Lacy

Sibyl Port Kington

Sibyl Talbot White

Sibyl Talbot Grosmont

Sidbury Wigmore Castle

Sidcombe Clifford

Siddington Longtown

Siefton Richards Castle

Silas Taylor Wilton

Silchester Wigmore Castle

Simon Basset Montgomery

Simon Beauchamp Buckenham

Simon Beauchamp Montgomery

Simon Burley Brampton

Simon Comes Radnor

Simon Corbet Moreton Corbet

Simon de la Hull Burford

Simon Fitz Margery Ewias Lacy

Simon Fitz Richard Clifford

Simon Haburdin Clun

Simon Haburdin Chronology

Simon Haburdin Montgomery

Simon Merlymond Wigmore Castle

Simon Montfort Chronology

Simon Montfort Buckenham

Simon Montfort Clun

Simon Montfort Wigmore Tourist

Simon Montfort Ewias Lacy

Simon Montfort Wilton

Simon Montfort Hay on Wye

Simon Montfort St Briavels

Simon Montfort Middle Wye

Simon Montfort White

Simon Montfort Kington

Simon Montfort Richards Castle

Simon Ribbesford Burford

Simon Ribbesford Brampton

Simon Ribbesford Pembridge

Simon Ribbesford Wigmore Castle

Simon Roegus of Purlock Montgomery

Simon Senlis Buckenham

Simon Wear Moreton Corbet

Sirley Montgomery

Skeffington Ewias Lacy

Skenfrith Grosmont

Skenfrith Hay on Wye

Skenfrith Wigmore Tourist

Skenfrith Wilton

Skenfrith Brampton

Skenfrith Berkhamsted

Skenfrith Clun

Skenfrith Burford

Skenfrith Chronology

Skenfrith Hereford Beacon

Skenfrith Pembridge

Skenfrith Longtown

Skenfrith Kington

Skenfrith Radnor

Skenfrith Painscastle

Skenfrith Richards Castle

Skenfrith White

Skipton in Craven Wigmore Castle

Skirrid White

Skirrid Grosmont

Skyborry Clun

Skyborry Abbey Cwmhir

Slackbury Hopton

Sleaford Skenfrith

Sleaford White

Sleaford Grosmont

Sloughthre Ewias Lacy

Sluys Burford

Smethcote Montgomery

Smithdon Buckenham

Snead Montgomery

Snead Clun

Sned Clun

Snellesley Kington

Snelleston Wilton

Snellson Wilton

Snettisham Buckenham

Snodhill Montgomery

Snodhill Clifford

Snodhill Kington

Snodhill Hereford Beacon

Snodhill Ewias Lacy

Snodhill Chronology

Snodhill Burford

Snodhill Wilton

Snodhill Longtown

Snodhill Painscastle

Snowdon Brampton

Snowdon Chronology

Snowdon Montgomery

Sodington Wigmore Castle

Soke of Luvel Wilton

Sol Radnor

Solomon Rochester Hopton

Somerset Grosmont

Sontford Montgomery

Sothun Richards Castle

Sottevilla Wigmore Castle

South Cerney Wick Painscastle

South Tawton Painscastle

South Wales Kington

South Zeal Painscastle

Southampton Kington

Southampton Brampton

Southampton Moreton Corbet

Southwark Clun

Spaldington Wigmore Castle

Sparham Painscastle

Speen Hay on Wye

Speen Kington

Spetchley Longtown

Speyer Painscastle

Speys Abbey Cwmhir

Spoad Clun

St Albans Ewias Lacy

St Albans Buckenham

St Albans abbey Kington

St Ananus Skenfrith

St Ananus Grosmont

St Ananus Grosmont

St Asaph Brampton

St Asaph Montgomery

St Augustine's abbey Wilton

St Beuve-en-Riviere Wigmore Castle

St Briavels Ogmore

St Briavels Pembridge

St Briavels Montgomery

St Briavels St Briavels

St Briavels Moreton Corbet

St Briavels Painscastle

St Briavels Wilton

St Briavels Skenfrith

St Briavels Chronology

St Briavels White

St Briavels Ten Castle

St Briavels Hereford Beacon

St Briavels Grosmont

St Claire Wigmore Castle

St Clears Hay on Wye

St Clears Chronology

St Clears Radnor

St Clears Kington

St Clears Longtown

St David's White

St David's Clun

St David's Middle Wye

St David's Wigmore Castle

St David's Grosmont

St David's Longtown

St David's Hay on Wye

St David's Radnor

St David's Skenfrith

St David's Chronology

St David's Ogmore

St David's Oystermouth

St David's Ten Castle

St Evroul Painscastle

St Florent of Saumur Wilton

St Guthlac Clifford

St Guthlac Kington

St Guthlac's priory Richards Castle

St Guy's Hospital Wilton

St Harmon's Abbey Cwmhir

St Ishmael Ogmore

St Leonards Painscastle

St Maixent Richards Castle

St Malo Burford

St Malo Painscastle

St Martin d'Aubigny Buckenham

St Martin de Champs Wigmore Castle

St Martin de Troarn Wigmore Castle

St Mary of Shrewsbury Hopton

St Nicholas Myra Grosmont

St Patern Buckenham

St Peter of Gloucester Kington

St Peters Chronology

St Victors Wigmore Castle

St Weonards Longtown

St Werburg's of Chester Wilton

St Werburgh's abbey Wigmore Castle

Stafford Wigmore Tourist

Stafford Hereford Beacon

Stainton Ewias Lacy

Stanage Richards Castle

Stand' Ewias Lacy

Stanford Ewias Lacy

Stanford Longtown

Stanford Richards Castle

Stanford Wilton

Stanford Bishop Ewias Lacy

Stanford on Teme Longtown

Stanford Sturmey Burford

Stanford upon Teme Ewias Lacy

Stanford Wasseburne Painscastle

Stanford-on-Teme Richards Castle

Stanlawesmiln Montgomery

Stanton Ewias Lacy

Stanton Harcourt Buckenham

Stanton Lacy Ewias Lacy

Stanwardine in the Wood Montgomery

Stanway Brampton

Stanway Clun

Stanway Wigmore Castle

Stapleford Tawney Painscastle

Stapleton Chronology

Stapleton Richards Castle

Stapleton Burford

Stapleton Montgomery

Stapleton Kington

Stapleton Brampton

Staunton Burford

Staunton Harold Ewias Lacy

Staunton on Arrow Burford

Staunton on Arrow Hopton

Staunton on Arrow Brampton

Staunton on Arrow Wigmore Castle

Staunton on Arrow Richards Castle

Staunton on Arrow and Bucknell Kington

Staunton on Wye Longtown

Staunton on Wye Painscastle

Staunton on Wye Clifford

Staunton on Wye Ewias Lacy

Staunton Park Richards Castle

Steen's Court Burford

Stephan Pimelee Hopton

Stephen Bausan Oystermouth

Stephen Bausan Chronology

Stephen Bausan Ogmore

Stephen Beauchamp Wilton

Stephen Boulers Moreton Corbet

Stephen Butterley Ewias Lacy

Stephen Cama Burford

Stephen Chameis Clifford

Stephen Devereux Chronology

Stephen Devereux Clun

Stephen Devereux Brampton

Stephen Devereux Longtown

Stephen Devereux Pembridge

Stephen Engany Wilton

Stephen Esebach Ewias Lacy

Stephen Fitz Baldwin Chronology

Stephen Fitz Unerard Moreton Corbet

Stephen Fitz William Moreton Corbet

Stephen Frankton Montgomery

Stephen Gravesende Burford

Stephen Houton Wilton

Stephen le Amblester Wigmore Tourist

Stephen le Amblester Ewias Lacy

Stephen le Amblester Brampton

Stephen Longchamp Wilton

Stephen Middleton Richards Castle

Stephen of Aumale Painscastle

Stephen of Aumale Wigmore Castle

Stephen of Aumale Radnor

Stephen Segrave Grosmont

Stephen Segrave White

Stephen Segrave Montgomery

Stephen Segrave Skenfrith

Stephen Stanton Moreton Corbet

Stephen Staunton Hopton

Stephen Turneham Wilton

Stepney Moreton Corbet

Stepple Wigmore Castle

Stertelond Moreton Corbet

Steventon Hereford Beacon

Steyning Radnor

Steyning Grosmont

Steyning Skenfrith

Stircheley Moreton Corbet

Stirling Bridge Burford

Stockton Montgomery

Stockton on Teme Longtown

Stocton Montgomery

Stoke Burford

Stoke Blez Radnor

Stoke Bliss Ten Castle

Stoke Edith Clifford

Stoke Edith Painscastle

Stoke Hammond Wilton

Stoke Lacy Longtown

Stoke Lacy Ewias Lacy

Stoke on Trent Montgomery

Stoke upon Terne Ewias Lacy

Stoke Verdun Ewias Lacy

Stokesay Clun

Stokesay Longtown

Stokesay Richards Castle

Stokesay Burford

Storridge Hereford Beacon

Storthwaite? Wigmore Castle

Stottesdon Brampton

Stow Well Wigmore Castle

Stowe Clun

Stramshall Ewias Lacy

Strata Florida Abbey Cwmhir

Strata Florida Chronology

Strata Marcella Chronology

Stratfield Wigmore Castle

Stratfield Mortimer Wigmore Castle

Stratfield Saye Burford

Stratton Longtown

Stratton St Margaret Kington

Stratton St Margaret Buckenham

Strattondale Moreton Corbet

Street Ewias Lacy

Street Longtown

Strefford Clun

Streton Moreton Corbet

Stretton Ewias Lacy

Stretton Longtown

Stretton Painscastle

Stretton Baskerville Wigmore Castle

Stretton Sugwas Longtown

Stretton Sugwas Ewias Lacy

Stutte Clun

Suanegeye Buckenham

Sudeley Hereford Beacon

Sudeley Wilton

Sudgreneho Painscastle

Sueineston Ewias Lacy

Suffolk White

Suleham Ogmore

Sulton Moreton Corbet

Summergil Ten Castle

Summergil Radnor

Surrendell Brampton

Surrendell Wigmore Castle

Surrey White

Suthstoke Ewias Lacy

Sutton Ewias Lacy

Sutton Burford

Sutton Richards Castle

Sutton Wigmore Castle

Sutton Maddock Richards Castle

Sutton St Michael Kington

Sutton St Nicholas Kington

Sutton Sturmy Burford

Swallow Brampton

Swallow Wigmore Castle

Swampton Wigmore Castle

Swansea Radnor

Swansea Chronology

Swansea Oystermouth

Swansea Ogmore

Swanstone Longtown

Swydd Buddugre Abbey Cwmhir

Swydd Dinieithon Abbey Cwmhir

Swydd Rhiwallt Abbey Cwmhir

Swyre Kington

Symon's Castle Clun

Symond le Keu Montgomery

Tafolwern Chronology

Taiv Swydd Montgomery

Talacharn Chronology

Talgarth Grosmont

Talgarth Chronology

Talgarth Montgomery

Talgarth Longtown

Talgarth Hay on Wye

Talley Chronology

Talybon Montgomery

Talybont Moreton Corbet

Talybont Oystermouth

Talybont Chronology

Talyfan Chronology

Taphnis Buckenham

Tarrington Pembridge

Tarrington Longtown

Tarvin Moreton Corbet

Tasley Moreton Corbet

Tasley Hopton

Tatley Hopton

Tawe Oystermouth

Tawe Ogmore

Tawton Painscastle

Teddyn Grustiskion Abbey Cwmhir

Tedstone Longtown

Tegeingl Chronology

Tegeingl Wigmore Castle

Teme Richards Castle

Teme Burford

Teme Clun

Temple Guiting Longtown

Tempsiter Clun

Tempsiter Abbey Cwmhir

Tenbury Clifford

Tenbury Wilton

Tenbury Richards Castle

Tenbury Wells Richards Castle

Tenbury Wells Burford

Tenby Chronology

Terwyllkyn Abbey Cwmhir

Tetbury Grosmont

Tetbury Skenfrith

Tetshill Richards Castle

Tetstill Moreton Corbet

Tetstill Burford

Tewdwr ab Ednyfed Chronology

Tewdwr ap Madog Montgomery

Tewdwr ap Madog Brampton

Tewdwr ap Vaughan Painscastle

Tewkesbury Burford

Tewkesbury Hereford Beacon

Thames Moreton Corbet

The Bage Clifford

The Hem Moreton Corbet

The Low Wigmore Castle

The Low Brampton

The Marsh Clun

The Sheet Wigmore Castle

The Venn Kington

The Warden Burford

Theobald Butler Ewias Lacy

Theobald Verdun Grosmont

Theobald Verdun Burford

Theobald Verdun Ewias Lacy

Theobald Verdun Moreton Corbet

Thirkleby Wigmore Castle

Thirsk Kington

Thomas Albo Monasterio Moreton Corbet

Thomas Arden Burford

Thomas Arden Richards Castle

Thomas Ashford Burford

Thomas Basset Buckenham

Thomas Beaufort Pembridge

Thomas Becket Berkhamsted

Thomas Becket Buckenham

Thomas Becket Wilton

Thomas Benger Berkhamsted

Thomas Birkyn Wilton

Thomas Blumville Montgomery

Thomas Brampton Hopton

Thomas Brampton Burford

Thomas Burgh Buckenham

Thomas Bykenore Burford

Thomas Cailly Buckenham

Thomas Capellano Burford

Thomas Chedney Longtown

Thomas Chedney Clifford

Thomas Chimilli Wilton

Thomas Clare Wigmore Tourist

Thomas Clopsy Moreton Corbet

Thomas Constantine Clun

Thomas Constantine Longtown

Thomas Constantine Hopton

Thomas Constantine Moreton Corbet

Thomas Corbet Abbey Cwmhir

Thomas Corbet Burford

Thomas Corbet Hopton

Thomas Corbet Brampton

Thomas Corbet Clifford

Thomas Corbet Clun

Thomas Corbet Painscastle

Thomas Corbet Montgomery

Thomas Corbet Wigmore Castle

Thomas Corbet Wilton

Thomas Corbet Chronology

Thomas Corbet White

Thomas Corbet Ewias Lacy

Thomas Corbet Grosmont

Thomas Corbet Longtown

Thomas Corbet Radnor

Thomas Corbet Skenfrith

Thomas Corbet Moreton Corbet

Thomas Cromwell Radnor

Thomas Dallison Moreton Corbet

Thomas de La Hay Montgomery

Thomas Downton Brampton

Thomas Erdington Brampton

Thomas Erdington Clun

Thomas Erdington Montgomery

Thomas Erdington Clifford

Thomas Erdington Moreton Corbet

Thomas Fairfax Moreton Corbet

Thomas Fepo Ewias Lacy

Thomas Fillol Montgomery

Thomas Fitz Philip Montgomery Montgomery

Thomas Fitz Ralph Fraxino Burford

Thomas Fraxino Burford

Thomas Fraxino Chronology

Thomas Fraxino Kington

Thomas Fraxino Brampton

Thomas Fraxino Richards Castle

Thomas Furnival Ewias Lacy

Thomas Galway Richards Castle

Thomas Garshale Ewias Lacy

Thomas Grey Wilton

Thomas Hay Montgomery

Thomas Hereford Pembridge

Thomas Hord Moreton Corbet

Thomas Huntley Burford

Thomas Huntley Skenfrith

Thomas Irish Kington

Thomas Kevilok Montgomery

Thomas le Clerc of Keneleye Montgomery

Thomas le Hopere Moreton Corbet

Thomas Lench Montgomery

Thomas London Burford

Thomas London Oystermouth

Thomas London Ogmore

Thomas Lorun Grosmont

Thomas Mauduit Longtown

Thomas Mauduit Montgomery

Thomas Michel Montgomery

Thomas Michel Moreton Corbet

Thomas Middleton Clifford

Thomas Neville Clifford

Thomas Neville Ewias Lacy

Thomas Pechelot Moreton Corbet

Thomas Rossal Moreton Corbet

Thomas Scotney Ewias Lacy

Thomas Scriven Moreton Corbet

Thomas Southend Hopton

Thomas Street Ewias Lacy

Thomas Sudignton Hopton

Thomas Taillebois Radnor

Thomas Tockenham Brampton

Thomas Trevet Brampton

Thomas Trevet Hopton

Thomas Turpleton Burford

Thorkell Ten Castle

Thorkell Radnor

Thornton Kington

Thornton Wigmore Castle

Thornton Curtis Wigmore Castle

Thorold Verley Moreton Corbet

Thorp Ewias Lacy

Thruxton Longtown

Thruxton Hereford Beacon

Thurlaston Ewias Lacy

Thurleigh Wilton

Tickhill Richards Castle

Tickhill Grosmont

Tickhill White

Tickhill Skenfrith

Tidenham Longtown

Tidenham Wilton

Tillieres sur Avre Painscastle

Tilsop Burford

Timberth Montgomery

Tinberth Montgomery

Tinboeth Middle Wye

Tinboeth Montgomery

Tinboeth Wigmore Tourist

Tinchenbrai Painscastle

Tinchenbrai Buckenham

Tinchenbrai Longtown

Tinchenbrai Wigmore Tourist

Tintagel Dinas Emrys

Tintern Chronology

Tipenham Buckenham

Tir y Myneich Abbey Cwmhir

Tirley Hopton

Tiron abbey Richards Castle

Tiron abbey Kington

Titley Burford

Titley Richards Castle

Titley Kington

Tockenham Brampton

Tockenham Wigmore Castle

Tomen Ten Castle

Tomen y Mur Chronology

Tomen y Mur Dinas Emrys

Tomen yr Allt Montgomery

Tong Pembridge

Topcroft Buckenham

Toret Wroxeter Moreton Corbet

Torpurlegh Wilton

Toseland Wilton

Tosni Painscastle

Totfled Wigmore Castle

Totnes Richards Castle

Totnes Radnor

Totnes Clun

Totnes Kington

Toulouse Berkhamsted

Tours Brampton

Touvais Wigmore Castle

Tower of London Wilton

Tower of London Wigmore Tourist

Towyn Moreton Corbet

Towyn Montgomery

Trahaearn ap Caradog Chronology

Trahaearn ap Caradog Grosmont

Trahaearn ap Caradog Dinas Emrys

Trahaearn ap Einion Hay on Wye

Trahaearn ap Gruffydd Veleu Abbey Cwmhir

Trahaearn ap Hywel Montgomery

Trahaearn ap Madog Chronology

Traier ap Geoffrey Hay on Wye

Trawarn White

Trawarn Grosmont

Trawscoed Middle Wye

Trawscoed Richards Castle

Trawscoed Clifford

Trebert Clun

Trebrodier Clun

Trecastle Hay on Wye

Tredustan Hay on Wye

Trefberneth under Breidden Montgomery

Trefilan Chronology

Trelleck Clifford

Trelleck Chronology

Trellyniau Dinas Emrys

Tretower Longtown

Tretower Brampton

Tretower Wilton

Tretower Hay on Wye

Tretower Burford

Tretower Painscastle

Tretower Richards Castle

Tretower Clifford

Tretower Chronology

Trettvet Middle Wye

Treverward Clun

Treville Hereford Beacon

Trewern Hereford Beacon

Trewern Pembridge

Trewern Painscastle

Trewern Chronology

Trilateral Chronology

Trim Longtown

Trivel Skenfrith

Trivel Wilton

Trothy White

Trumpington Painscastle

Trwstllewelyn Montgomery

Tuchlarduveleys Middle Wye

Tudeham Longtown

Tudor ab Ednyfed Montgomery

Tupsley Wigmore Tourist

Tupsley Ewias Lacy

Tupsley Brampton

Turbervaugh Brampton

Turbervaugh Wigmore Castle

Turkdean Richards Castle

Turnastone Chronology

Turret castle Hereford Beacon

Turret castle Kington

Turret Tump Kington

Turstin Fitz Rolf Hereford Beacon

Turstin le Bret Hay on Wye

Turstin le Bret Chronology

Turstin Wigmore Hay on Wye

Turstin Wigmore Wigmore Castle

Tutbury Chronology

Tuyldenehid Ewias Lacy

Twyford Ten Castle

Twyn y Garth Middle Wye

Ty Faenor Abbey Cwmhir

Tyburn Wigmore Tourist

Tyddyn I Lloyd Abbey Cwmhir

Tylwch Abbey Cwmhir

Tyrley Heath Moreton Corbet

Tythur Abbey Cwmhir

Tythyn Crofte Abbey Cwmhir

Tywi Ogmore

Tywi Hay on Wye

Uchdryd ab Edwin Chronology

Ullingswick Pembridge

Ullingswick Clifford

Ullington Richards Castle

Underchecle Moreton Corbet

Unsel Mansellus Punctello Radnor

Upper Ashford Wigmore Castle

Upper Ashford Brampton

Upper Court Clifford

Upper Lyde Richards Castle

Upper Lye Wigmore Castle

Upper Lye Ten Castle

Upper Lye Brampton

Upper Slaughter Longtown

Urian St Peter Burford

Uriel Longtown

Urishay Clifford

Urmeton Ewias Lacy

Urse d'Abetot Richards Castle

Urse d'Abetot Hereford Beacon

Urse de la Haie Clifford

Ursula Yelverton Buckenham

Usk Grosmont

Usk Chronology

Usk Clifford

Usk Painscastle

Usk White

Usk Wilton

Usk St Briavels

Uwch Caeach Chronology

Uwch-Rhaeadr Chronology

Valle Crucis Chronology

Vaucelles Kington

Vaucelles Kington

Verneuil Buckenham

Verneuil Longtown

Verneuil Painscastle

Vernon Wigmore Castle

Veteri Castro Ewias Lacy

Vexin Wigmore Castle

Via Flandrensem Middle Wye

Vienna Painscastle

Vincent Corbet Moreton Corbet

Vinsel Davy Montgomery

Vivian Rossal Moreton Corbet

Vivian Rossal Clun

Vivian Rossal Longtown

Voucher Putange Ten Castle

W Clinton Wilton

W. Baskerville Ten Castle

Wacton Longtown

Wadetune Longtown

Wakinton Ewias Lacy

Walcot Montgomery

Waleran Mortimer Painscastle

Waleran Teuton Berkhamsted

Waleran Teuton Chronology

Waleran Teuton Painscastle

Walerand ab Adam White

Walerand Teuton Skenfrith

Walerand Teuton Grosmont

Walerand Teuton White

Walerand Teuton Clifford

Walford Wigmore Castle

Walford Brampton

Walford Hopton

Walkelin Ferrers Richards Castle

Walkerslow Montgomery

Wallingford Hereford Beacon

Wallingford Buckenham

Wallingford Grosmont

Wallingford Hay on Wye

Wallingford Berkhamsted

Wallingford Ogmore

Wallingford White

Wallingford Skenfrith

Wallingford Wigmore Castle

Walltown Wigmore Castle

Walltown Brampton

Walramus Mortimer Burford

Walsopthorne Ewias Lacy

Walter ab Iorwerth Painscastle

Walter Aubigny Buckenham

Walter Avenbury Kington

Walter Badasane Clifford

Walter Baskerville Montgomery

Walter Baskerville Burford

Walter Baskerville Grosmont

Walter Baskerville White

Walter Baskerville Longtown

Walter Baskerville Skenfrith

Walter Baskerville Ewias Lacy

Walter Baskerville Painscastle

Walter Baskerville Chronology

Walter Basset Montgomery

Walter Beauchamp White

Walter Beauchamp Skenfrith

Walter Beauchamp Grosmont

Walter Beauchamp Wigmore Castle

Walter Beauchamp Clifford

Walter Beauchamp Radnor

Walter Beauchamp Longtown

Walter Beauchamp Kington

Walter Beauchamp Hay on Wye

Walter Beauchamp Montgomery

Walter Beauchamp Clun

Walter Bertold Buckenham

Walter Beysyn Skenfrith

Walter Beysyn White

Walter Beysyn Painscastle

Walter Beysyn Grosmont

Walter Blount Montgomery

Walter Bodenham Ewias Lacy

Walter Bradeley Ewias Lacy

Walter Brampton Brampton

Walter Braose Oystermouth

Walter Braose Ogmore

Walter Braose Chronology

Walter Brion Montgomery

Walter Brocbur Ewias Lacy

Walter Brybory Burford

Walter Bucknell Clun

Walter Burgh Ewias Lacy

Walter Canterbury Kington

Walter Cantilupe Wilton

Walter Canut Hay on Wye

Walter Chandos Clifford

Walter Chaynel Ewias Lacy

Walter Clifford Hopton

Walter Clifford Clifford

Walter Clifford Clun

Walter Clifford Hay on Wye

Walter Clifford Moreton Corbet

Walter Clifford Burford

Walter Clifford Painscastle

Walter Clifford Wilton

Walter Clifford Radnor

Walter Clifford White

Walter Clifford Skenfrith

Walter Clifford Richards Castle

Walter Clifford Hay on Wye

Walter Clifford Brampton

Walter Clifford Montgomery

Walter Clifford Middle Wye

Walter Clifford Grosmont

Walter Clifford Chronology

Walter Clifford Longtown

Walter Clifford Kington

Walter Clifford Junior Clifford

Walter Clifford Senior Clifford

Walter Cormeilles Pembridge

Walter Craueley Ewias Lacy

Walter de la Hide Clifford

Walter del Mans Longtown

Walter Devereux Hay on Wye

Walter Devereux Radnor

Walter Devereux Longtown

Walter Dinedor Clifford

Walter Dunstanville Longtown

Walter Dunstanville Moreton Corbet

Walter Dunstanville Kington

Walter Dunstanville Clifford

Walter Dunstanville Clun

Walter Dunstanville Montgomery

Walter Dunstanville Ewias Lacy

Walter Durand St Briavels

Walter Durand Clifford

Walter Eylesford Ewias Lacy

Walter Eynesford Ewias Lacy

Walter Falaise Radnor

Walter Ferna Richards Castle

Walter Ferna Hay on Wye

Walter Fitz Adam Fitz Peys Burford

Walter Fitz Ernaldus Powis Clifford

Walter Fitz Henry Woderton Montgomery

Walter Fitz Hugh Wodenerton Montgomery

Walter Fitz John Devereux Clifford

Walter Fitz Richard Chronology

Walter Fitz Richard Clifford

Walter Fitz Richard Longtown

Walter Fitz Richard Painscastle

Walter Fraxino Kington

Walter Giffard Painscastle

Walter Giffard Radnor

Walter Giffard Wigmore Castle

Walter Gloucester Hereford Beacon

Walter Gloucester Kington

Walter Godardville Chronology

Walter Godardville Painscastle

Walter Godardville Burford

Walter Hackelutel Kington

Walter Hackelutel Burford

Walter Hackelutel Brampton

Walter Hackelutel Hay on Wye

Walter Hackelutel Painscastle

Walter Hackelutel Montgomery

Walter Hackelutel Chronology

Walter Hackelutel Hopton

Walter Hame Painscastle

Walter Hamund Ewias Lacy

Walter Haselton Wilton

Walter Helyun Grosmont

Walter Helyun Skenfrith

Walter Hereford Skenfrith

Walter Hereford Richards Castle

Walter Hereford Grosmont

Walter Hereford Hereford Beacon

Walter Hereford White

Walter Higford Hereford Beacon

Walter Hockleton Montgomery

Walter Hopton Richards Castle

Walter Hopton Montgomery

Walter Hopton Brampton

Walter Hopton Clun

Walter Hopton Ewias Lacy

Walter Hopton Burford

Walter Hopton Chronology

Walter Hopton Moreton Corbet

Walter Hugeford Moreton Corbet

Walter Hwylun Painscastle

Walter Irlaunde Montgomery

Walter Jay Clun

Walter Kinsham Burford

Walter Knill Burford

Walter Lacy Moreton Corbet

Walter Lacy Hereford Beacon

Walter Lacy Burford

Walter Lacy Longtown

Walter Lacy Montgomery

Walter Lacy Clifford

Walter Lacy Hay on Wye

Walter Lacy White

Walter Lacy Grosmont

Walter Lacy Wilton

Walter Lacy Painscastle

Walter Lacy Ewias Lacy

Walter Lacy Dinas Emrys

Walter Lacy Clun

Walter Lacy Skenfrith

Walter Lacy Chronology

Walter Lucy Richards Castle

Walter Mans Richards Castle

Walter Mans Hay on Wye

Walter Marshall Ewias Lacy

Walter Mautravers Wigmore Castle

Walter Mayenne Hereford Beacon

Walter Milson Richards Castle

Walter Muneton Moreton Corbet

Walter Muntrich Ewias Lacy

Walter Muscegros Painscastle

Walter Muscegros Wigmore Tourist

Walter Muscegros Ewias Lacy

Walter Muscegros Clifford

Walter Muscegros Brampton

Walter Neuton Hopton

Walter Newton Clun

Walter Noiuns Ten Castle

Walter Novomensil Brampton

Walter of Coutances Buckenham

Walter Pedwardine Moreton Corbet

Walter Pedwardine Hopton

Walter Pedwardine Chronology

Walter Pedwardine Hopton

Walter Pedwardine Burford

Walter Puteo Wigmore Castle

Walter Pye Pembridge

Walter Pye Brampton

Walter Scotney Ewias Lacy

Walter Scudamore Grosmont

Walter Solars Richards Castle

Walter Stanford Ewias Lacy

Walter Staunton Moreton Corbet

Walter Stokes Kington

Walter Sully Chronology

Walter the Constable Longtown

Walter the Constable Hay on Wye

Walter the serjeant of Cotheridge Burford

Walter Tiwe Wilton

Walter Urmesleys Ewias Lacy

Walter Verdun Ewias Lacy

Walter Walense Clifford

Walter Wermel' Ewias Lacy

Walter Wyggeton Burford

Walterstone Longtown

Walterstone Ewias Lacy

Waltham Buckenham

Walthamstow Painscastle

Walton Ten Castle

Walton in Gordano Brampton

Walton in Gordano Wigmore Castle

Walton Savage Wigmore Castle

Wapelith Burford

Wapley Richards Castle

Wapley Burford

Warborough Wilton

Wardevoc Middle Wye

Warenha Grosmont

Warenha Skenfrith

Warfield Bank Hopton

Warin Bassingburn Montgomery

Warin Fitz Gerald Wilton

Warin Fitz Gerald Buckenham

Warin Grendon Longtown

Warin Montchesney Buckenham

Warin of Shrewsbury Dinas Emrys

Warren Arenes Wigmore Castle

Warwick Wigmore Tourist

Warwick Montgomery

Warwick Burford

Warwick Pembridge

Warwick the Kingmaker Painscastle

Warwick the Kingmaker Longtown

Washington Skenfrith

Washington Grosmont

Wassington Radnor

Wasteyl Codagh Ewias Lacy

Waterhall Wilton

Wattlesborough Moreton Corbet

Wauldby Wigmore Castle

Waun Mynachlog Abbey Cwmhir

Waverley Buckenham

Waverley Hereford Beacon

Webton Ewias Lacy

Webton Longtown

Webtree Pembridge

Welham Wigmore Castle

Welsh Newton Ten Castle

Welsh Newton Pembridge

Welshpool Dinas Emrys

Welshpool Wigmore Tourist

Welshpool Montgomery

Welshpool Chronology

Wem Moreton Corbet

Wem Ten Castle

Wem Longtown

Wem Hopton

Wem Hereford Beacon

Wem Montgomery

Wenn Abbey Cwmhir

Wentlyana Thek Montgomery

Wentnor Clun

Wentnor Moreton Corbet

Weo Clun

Weo Hopton

Weobley Brampton

Weobley Hay on Wye

Weobley Ewias Lacy

Weobley Chronology

Weobley Montgomery

Weobley Longtown

Weobley Richards Castle

Weobley Buckenham

Weobley Kington

Wernok Fitz Owain White

West Cumptom Burford

West Thorpe Buckenham

Westbury Montgomery

Westhide Clifford

Westhide Painscastle

Westhope Clun

Westhope in Hopedale Clun

Westmeath Longtown

Westminster Clifford

Westminster Pembridge

Westminster Montgomery

Westminster Skenfrith

Westminster Radnor

Westminster Wilton

Westminster Burford

Weston Wilton

Weston Clun

Weston Ewias Lacy

Weston Wigmore Castle

Weston Montgomery

Weston Burford

Weston Beggard Longtown

Weston Beggard Ewias Lacy

Weston under Penyard Brampton

Weston Under Penyard Hereford Beacon

Westwood Richards Castle

Wexford Longtown

Weynenn Abbey Cwmhir

Whatmore Burford

Whelbeche Montgomery

Whetmore Burford

Whimple Wilton

Whitbrook Burford

Whitchurch Ten Castle

Whitchurch Clun

Whitchurch Burford

Whitchurch Clifford

Whitchurch Moreton Corbet

Whitcote Ewias Lacy

Whitcott Evan Clun

White Castle Burford

White Castle Hay on Wye

White Castle Chronology

White Castle Clifford

White Castle Brampton

White Castle Kington

White Castle Pembridge

White Castle Painscastle

White Castle Radnor

White Castle Skenfrith

White Castle Richards Castle

White Castle Wigmore Tourist

White Castle Grosmont

White Castle Wilton

White Castle Hereford Beacon

White Castle Wigmore Castle

Whitebrook Richards Castle

Whitebrook Burford

Whitland Chronology

Whitney Kington

Whitney Painscastle

Whitstable Clifford

Whittery Montgomery

Whittington Clun

Whittington Burford

Whittington Chronology

Whittington Brampton

Whittington Longtown

Whittington Montgomery

Whittington Painscastle

Whitton Radnor

Whitwick in Yarkhill Ewias Lacy

Whyle Longtown

Whyle Richards Castle

Whyle Burford

Whyle Ewias Lacy

Whytheweyhame Ewias Lacy

Whytheweyhavne Ewias Lacy

Wibert Kanc Moreton Corbet

Wicham Ewias Lacy

Wickenby Ewias Lacy

Wickham Clifford

Wicton Longtown

Widard Burford

Widemarsh Wigmore Tourist

Widemarsh Ewias Lacy

Widemarsh Brampton

Widigada Chronology

Wighill Moreton Corbet

Wigmore Radnor

Wigmore Hay on Wye

Wigmore Clifford

Wigmore Abbey Cwmhir

Wigmore St Briavels

Wigmore Brampton

Wigmore Chronology

Wigmore Burford

Wigmore Hereford Beacon

Wigmore Kington

Wigmore Montgomery

Wigmore Painscastle

Wigmore Pembridge

Wigmore Ten Castle

Wigmore Hopton

Wigmore Skenfrith

Wigmore White

Wigmore Richards Castle

Wigmore Clun

Wigmore Wilton

Wigmore abbey Wigmore Castle

Wigmore Park Wigmore Castle

Wigmoreland Wigmore Tourist

Wigwig Moreton Corbet

Wihenoc Ballon Grosmont

Wihenoc Monmouth Chronology

Wilbedding Burford

Wilderdehope Ewias Lacy

Wilekin Bluet Skenfrith

Wilekin Bluet Grosmont

Wilekin Bluet White

Wilhamstead Wilton

Willersley Painscastle

Willersley Clifford

Willey Moreton Corbet

Willey Burford

William Albania Buckenham

William Alenzon Montgomery

William Aleyn Ewias Lacy

William Alta Ripa Buckenham

William Andriseio Wilton

William ap Madog Moreton Corbet

William ap Tewdwr Grosmont

William Aubigny Hereford Beacon

William Aubigny Buckenham

William Aubigny Grosmont

William Aubigny Kington

William Aubigny Moreton Corbet

William Aubigny Clun

William Aubigny Wilton

William Audley Burford

William Audley Painscastle

William Audley Chronology

William Audley William Bagot Montgomery

William Baderon Wilton

William Bagot Moreton Corbet

William Bagot Moreton Corbet

William Bakintone Longtown

William Banaster Hay on Wye

William Banaster Moreton Corbet

William Barrat Clun

William Bataille Burford

William Beauchamp Hay on Wye

William Beauchamp Chronology

William Beauchamp Grosmont

William Beauchamp Skenfrith

William Beauchamp White

William Beauchamp Richards Castle

William Beauchamp Burford

William Beauchamp Montgomery

William Beauchamp Brampton

William Beauchamp Wilton

William Berklawe Montgomery

William Bernehus Radnor

William Beter Moreton Corbet

William Billebury Burford

William Binart Radnor

William Biset Wigmore Castle

William Blakeney Burford

William Blez Ten Castle

William Blez Radnor

William Blome Skenfrith

William Blount Montgomery

William Boeles Montgomery

William Boterel Richards Castle

William Boterel Clun

William Boys Moreton Corbet

William Brampton Hopton

William Brampton Hopton

William Braose Radnor

William Braose Montgomery

William Braose Richards Castle

William Braose Longtown

William Braose Burford

William Braose Ogmore

William Braose Middle Wye

William Braose Oystermouth

William Braose Hereford Beacon

William Braose Chronology

William Braose Brampton

William Braose Skenfrith

William Braose Hay on Wye

William Braose Clifford

William Braose Ten Castle

William Braose Pembridge

William Braose Kington

William Braose Ewias Lacy

William Braose White

William Braose Painscastle

William Braose Grosmont

William Braose Wigmore Castle

William Braose Wigmore Tourist

William Braose Wilton

William Bray Richards Castle

William Breakwolf Richards Castle

William Brereton Moreton Corbet

William Briwere Longtown

William Briwere Clun

William Briwere Ogmore

William Briwere Oystermouth

William Briwere Buckenham

William Briwere Wilton

William Broc Richards Castle

William Brunton Hopton

William Burghill Richards Castle

William Burghill Hay on Wye

William Burghope Longtown

William Burghope Wilton

William Burley Brampton

William Burnel Moreton Corbet

William Butler Hopton

William Butler Painscastle

William Butler Hopton

William Butler Burford

William Camville Chronology

William Cantilupe Clun

William Cantilupe White

William Cantilupe Grosmont

William Cantilupe Longtown

William Cantilupe Skenfrith

William Cantilupe Chronology

William Cantilupe Buckenham

William Cantilupe Brampton

William Cantilupe Painscastle

William Cantilupe Pembridge

William Cantilupe Burford

William Cantilupe Radnor

William Cantilupe Richards Castle

William Cantilupe Montgomery

William Cantilupe Wilton

William Cantilupe Junior Clifford

William Capello Burford

William Caple Ewias Lacy

William Carbonel Clifford

William Carbonel Burford

William Carbonel Richards Castle

William Cardiff Ewias Lacy

William Carneille Radnor

William Chauges Richards Castle

William Christchurch Clifford

William Christchurch Kington

William Christchurch Montgomery

William Christchurch Chronology

William Christchurch Radnor

William Clifford Hay on Wye

William Clifford Skenfrith

William Clifford Burford

William Clifford Richards Castle

William Clifford Clifford

William Clifford Wilton

William Clinton Clifford

William Coimis Clun

William Comyn Ewias Lacy

William Constantine Hopton

William Constantine Hopton

William Corbet Moreton Corbet

William Corbet Burford

William Courtney Montgomery

William Crassus Oystermouth

William Crassus Ogmore

William Crassus Burford

William Curzun Burford

William de la Pype Ewias Lacy

William de la Rodd Burford

William Denford Wilton

William Devereux Chronology

William Devereux Pembridge

William Devereux Brampton

William Devereux Buckenham

William Devereux Burford

William Devereux Clifford

William Devereux Ewias Lacy

William Devereux Wilton

William Devereux Wigmore Tourist

William Dol Radnor

William Earby Richards Castle

William Eastham Clifford

William Elnestede Buckenham

William Ernaldi Wilton

William Eton Richards Castle

William Eu Richards Castle

William Eyton Moreton Corbet

William Faukeham Burford

William Fenna Kington

William Feritate Radnor

William Ferrers Clun

William Fitz Adeline Kington

William Fitz Adeline Wilton

William Fitz Alan Hopton

William Fitz Alan Clifford

William Fitz Alan Hopton

William Fitz Alan Moreton Corbet

William Fitz Alan Clun

William Fitz Alan Longtown

William Fitz Alan Hopton

William Fitz Alan Richards Castle

William Fitz Alan Chronology

William Fitz Alan Wigmore Castle

William Fitz Alan Radnor

William Fitz Alan Fraxino Burford

William Fitz Alice Yukehull Moreton Corbet

William Fitz Ansketill Radnor

William Fitz Audlin Longtown

William Fitz Baderon Longtown

William Fitz Baderon Radnor

William Fitz Baderon Chronology

William Fitz Baldwin Montgomery

William Fitz Corbucion Buckenham

William Fitz Duncan Wigmore Castle

William Fitz Elye Ten Castle

William Fitz Elye Radnor

William Fitz Filoc' Moreton Corbet

William Fitz Godelin Radnor

William Fitz Henry Longchamp Wilton

William Fitz Hugh Billebury Burford

William Fitz Hugh of Clun Clun

William Fitz Magni Radnor

William Fitz Martin Chronology

William Fitz Michael Longtown

William Fitz Norman Radnor

William Fitz Norman Ten Castle

William Fitz Norman Kington

William Fitz Osbern Ogmore

William Fitz Osbern Brampton

William Fitz Osbern Painscastle

William Fitz Osbern Chronology

William Fitz Osbern Ten Castle

William Fitz Osbern Middle Wye

William Fitz Osbern Oystermouth

William Fitz Osbern Richards Castle

William Fitz Osbern St Briavels

William Fitz Osbern Kington

William Fitz Osbern Clun

William Fitz Osbern Skenfrith

William Fitz Osbern Longtown

William Fitz Osbern Hay on Wye

William Fitz Osbern Burford

William Fitz Osbern White

William Fitz Osbern Grosmont

William Fitz Osbern Clifford

William Fitz Osbern Hereford Beacon

William Fitz Osbern Radnor

William Fitz Osbern Wigmore Tourist

William Fitz Osbern Wigmore Castle

William Fitz Osbern Wilton

William Fitz Ralph Burford

William Fitz Richard Richards Castle

William Fitz Roger Spoke Montgomery

William Fitz Stephen Radnor

William Fitz Walter Beauchamp Hereford Beacon

William Fitz Warin Burford

William Fitz Warin Grosmont

William Fitz Warin Skenfrith

William Fitz Warin White

William Fitz Warin Clun

William Fitz Warin Montgomery

William Fitz Warin Pembridge

William Fitz Warin Longtown

William Fitz Warin Chronology

William Fitz Warin Clifford

William Fitz Warin Painscastle

William Ford Middle Wye

William Ford Richards Castle

William Forester Radnor

William Fort Chronology

William Fousel Ten Castle

William Fraxino Skenfrith

William Fraxino Burford

William Furcis Hay on Wye

William Furcis Longtown

William Furcis Ewias Lacy

William Furcis Kington

William Furcis Richards Castle

William Furnival Ewias Lacy

William Fyton Ewias Lacy

William Gamages Chronology

William Gamages Burford

William Garway Grosmont

William Gernon Ewias Lacy

William Gifa Wigmore Castle

William Gozenboded Richards Castle

William Graselake Burford

William Grassus Kington

William Greete Richards Castle

William Grey Wilton

William Gurney Clifford

William Hadenhall Moreton Corbet

William Hagor Moreton Corbet

William Halardum Radnor

William Haningfeld Montgomery

William Harcourt Clifford

William Harcourt Buckenham

William Hartenetot Montgomery

William Hathewy White

William Hathewy Skenfrith

William Hathewy Grosmont

William Haulton Burford

William Hellegh Brampton

William Heselshawe Ewias Lacy

William Hesla Hay on Wye

William Highley Wigmore Castle

William Hodnet Moreton Corbet

William Hopton Longtown

William Hopton Hopton

William Horton Moreton Corbet

William Huetun Ewias Lacy

William Hunand Clifford

William Hunand Clifford

William Hunaut Moreton Corbet

William Huntingfield Wilton

William I Hay on Wye

William I Oystermouth

William I Hay on Wye

William I Kington

William I Brampton

William I Skenfrith

William I Clun

William I Moreton Corbet

William I Radnor

William I Wigmore Tourist

William II Skenfrith

William Ingelraund Radnor

William Insula Burford

William Kilkenny Montgomery

William Kyre Richards Castle

William la Zouche Burford

William la Zouche Grosmont

William la Zouche White

William la Zouche Skenfrith

William la Zouche Montgomery

William la Zouche Mortimer Painscastle

William Langland Hereford Beacon

William Langton Oystermouth

William le Bondlers Montgomery

William le Bret Chronology

William le Bret Radnor

William le Covert Burford

William le Marshall Moreton Corbet

William le Mechin Wigmore Castle

William le Salvage Richards Castle

William Le Gros Wigmore Castle

William Lega Longtown

William Les Yveteaux Ten Castle

William Leybourne Montgomery

William Lightfoot Brampton

William Loach Richards Castle

William Loemer Hay on Wye

William Loges Burford

William London Oystermouth

William London Ogmore

William London Chronology

William Longchamp Radnor

William Longchamp Buckenham

William Longchamp Wilton

William Longchamp Wigmore Castle

William Longchamp Wigmore Tourist

William Longspey Clun

William Longspey Clifford

William Longspey Wigmore Castle

William Lucy Richards Castle

William Lucy Longtown

William Ludlow Ewias Lacy

William Luvel Wilton

William Mare Richards Castle

William Marmion Burford

William Marshall Burford

William Marshall Kington

William Marshall Chronology

William Marshall Longtown

William Marshall White

William Marshall Clun

William Marshall Berkhamsted

William Marshall Hay on Wye

William Marshall Skenfrith

William Marshall Hay on Wye

William Marshall Radnor

William Marshall Wilton

William Martel Buckenham

William Martyn Burford

William Mauvesyn Burford

William Mertock Montgomery

William Mesnil Ten Castle

William Milson Richards Castle

William Milston Burford

William Mineres Hay on Wye

William Mohun Kington

William Moid Abbey Cwmhir

William Montacute Grosmont

William Monte Canino Buckenham

William Mortimer Montgomery

William Mortimer Chronology

William Mortimer Burford

William Mortimer Hopton

William Mortimer Brampton

William Mortimer Hopton

William Mortimer Wigmore Castle

William Munede Clun

William Musters Kington

William Newburgh Longtown

William Oddingesele Chronology

William Oddingesele Montgomery

William Oddingesele Wilton

William of Homme Burford

William Oweyn Burford

William Page Moreton Corbet

William Pantulf Clun

William Pantulf Longtown

William Pantulf Chronology

William Parvus Longtown

William Pasnagium Wigmore Castle

William Paston Burford

William Pauliancensis Wigmore Castle

William Pederton Painscastle

William Pedwardine Brampton

William Pedwardine Burford

William Peleclerk Brampton

William Pembridge Pembridge

William Persinges Burford

William Peverel Chronology

William Peverel Buckenham

William Peverel Wigmore Castle

William Picard Ewias Lacy

William Picard Hay on Wye

William pincerna Buckenham

William Pirone Kington

William Poer Burford

William Pole Montgomery

William Postel Montgomery

William Puintel Radnor

William Quatmare Wilton

William Remfry Buckenham

William Revel Hay on Wye

William Rivers Montgomery

William Roumare Buckenham

William Rudele Wigmore Castle

William Ruffus Berkhamsted

William Rufus Ogmore

William Rufus Painscastle

William Rufus Buckenham

William Rufus Oystermouth

William Rufus Radnor

William Rufus Hereford Beacon

William Rufus Grosmont

William Rufus Clifford

William Rufus Kington

William Rufus Ten Castle

William Rufus Richards Castle

William Rufus Berkhamsted

William Rufus Dinas Emrys

William Rufus Wigmore Castle

William Rufus Wigmore Tourist

William Russell Brampton

William Sage Montgomery

William Saint Clare Brampton

William Saint Clare Ewias Lacy

William Saint Clare Wigmore Tourist

William Sautmareis Montgomery

William Scohies Richards Castle

William Scotney Ewias Lacy

William Seton Richards Castle

William Seysel Ewias Lacy

William Silioch Hopton

William Silioch Hopton

William Smallman Brampton

William Solars Chronology

William Solars Clifford

William son of Nest Montgomery

William Sopedona Wigmore Castle

William St Clare Clifford

William St George Moreton Corbet

William St German Wigmore Castle

William St John Clifford

William St Martin Ewias Lacy

William St Omer Painscastle

William Stanton Moreton Corbet

William Stuteville Richards Castle

William Stuteville Painscastle

William Stuteville Clun

William Stuteville Chronology

William Stuteville Brampton

William Stuteville Clifford

William Stuteville Burford

William Stuteville Longtown

William Stuteville Wilton

William Swiste Hopton

William Tancarville Kington

William the Butler Buckenham

William the Conqueror Skenfrith

William the Conqueror Clifford

William the Conqueror Dinas Emrys

William the Conqueror Grosmont

William the Conqueror White

William the Conqueror Oystermouth

William the Conqueror Ogmore

William the Conqueror Richards Castle

William the Conqueror St Briavels

William the Conqueror Wigmore Tourist

William the Conqueror Wigmore Castle

William the Fletcher St Briavels

William the Lion of Scotland Kington

William Tirel Hay on Wye

William Tregoz Grosmont

William Trussel Moreton Corbet

William Turbeville Montgomery

William Turevil Berkhamsted

William Valance Chronology

William Valance Wilton

William Valance of Pembroke Brampton

William Vavasour Brampton

William Venables Wilton

William Venator Montgomery

William Vendom Longtown

William Vescy Kington

William Vescy Wigmore Castle

William Villers Skenfrith

William Waldeboef Hay on Wye

William Waldeboef Brampton

William Waldeboef Radnor

William Wallace Burford

William Wallace Montgomery

William Wallace Painscastle

William Warenne Clun

William Warenne Berkhamsted

William Warenne Burford

William Warenne of Whitchurch Painscastle

William Warren Clifford

William Whyle Richards Castle

William Wicetre Richards Castle

William Windsor Berkhamsted

William Wudeton Moreton Corbet

William Wychbold Burford

William Wynn Moreton Corbet

William Wystinton Burford

William Yelverton Buckenham

William Ypres Painscastle

Willitoft Wigmore Castle

Wilton Burford

Wilton Hereford Beacon

Wilton Chronology

Wilton Hay on Wye

Wilton Montgomery

Wilton Longtown

Wilton Pembridge

Wilton Skenfrith

Winchcombe Hereford Beacon

Winchcombe Montgomery

Winchcombeshire Hereford Beacon

Winchelsea Burford

Winchelsea Painscastle

Winchester Hereford Beacon

Winchester Hay on Wye

Winchester Brampton

Winchester Kington

Winchester Oystermouth

Winchester Ogmore

Winchester Wigmore Tourist

Winchester Wigmore Castle

Windle Clifford

Windrush Longtown

Windsor Buckenham

Windsor Grosmont

Windsor Ewias Lacy

Windsor Richards Castle

Windsor Wigmore Tourist

Windsor Kington

Winepol Wilton

Winforton Clifford

Winforton Painscastle

Wingfield Buckenham

Winibald Ballon Longtown

Winsbury Montgomery

Wintringham Scampston Wigmore Castle

Wischalle Ewias Lacy

Wissant Wilton

Wistanstow Clun

Wistanstow Hereford Beacon

Wistanstow Richards Castle

Wistanton Pembridge

Wiston Chronology

Withersfield Burford

Wittlesford Painscastle

Wivar Richards Castle

Wiverton Richards Castle

Wlingh Ewias Lacy

Woburn abbey Wilton

Wodeham Burford

Wodeham Richards Castle

Wolfarlow Wigmore Castle

Wolferlow Longtown

Wolferlow Ewias Lacy

Wolframcote Ewias Lacy

Wolfreton Wigmore Castle

Wolverhampton Wigmore Tourist

Wolverton Longtown

Woodbrook Kington

Woodcastle Abbey Cwmhir

Woodcastle Abbey Cwmhir

Woodseaves Kington

Woodstock Kington

Woodstock Grosmont

Woodstock White

Woodstock Radnor

Woodstock Burford

Woodville Kington

Woofferton Burford

Woolston Clun

Woonton Longtown

Wootton Wigmore Castle

Wootton Ewias Lacy

Worcester Ogmore

Worcester Brampton

Worcester Chronology

Worcester Hereford Beacon

Worcester Ewias Lacy

Worcester Hay on Wye

Worcester Longtown

Worcester Buckenham

Worcester White

Worcester Skenfrith

Worcester Radnor

Worcester Richards Castle

Worcester Wigmore Tourist

Worcester Wigmore Castle

Worcester Wilton

Worlingham Wilton

Wormbridge priory Moreton Corbet

Wormeton in Dewchurch Ewias Lacy

Wormington Longtown

Wormlow Grosmont

Wormsley Ewias Lacy

Wormsley Longtown

Worsley Painscastle

Worsley Clifford

Worstead Buckenham

Worthen Montgomery

Worthington Ewias Lacy

Worthy Wigmore Castle

Wotton Wilton

Wotton Ewias Lacy

Wotton-under-Edge Buckenham

Wraysbury Richards Castle

Wressell Wigmore Castle

Wrest Wilton

Wretham Alia Painscastle

Wribbenhall Wigmore Castle

Wribbenhall Clifford

Wribbenhall Hereford Beacon

Wrockwardine Hay on Wye

Wronno ab Owain White

Wronno Win White

Wroxeter Moreton Corbet

Wrydefen Ewias Lacy

Wuan Gunllwch Middle Wye

Wulfgeat Moreton Corbet

Wulfmer Burford

Wurichby Middle Wye

Wychbold Brampton

Wychbold Burford

Wychbold Richards Castle

Wyck Rissington Longtown

Wycombe Clifford

Wye Clifford

Wye Middle Wye

Wye Hereford Beacon

Wye Grosmont

Wye Hay on Wye

Wye Chronology

Wye Painscastle

Wye Radnor

Wye White

Wye Skenfrith

Wye Wilton

Wygeton Burford

Wyggele Ewias Lacy

Wykes Painscastle

Wymondham Buckenham

Wyre Wigmore Tourist

Wyvelesford Ewias Lacy

Yarkhill Longtown

Yarkhill Painscastle

Yarkhill Ewias Lacy

Yarpole Richards Castle

Yarpole Burford

Yarpole Pembridge

Yarpole Kington

Yarsop Ewias Lacy

Yarsop Longtown

Yazor Ewias Lacy

Yazor Kington

Yazor Longtown

Yelling Wilton

Yeovil Richards Castle

Yeovil Marsh Richards Castle

Ynys Cynfraeth Skenfrith

York Hereford Beacon

York Wilton

Ystlwyf Chronology

Ystrad Marcella Chronology

Ystrad Marshall Montgomery

Ystrad Meurig Chronology

Ystrad Peithyll Chronology

Ystrad Tywi Hereford Beacon

Ystrad Tywi Grosmont

Ystrad Tywi White

Ystrad Tywi Chronology

Ystrad Tywi Skenfrith

Ystrad Tywi Painscastle

Ystrad Tywi Ogmore

Ystrad Tywi Oystermouth

Ystrad Yw Oystermouth

Ystrad Yw Longtown

Ystrad Yw Grosmont

Ystrad Yw Chronology

Ystrad Yw Hay on Wye

Ystradfellte Kington

Ystradfellte Radnor

Ystradfellte Chronology

Zeal Tosny Painscastle

Booklet List with links to relevant pages

Hopton Castle, 1066 to 1305 (ISBN 1-899376-01-1)

Clun Castle, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-00-3)

The Political History of Abbey Cwmhir and its early Patrons, 1177 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-02-X)

Radnor Castle, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-03-8)

Clifford Castle, 1066 to 1299 (ISBN 1-899376-04-6)

Saint Briavels Castle, 1066 to 1331 (ISBN 1-899376-05-4)

Ten Castles of Radnor Lordship, 1066 to 1304 (ISBN 1-899376-06-2)

Hay on Wye Castle, 1066 to 1298 (ISBN 1-899376-07-0)

Castell Dinas Emrys, Gwynedd (ISBN 1-899376-08-9)

Berkhamsted Castle, 1066 to 1495 (ISBN 1-899376-09-7)

Four Castles of the Middle Reaches of the River Wye, 1066 to 1282

(ISBN 1-899376-13-5)

The Mortimers of Wigmore, 1066 to 1181. Part 1: Wigmore Castle

(ISBN 1-899376-14-3)

A Political Chronology of Wales 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-75-5)

Oystermouth Castle, 1066 to 1326 (ISBN 1-899376-16-X)

Ogmore Castle, 1066 to 1283 (ISBN 1-899376-17-8)

Buckenham Castles, 1066 to 1649 (ISBN 1-899376-28-3)

Longtown Castle, 1048 to 1241 (ISBN 1-899376-29-1)

Kington and Huntington Castles, 1066 to 1298 (ISBN 1-899376-30-5)

From Banff to Plymouth: The Memorabilia of a Nineteenth Century Sailor

(ISBN 1-899376-31-3)

The Herefordshire Beacon, 1043 to 1154 (ISBN 1-899376-32-1)

Brampton Bryan Castle, 1066 to 1309, and the Civil War, 1642 to 1646

(ISBN 1-899376-33-X)

Richard's Castle, 1048 to 1216 (ISBN 1-899376-34-8)

Wilton Castle, 1066 to 1644 (ISBN 1-899376-35-6)

Bloody Montgomery, 1223 to 1295 (ISBN 1-899376-36-4)

The Castles of Ewias Lacy, 1048 to 1403 (ISBN 1-899376-37-2)

Painscastle, 1066 to 1405 (ISBN 1-899376-38-0)

Nine Castles of Burford Barony, 1048 to 1308 (ISBN 1-899376-39-9)

Moreton Corbet Castle, 1066 to 1700 (ISBN 1-899376-40-2)

Skenfrith Castle, 1066 to 1449 (ISBN 1-899376-41-0)

White Castle, 1066 to 1438 (ISBN 1-899376-42-9)

Wigmore Castle Tourist Guide (ISBN 1-899376-43-7)

Grosmont Castle, 1066 to 1538 (ISBN 1-899376-44-5)


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